• dog sucks mens cock he cum on dogs face very niceeeeeeeee

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    Texas! Pm me. Uncuts prefferred...

    tripton5, posted

    Orlando area looking to watch hmu

    DeeplyNow, posted

    well id keep my foreskin but i peel it back during use. feels better that way

    r3dw0lf, posted

    Hi, I'm 15 years old boy locking for some fun/dirty massage, I want to know what u would like to do whit me, like tie me up so I can't move and then just fuck me really hard, I have Skype, my name is ossezetter Add me!!!

    ThoCore, posted

    someone want to see my cum ?? my skype : doominik14

    ryvik, posted

    The Guy has a Great cock-i want them both to Fuck me-Hi im looking for dog or horse cock im on Skype - stevebutt69 or stevo1953@live.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com hook up and cam soon

    stevebutt109, posted

    not suck, lick

    digilover, posted

    God dog! Thats what dogs want like girls. Braver Hund! Das lieben Hunde zum schlecken, wie die Mädels!

    sadfuck, posted

    Dame lucky dog...wish we were both licking your cum & no mater waht anyone says in a comment about getting circumsized...fuck them! I love your huge/thick uncut cock!

    wannagetinme, posted

    God that was hot!! Couldn't keep myself from cumming. Mmmm amazing!!

    angeleyez1223, posted

    are there any guys in the yorkshire area who would like to share there dog, or could film me and there puppy

    barrysheene, posted

    Guys, please get your cocks circumcised! It is such a turn off.

    purplecrush, posted

    Dogs love it!

    RobinHund, posted

    hot and hot

    hjorge, posted


    blinhs, posted

    wow fantastic video, loves seeing you spurt your spunk and the dog licking it up, Danny x

    dannyboi69, posted

    to vikin, i don't no about that i have to have my fore skin over the head as well and feels great it does'ent feel right if the skin is back too far, i cant see the point in cut dicks any way, your dick is soposed to be covered by skin

    maddog20, posted

    That was damn hot

    superred147, posted

    •Aluzky says• Awesome. :3

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Love it sexy as hell.

    sexgod223, posted


    Mikay, posted


    CUDDLES7777, posted


    DotDotDash, posted

    my cock looks exactly the same

    it_and_abit2011, posted


    cockbat, posted

    very hot your cock is yummy, lucky dog

    Jessbeastlove24, posted

    omg i wish i was that dog....anyone in new york want to cum on my face like that? but that cock was beautiful

    horseluvboy, posted

    Nice dick

    thinkyWinky, posted

    good video

    simonxking, posted

    You people are crazy. This is one of the most beautiful uncut cocks I have ever seen and it's a such turn-on to watch it squirt. God, I love being fucked by uncut men.

    DKLA, posted

    i agree ugly cock

    BeastVirginHere, posted

    nice cock

    darrenmk1, posted

    Bad video. And nasty uncut cocks are a major turn off! Nice dog though.

    BlowUpDaug, posted

    OH wow lucky dog!!

    Maikol, posted

    I'm sure it would feel much better if his foreskin wasn't completely covering his knob. I'm GLAD I'm circumsized.

    Viking25, posted

    I love this game. Unfortunately i have no Dog. Between my 25 and 35 age i have dog at work. This SecurityDog love my sperm. He elbowed me every night at work. The dog requested me each day to take the cock out. He always typed with that muzzle into my step, until it was allowed to suck my cock. He take the cock deep into the throat. He suck every night my sperm out.

    Longus009, posted

    very hot man real nice cock

    jhenry, posted

    nice cum shot

    animallover225, posted

    Beautiful Uncut Dick- Nice load too- Lucky dog!

    diggerdoesme, posted

    I hate it how people label things "sucking" when its licking. Anyways this video is good for what it is.

    jodagu, posted

    mmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmm. Hot cock with incredible foreskin. Would love to have been part of that. HOT!

    wild4cum, posted

    HOT DICK!!!!!!

    beastcuriousboy, posted

    Requesting full video leading up to this please!

    l1ck3r, posted

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    Omg, you were right in the description, that shit is hot as FUCK! omg that dick looks soo fine :D I've been a fan of that kind of dog sucking my dick for a while and that's seriously just hot as fuck dude and the way you just cum in it's face is really turning me on. I remember the first time my black lab started sucking my cock and that's really how it got me into all of this. Thanks for uploading this! Please post more? Because I would seriosuly love if you posted more lol hit me up some time if your interested maybe you can share more pics of you and that dog or videos or whatnot :) that would be fucking ridiculously aweosme

    ohhaicaleb, posted

    fucking amazing all of that juicy cum splashing all over that sweet puppies face and he just lick his master's cock clean mmmmmmm i came all over my self seeing this. i wish i was him id fuck that dogs throat and ass so good id cum so hard in his mouth. id cum in his ass and its face that bitch would be owned im coming again just writing this oh fuck id lick his cock clean and make that puppire lick my asshole so good oh fuck im comming again im gonna go make my dog suck my fucking hard throbbing cock

    candy12356, posted

    Great job with the licking and an awsome cock. would love for that dog to lick me dry every night. One of the best things about this movie is that the guy didn't moan or scream loudly which always makes them more enjoyible. the cum wasnt too fast and very creamy i would also like to point out that slurrping sound the dog makes is very hot and prefectly tantilizing to the ears. this is one hell of a movie i whish more were like this one and uncircumsised isn't my fav but its something. Still love it but its not long enough and try one with out ur hands free hand it.

    Kailenrulzu, posted

    Wow, seriously, I don't really care what you say, but circumcision is /not/ the way to go. The video involves, one of the prettiest most incredible dick's I've seen in awhile, and one darned cute puppy. To be honest, why would you want to circumcise, cutting off a part of your penis here, don't even think about doing that to your babies, to any couples out there. Too bad it's just nearly the ending, or the climax, and only 15 seconds, but it was darned worth it. As the comments say, the title is misleading, as are most of the titles around here, dogs cant suck penises, don't be silly.

    somthing, posted
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