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    Dog Cum Explosion...Male Ass


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    Male ass exploding with dog cum..Had been tied for 20minutes..being pumped full........

    Uploaded by smfit23 · Rating: 4.4 (435 votes) · 82886 views


    that was hot as hell

    shawn2185, posted

    awesome video, reminds me of the first time I got filled. would love to see the entire video, it's gotta be spectacular.

    gunny71, posted

    any one in albuquerque new mexico have dogs they wanna share? creamthesweet@gmail.com

    Hazuki1, posted

    young male looking to get breed by animals if you can help sukak6@yahoo

    11hector, posted

    hot! i wana feel a big dog cock explode in my ass!

    dman021, posted

    This video gets me going every time. Would like to find others in NE into the same thing.

    Osee_DeSantis, posted

    This makes me wana fuck someone till I cum inthem x3 Mesage me ;D 16/male Tx

    spiral212, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with large K9s that would like to have them knot and breed me, small size horse? I also wanna try getting screwed by a boar...email me sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    That was awesome. Just wish I were the one with all that cum in my ass.

    bulldog0644, posted

    hot idea sydk9me!

    alliecdslut, posted

    amazing vid! loved the moaning at the end, shame he couldnt let the cum go a bit further in but was hot that he still had handle of the dogs cock after wards! hot hot SYDNEY SHOUT OUT U HAVE A K9 TO PLAY WITH

    sydk9me, posted

    beautiful but such a waste of cum.. just plug me so that it may soak into my juicy hole till it is all gone .. delicious ..

    FunBrenda, posted

    You know the drill, If you live in texas and have a "Good" pet let me know... pleeeeeeeeeeease.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    wow, that was really hot.. nice and juicy .. that makes me want to try and top that .. give me a line of nice hot cocks, I will pull a train and see how much cum I can get up my wet hole .. have me fucked till I beg you to pull them off and stop ..

    FunBrenda, posted

    very hot and a lot of cum. yuuuum

    ZrobZ, posted

    anyone want me to do this for you??? email me at turleyzachary@yahoo.com!! Lets get down!! :DD trade some pics!! :D

    Hornyman96, posted

    I would love for this guy to be squirting that cum into my mouth. Then, I would give this guy the best rimming he,s ever had.

    boxsniffer, posted

    wow lost for words simply luv!!!!

    iroyaltiie, posted

    one of the best!!

    hjorge, posted

    iwould love to lick him clean. that would be a real treat, lick them both clean

    playingalone, posted

    WOWWWWW...I'm so hard from seeing that ass and cum sputing outta it ..mmm!!

    curious4beast2, posted

    if that was me i would of kept most of it in my ass butt plug

    barryboy56, posted


    thewarrior4556, posted

    so good im rock hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to take it.... I want that feeling and the adventure.I bet it was great. Did he cumm all up in that ass.How long did it take to get that cock in on the first mount cant wait to see the next movie its totally off the chain im jacking off to it.I really thank every will like this movie and they need to see this one. I also think the horse wanted more so he should get it so watch this movie and vote to see more like it...

    tazlicku, posted

    What I wouldn't do to take your place, or at least lean up the mess =P Fucking hot

    mharton12, posted

    i would love to be fucked by a dog and have him cum in me, anyone live in Minnesota? message me cmaxwell142@msn.co-m

    chad142, posted

    Thats a hot vid. reminds me of my hung pitbull. I love it when he fills my hole

    auburn202, posted

    I love the idea of a dog fucking me sooo much! I'd let him tie with me for hours if he wanted. I don't care how much doggy semen he wanted to put in my bum. He could stay there as long as he wants!

    dogman1234, posted

    super Hund

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    I want a big dog to fuck my ass. Anyone in Central Mass? Message me and video your dog fucking me.

    lgerbick, posted

    kobori_69@hotmail.co-m... send me to me message and pictuer.....i;m thaigay

    somporn, posted

    wow, what kind of dog? want that load - mmmmm

    dtguy, posted

    that is hot we have new black lab fuck my wife today knoting 32mi

    imskul, posted

    too bad you can't see more of his ass. Otherwise a great movie. love the sound of that cum coming out of his ass

    Rampage89, posted

    mmm i would be sucking the cum out of that dudes ass.. damn looks yummy. Anyone in NY pm me ;)

    horseluvboy, posted

    omg i just want to lick it all up, and then let that dog have a go in my hole. anyone in london message me

    chrislovesmares, posted

    gay beast skype chat: if you're hot and like dirty talk then add me on skype tigerstylebeast i am 23, looking to chat to ages between 20 and 45. Esp bears.

    tigerstylebeast, posted

    [30.10.2010-03:05] Geiler Saft-Ausfluss... Jam-Jam....

    PetOlli, posted

    Holy crap that was a load of cum in the dudes ass very hot and made me very hard and exploded myself watching over and over great want more like it..

    getmeoff9999, posted

    Holy Fuck that was a load of cum in the dudes ass very hot and made me very hard and exploded myself watching over and over great want more like it..

    getmeoff9999, posted

    Holy Fuck that was a load of cum in the dudes ass very hot and made me very hard and exploded myself watching over and over great want more like it..

    getmeoff9999, posted

    Fan-fucking-tastic !!!! I have been fucked by three different dogs and have not been knotted yet, I soo want to be filled with dogcum and to walk around holding it in then blow it out like that ! That made my cock throb !

    new_dist, posted

    god i want to be licking that hot cum out of his ass

    silverdan, posted

    damn, as that knot pulls out you just wanna have your tongue down there to catch all that cum, woof!

    btmpigboy, posted

    that is hot i wood suck the cum out that hot ass

    imskul, posted

    looking to lose my animal virginity, can anyone help? I am located outside syracuse ny

    lurch33, posted

    god i would love to be right down there licking your ass while that big fucking stud fills you with cum. please make more!

    jakexisxthexman, posted

    Wow thats hot. seeing him pull out with all the hot cum just pour from his ass. wish that was me. anybody in so cal interested in a 19y guy. Maybe we a girl to play with some pets

    quattro119, posted

    i want to lick the cum from his asshole!

    bimnhk9er, posted


    ededdddfffed, posted

    Gorgeous ass. Would love to clean everything up with my tongue.

    Chameleon, posted

    I wish i seen the F**k too!!

    Ashleigh_69, posted


    genewells, posted

    *shudders* Man how I remember that appening to me once, felt soo good. This vid was very fuckng hot!

    ninathemew, posted

    Wow...your cumsplosion vids are some of the HOTTEST vids on here or anywhere

    k9knot4jockass, posted

    great sound

    Abadago, posted

    great hot load, would love to eat that from your ass

    naturalmen, posted

    i've just cum to,red hot load

    mancunt1953, posted


    murkay84, posted

    fukkn hot load

    skinfucker, posted

    i want some!

    Furry_Lipine, posted

    cum in me

    boytoyk9, posted

    Ouch, what happened to your finger?

    MyMuttPerson, posted

    If you want ANY cock in your ass filling you up with sperm...you're gay..at least for dogs! :-O~

    bicpl4k9, posted

    im a guy and im not gay but i am dying to get a dog dick in my ass and i want him to sperm in it. and i want to suck a dog dick and eat his sperm same thing with a horse

    fishy10-0, posted

    It would feel good!!

    bdchase, posted

    Could been a little longer viewing

    xavierconrad, posted

    So HOT! Would love to see the whole video.

    Knot4me, posted

    i would love to eat that ass after it has been used like that mmmmmm

    bigbill1960, posted

    Man that was awesome. I would love to see it in length. My cock is hard!!

    funtxn31, posted

    Awesome; next time let us see his cock and the knot both in your ass and popping out of it.

    speck, posted

    would love to eat your cummy hole

    dogrimmer, posted

    smfit23 keep on showing i like it a lot

    esparzascc, posted

    love a hot lunch like that!

    custatrdbeater, posted


    shivers, posted

    omg so hot..

    tan69, posted

    cum squirted out of an asshole is hot!!

    sunrise100, posted

    oh thats very nice.

    Valiant_Ramen, posted

    probably one of the hottest things ive ever seen

    gayfucker, posted

    This was a very hot video.. but I would like it to have been framed better to show the cock in his pussy-hole. The cum splash was a very good touch, but it was hard to see what happened before the when he was knotted. How about some nice in and out action and the show the actual knot going in and staying.. better still, if it went in and out a few times until it was too large to pull out.. I would like to hear him moaning and whining like a bitch while he is being pounded.. How about a better view showing his pussy-hole being stretched while the knot is being pulled on before if finally comes out with the splash .. It would be really hot if another eager cock ramed itself into his sloppy and wet hole right after ... something larger would be awsome .. :)

    FunBrenda, posted

    This was amazing the why it tied to his ass reminded me of my first knotting and the rush of cum was hot the dog must have really enjoyed fucking his master to cum so much. knotting with a dog is the best experience of my life and i do it daily with one of my 4 dogs, but that way the master help up the dog cock after rubbing the head umm was like it was a human cock and he was in love with it. id love you share with his dog and enjoy that large dog dick. he said he was knotted for 20 min that must have been amazing to feel his ass gap that long luck man.

    funboynv, posted

    This clip is of a very good quality and shows a man being fucked by a dog in the ass before the cum explode out of it, it is a very good quality clip that is worth watching. Even if it is a bit on the short side it would be rather good in a cumpilation of videos on this website. you dont actually see the dogs cock at all in the video apart from once which is a shame as that is one of the best parts and also you dont actually see much fucking happening. This is all i have to say on this video and i hope i see more like it.

    AFurRape, posted

    Here is a short video that delivers everything the title claims. The dog has been tied to the man for 20 minutes, it claims, and the rush of cum when he pulls out the knot proves it. Viewers should use the "stop" function in order to truly appreciate the rush of dog cum out of the man's butt right behind the knot pull. The photography is quite good, and we can see the butthole flexing as the man pushes out four fartsfull of cum. The splurting noise of the air leaving his butt with the milky cum might be the best part of the film. We can be sure, I think, that the man's butt will be dripping dog sperm for awhile yet-- maybe until the dog ties with him again! Afterwards, in a nice unexpected touch, the man rubs the dog's still hard penis against his buttcrack. You're gonna like this, fellas! 4.8 of 5, and only misses a 5 by lack of showing the dog or any human genitalia. This is an awesome clip.

    boyoboyo, posted
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