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    Horse Anal


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    This guy gets it hard in his ass by this pony.The guy just lays there and takes it in the ass.Not only does the pony enjoy, but the guy must too because he takes it like a man. It's a must see movie! You probably would like to be the horse,wouldn't ya? But yet the man enjoys so much!I would love to be either one of them! That hot horse cock gets so far up the mans ass you could feel just sitting there! Imagine having a nice warm, hard, long, sexy, horse cock in your ass! I let my horse do this to me and my buddies all the time!

    Uploaded by xbgold · Rating: 3.8 (263 votes) · 215342 views


    One of the very hottest things about this clip that I only realized after watching it a dozen times is that while the l'il stud is fucking the man, he is also licking his neck and face. They may even be making out, though the man's head is turned from us. The ministallion is definitely licking him! I would lube up and take that horse! Whinneee-eee-- I mean WrrrrUUFFF!! Dripping precum, that horse can lick my drool off...

    boyoboyo, posted

    That's not a phony pony!

    GilesGoatboy, posted

    That's no phony pony!

    GilesGoatboy, posted

    hum..wow..super moig au quebec...xxx

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    small horses ar fine but if im gona get fucked in the ass the biger the better mmmmm

    bobbob27, posted


    shahzad_raza, posted


    kayserili38, posted

    THIS DISCRIPTION HAS BEEN AMENDEDED!!!!!This description has been amended by the moderator as it was not what I posted it is part of a series of videos I found on the net, I dont get fucked by men or animals. This would be just painful and difficult to explain to a doctor how your colon got trashed. PLEASE AMEND DESCRIPTION INACURATE!!!!!!!

    xbgold, posted

    It's so much fun they have. It's turning me on just by imagining it...

    salagi, posted

    I want a turn please!

    boyandhishorse, posted

    Its the kind of fun i'm lookong for.

    hardflare, posted

    looked like fun for the horse

    acmetoonshop, posted

    Sexy satisfaction! Iwish the movie could last longer

    monoko, posted

    What a cute old man:)

    Underage4men, posted

    some people just don't like other people

    maddog20, posted

    wouldnt it be easier just to find some big dicked guys? they are around you know !

    horseryder, posted


    lasa75, posted


    root08, posted

    wouldn't mind taking that guys place. laying taking that horse cock up my assshole.

    batman51us, posted

    wow i loved this small horse fucking with his big penis to this sexy arse

    saap82, posted

    Move over I need a little horsing around myself. Love to see people being stuffed.

    bryan9410, posted

    schon tief im Arsch der Schwanz super

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    hey weet je iemand in belgie die dit doet ik zou dit ook wel eens willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes

    kangeroe, posted

    his colon is trashed LOL

    xbgold, posted


    rwear123, posted

    nice man

    jongens, posted

    Lucky sexy slut,love this to be my ass,used by all,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    I got hard just watching it. Hey man where do you live. I want that pony cock...

    mrmikemoe, posted

    Man would i love that pony cock inside me spurting cum. I would hold it inside me for a while then let it ooze out into my hands and rub it all over my cock and balls !

    new_dist, posted

    OMG Love it:)

    1980mod, posted

    what a stroke of luck for the mutant dwarf horse, his little legs are too short to allow him to mount another horse. I guess for him, a skinny flat butted englishman is about as close as he will get.

    tonktaf, posted

    wanna get this fat cock inmy ass as well. lucky guy he is!!

    Benny66, posted

    id sooo fuck the dude

    ARIAS21229, posted

    deep ass men

    Humboldt, posted

    wish this man were my daddy-i would love to enter him next. film is way to short but hot just the same.

    simps18, posted


    matriach, posted

    @intokiners: You are mistaken. Being homosexual means that you are attracted to beings of the same gender as you. Notice that: Gender, not species. Being attracted to male animals also make you homosexual. Homo sapiens means what you say it does, but you fail to mention that "homo" is not man -- it's a genus, one that was once shared by various ape species. "Homo" can also be traced far enough back to mean "earth". In any case, what it once meant is irrelevant now. Times change, and expressions as well. "Gay" now means "homosexual man" which means want of having sex with another person of the same gender as you, whether that be male or female. "Gay" means homosexual man, "lesbian" homosexual woman. That is how it is, and you simply cannot change that. You may be 100% beastophile, going so far as to not even want to be with another human (wtf?), but you can not simply ignore a describing label. In your case you would actually be bisexual, but the man in this video is homosexual. No doubt about it.

    doggie54321, posted

    that was hot!

    mister2, posted

    WOW NICE.............

    ettekim79, posted

    to feeshie.. Have you picked up a dictionary???? The word gay means to be happy!!!!!!!! It has become a slang and a corruption of the word homosexual by poorly educated people.. The word gay in reality has really nothing to do with sex.. It is a slang.. So to try and use the word as a substitute for your argument purposes That word has no value at all.. Second you also succeeded in just nailing my belief even farther. In quote from you Homosexuals are sexually attracted to thinks with similar body structures. Aka a man and a man or a woman and a woman. ok.. I can see what you are trying to say.. But the animal in this vid DOES NOT have a human structure So how is this video "gay" as so many people try to say then?? And still the word homosexual does not mean anything about body structures it comes from the Latin language and it directly translated means man.. Homo Sapiens means wise man But homo translated means man.. Not woman and not human either.. look it up and you will find that.. The confusion comes from the whole political battle.. People do not want to hear “man” any more.. So if you listen close a teacher or professor will actually tell you a crazy sentence like this.. “it means man but to be politically correct lets just say it means human”.. But it DOES NOT mean human and really it is a huge mistake to tell anyone that.. To be politically correct people have decided to change its meaning even though it does not actually apply to a woman.. And btw one last thing I need to straighten out with you is, a woman that likes other women is a (remember this word?) “LESBIAN” not a homosexual. To call a woman a homosexual is actually improper use of the word and again a corruption of it's meaning. If you call a woman a homosexual you are calling her a woman that likes man (men). A woman that likes men.. That is not a lesbian.. Yes???!!! Gees

    intokniners, posted

    So fucking hot!

    joaddict, posted

    Sexy dude taken a sexy horse cock up his ass. HOT! Wish it was longer.

    guy4horses, posted

    i can just imagine that pony dick way up inside me as he inseminates me over and over...great vid..would have loved a dripping shot of that sweet mangina...

    michelleats, posted

    OMG VERY HOT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to suck and fuck that pony cock!!!

    action, posted

    sir,i wanna try to do what you did with that litte horse,i mean,i wanna be fucked by that. plesa,tell me where are you live? please! i live in romania. here is my yahoo id: nirosmode@yahoo.com i never make sex with an animal,and that becouse here is almost imposible. but,that is my dream. please,give me an e-mail with more infos about you. i just wanna visit you. regards! sorin cristescu

    sorinachis, posted

    To Intokniners Homo, like the word 'gay' has two meanings. Homo as far as genus means human. But in the science world it means same. Two things that are homogeneous are called that because they have similar structures. Homosexuals are sexually attracted to thinks with similar body structures. Aka a man and a man or a woman and a woman.

    feeshie, posted


    Shadowfang_N, posted

    well it always irks me.. I am really sorry but I have to say this.. right away gay gay gay.. do you people even know what you are saying?? to be "gay" that word itself actually means to be happy.. but ok.. lets play your game. to be gay (improper slang use here) you want to believe gay means to be homosexual.. correct.. oh ho ho ho.. do you even know what the word homosexual means?? homo like in homo sapiens which is actually Latin meaning: "wise man" or "knowing man")HOMO that word does NOT mean gay.. It means MAN.. Homo-sexual.. see the meaning yet.. ok it means (directly translated) man-sex.. or sex between men.. human men and human man alone.. not horse dog and / or sheep.. a guy can not be called gay or homosexual if he has sex with any animal male or female because the word homosexual means sex between more than one human man.. so please stop calling a zoophile homosexual or use the slang gay.. because that just doesn't make sense.. he is not gay because he did not have sex with another human man.. So how is he a homosexual then??!! he might be a zoo that likes male animals.. yes (I am one that likes female and male animals but I would never touch another human man's pee pee because I am not a homosexual.. YUCK!! Just the thought.. blaahh.. But I wouldn't touch a human womans snatch either.. that's gross too.. So

    intokniners, posted

    FUK ME 7088561915

    baby12, posted

    i want that pony cock in me

    boytoyk9, posted

    Oh, yeah, that little stud pony just loves to fuck tight hot man ass! He's performed for several other videos and pics.

    maletom, posted

    Wow?... Has petsex really been on for 7 months?... And for those of you, seven months ago, who didn't enjoy this video, why in the hell did you watch it?... Maybe you would enjoy the one next to it, Pregnant Horse Fucker, I really did!!!!! Somewhere around 18 to 20 mims. she swallows a boat load of horse cum!!!!!!!!

    tj50, posted

    wow boi... luv the way you ride...I would be delighted to try that pony on for size..luv the bareback squirt...Robin

    sharintoys, posted

    i agree with barebacker give me that horse cock

    wantssome, posted

    Who cares if the guy is gay, id love to have that horses cock in me. Hot clip, im hard watching it and wanting that horse.

    barebacker, posted

    what is this "gay" thing???

    tan69, posted

    GAY :s

    maik_nd7, posted


    anons, posted

    Some folks really have it good. This mature, fairly skinny man is one, because he's got a horse whose cock is no bigger than a very large human one. I look at this film clip, or at the part that works-- the last 6 seconds or so are frozen, though the sound track continued-- and know that somewhere there is a horsy cock with my name for it. My doggy lover's knot's bigger around than this ministallion's dick. The man appears to take about 10 inches of the penis-- down into the white part past the juncture. This is a lot of cock to be having explode in orgasm inside you! Just because we watch KMarko somehow fit another 4 inches of a much larger cock up inside and have that expanding cock head blast within him doesn't negate the big-time interspecies bottoming in this tiny clip. We don't get to see any cum, but we get to watch the little horse (one of the smallest I've ever seen, live or on film) hump him hard, and then the man holds him in and we watch the shaft of the big penis flex in orgasm. If you use the stop-action you can get to a very good view of how far the penis is inside the man. I am my doggy lover's bitch, and I would surenuff be this l'il stud's mare! With all its flaws, 4.1 on my scale of 5.

    boyoboyo, posted

    in this 18 seconds of sex in this movie was a bit disappointing because that you don't even get time to see much of the horse doing anything at all. the video quality was really bad due to it been by one person well the quality was not on his mind more like horse cock up his ass and the horse was that small that it couldn't even mount him like a really horse the horse is white and brown and is called a dawf because it is a lot small then a really horse this means that the man had to do all the work like get on the fall so that the horse can get it dick any were near the man's ass hole

    NIGHTMARE102, posted

    This guy gets it hard in his ass by this pony.The guy just lays there and takes it in the ass.Not only does the pony enjoy, but the guy must too because he takes it like a man. It's a must see movie! You probably would like to be the horse,wouldn't ya? But yet the man enjoys so much!I would love to be either one of them! That hot horse cock gets so far up the mans ass you could feel just sitting there! Imagine having a nice warm, hard, long, sexy, horse cock in your ass! I let my horse do this to me and my buddies all the time!

    baritone, posted
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