• name says it all

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    Lovely pony pussy, I love it! Hope I get to fuck a pony one day. Is there anyone in Denmark that will let me fuck his pony, cow or pig. I've tried it with pigs and cows too long ago, but miss it much today. (Cows, pigs, horses and goats are also a big wish!) ... Pony Pussy I think is fantastic.

    BFJ, posted

    Suche im Raum Bayern/Tirol gleichgesinnte Tierhalter. Bin jung und gut bestückt (wie ich finde). Meldet euch

    chang1, posted

    zaby_kabyr@hotmail.com (zaby_kabyr)nimbuzz.skype) عاشق الكس والطيز الحلوين

    ali22222222, posted

    Try anul next

    blackballs92, posted

    ugly dude, but mare has a nice ass and it's good to see him cum in her cunt.

    piercem29, posted

    I have a mare that I love to share, anyone want to just message me

    glpasswords, posted

    Id love to cum in a mare especially after another guy cums in her before i do, that would make awesome lube!

    fordkid302, posted

    hi this is my msn send me more please jrm140282@gmail.com

    uharro, posted

    cant get enough of watching guys cumming inside mare pussy

    indeep2cum, posted

    this guy just fucked some hot horse pussy and shot her pussy full of cum and probably does it several times a day..i would

    getdownonit, posted

    hot horse pussy...yummm

    sven_venchie, posted

    nice pussy i adore horse pussy wish it was legel here in the uk

    horsefucker2012, posted

    i love mare pussy

    bullen1, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    WOW, nice creampie!!

    candilycker69, posted


    pirkydude, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    nice cummy mess, wish i could help clean it up ;) feel free to message me

    mike767, posted

    So so great vid! Million thanks for sharing!

    jopo66, posted

    great vid anyone in norfolk love to share a mare then message me

    suffolk64, posted

    I hope that one day there will be a real féccondation of the mare. Normally it is impossible but perhaps someday this will happen.

    mare.love88, posted

    so hot!!! Anyone with a mare to share pleas send me a message

    bbdog999, posted

    i want so just sucks all the cum outa that sexy horse pussy, anyone in london message me

    chrislovesmares, posted

    nice slurp

    scooby22, posted

    mmmmmmmmm lovley CUM.

    asslick5, posted

    I would love to have your cock and big hairy nuts behind me like that.

    bredmare, posted

    wow that was hot!

    Maikol, posted

    Good job, nice fuck. Hairy balls! Thanks.

    balloonguyaz, posted

    where can i find a mare/donkey to fuck in south africa?

    qinaz, posted

    mice sex.small dick,bet she enjoyed just the hot cum in her.nice vid

    dogfucker03, posted

    wow what a gross little cock and ugly belly... hot creampie though

    jasminevanilla, posted

    Very hot vid! Thanks a lot for sharing.

    jopo66, posted

    wow,fat guy with a small dick..hahahahha nice mare pussy

    MasonRaines, posted

    Damn and I thought I had a small dick! WOW ok I dont feel so bad now!

    thumper80, posted

    wow he fucks really well wish hes cum inside me

    yiling, posted

    it may be true that there's not much in the way of penetration, but man i love to see the cum.

    lana_o, posted

    is not even going in hes dick is too small and hes too fat!

    gabygza84, posted

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    great vid i loved it i would LOVE to fuck mare pussy but i live in the city so it sucks i can't fuck a nice warm tight mare pussy i envy the guy fucking that precious creature ugh i would KILL for that tight warm moist feeling but i guess thats all it will be.......a dream thats why i'm on here every other day....to see ppl with animals its.....HOT!! no joke thats hwy so many ppl dream about it and other ppl who actually DO IT post it here thank god the gov hasn't shut this down.......just hope PIPA or SOPA get here or even the gov LOVE LIVE BESTIALITY

    kogreen, posted

    This video shows a great example of having sex with a mare. The angles were very good and the sound was awesome. About halfway through the video it switches angles to show you underneath the man. That angle shows everything you want to see. Then it goes back to the mans left side for the cumshot. The man cums inside the mare and then slowly pulls out and then you see the mares pussy after being fucked and filled with cum. the cum is slowly running out as the video ends. This was a great video to watch and I really recommend it!

    Kmmill451994, posted

    This is a close up vid of a man sliding his cock in and out of a mare's pussy. While the camera slips around a bit, at the very end you get a very nice shot of his white wet cum oozing out as he slowly slides his cock out from her. So very much as the title says, this video is of a guy cuming in a mare. What I wish is this video was a lot longer in length, perhaps showing as he first starts to put it in and the camera stayed still more, but still awesome cum shot at the very end.

    naughtyit, posted

    This is very sexy and very good as it starts off straight to the point with him fucking his mare. The title is true as he does cum inside of his mare and his cum dripping out of the mare's pussy only makes it all the more sexy. They capture the video with a few different angles so if you aren't to fond with viewing from one angle, you get a different view later on in the video. It's a good one to watch and it being a free movie makes it even better for those who wants to see a nice quickie between a guy and hie mare with a decent cumshot to it. I would give it about a 4 out of 5 at the least.

    MetalGear280, posted
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