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    Scruffy Knot


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    Knot and turn male/male

    Uploaded by underdog · Rating: 4.3 (271 votes) · 45371 views


    Yum on both counts :P

    anthrowolf1109, posted

    young man seeking to be breed by animals, if you can help (sukabuk6@yahoo)

    11hector, posted


    HOWDOYOUDOIT, posted

    I want to mount the boy too and have him take my load

    getmeoff9999, posted

    14 yrs old, looking for some nice dog sex! female. ohio. :D message me<3

    tandoku, posted

    thats one hard cock, nice.

    maddog20, posted

    anyone in newfoundland

    crazynympho33, posted

    He is so lucky! I really wanna try getting fucked and knotted by a sexy dog! is there anyone in LA that can help?! im 24, cute and ready to learn!

    beaz0704, posted

    great vid hot guy and great hard on with dog enjoying i tight hole . wish i was the dog

    marcus14, posted

    very nice clip when i saw i am getting very hard and willing to some dog knoting me hard. young angel cock very nice and too hard when dog knoting him i wana his cock in my ass its very good.

    gutto011, posted

    hum..je veux rencontrer gars avec chien au saguenay lac st-jean.écrivez moinickstfelicien@hotmail.com

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    OMG! I cummed before i could even get my diaper off!!! amazing!! licking the cum out of my diaper watching it again!:D

    tjsrt, posted

    to faberich, not exactly all the dogs that shaged me i never shaged them, am more of a dogs bitch than any thing else, so any one in the derry area with a over sexed dog give me a shout.

    maddog20, posted

    I will fuck that little guy so good!!!!!!! He is very hot,thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    That was very hot watching the small young guy getting knotted by the big dog. he was rock hard the entire time!

    Cockstrapped, posted

    Totally awesome. Would luv to make contact with likeminded guys in South Africa for some fun. bigpa@webmail.co.za

    bigpa, posted

    That was just fucking hot.

    emeraldfaith, posted

    •Aluzky says• That guy knows what he is doing. Loverly to watch :3

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    he must fuck his dog as well in return

    faberich, posted

    iemand in belgie waar ik kan delen met allerlei filmpjes en foto's mail mij aub op kangeroe60@hotmail.com

    kangeroe, posted

    Great Vid! Smooth young guy with a very "horny" (aren't they all) long hair dog. You can tell; they've done this once or before. Over all 1 7.5 out of 10 Thanks

    JARCAN, posted

    grat vid i no wat its licke two let the dog tie u get a good mating wen dog ties up yor arse u can feel the dog pumping his hot jizdeep in side yor arse iam horney naw

    pissandy, posted

    20/f/uk looking to lose my animal virginity and Looking to be knotted by dog in my wet wet pussy. in hampshire area. messsage me.

    fuzzykayuk, posted

    OMFG whata sexy boy, wouldnt mind having my load up his yng arse too

    funfuker44uk, posted

    looking to lose my animal virginity, can anyone help? I am near syracuse ny

    lurch33, posted

    id suck his cock while he gets knotted...

    knotloverbbw, posted

    einfach nur geil, von den beiden würd ich mich auch gern besteigen lassen.

    hoextergay, posted

    Sehr geil da möchte man ja ewig zuschauen ein geiler Typ der sich so sexy besteigen läst supper supper....weiter so ihm macht es sicherlich sehr viel Spaß und er wird geil dabei wenn der Hund ihn besteigt...

    RenaldoSH, posted

    mmmmmmmmm love that vid very good & love the boys hard hott cock! i want to suck it & have it in my pussy & then ass !! mmmmmm

    littlebit3860, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rico add.miguedomi@hotmail.com

    vouyer1, posted

    Omg. This guy is sooo way hot. love the way he interacts with his partner. He has a great body, HOT ass dick.

    fuknhotlatino, posted

    good dog, knows what he wants, wish i had a odg like this

    newtonsk, posted

    I am a chick but love to watch a guy get mounted by a dog.. also want to watch a guy suck a dog off.. any takers... I have a male dog that loves to have his dick sucked

    deedee333, posted

    would love to be fucked & knotted by a dog like that. haven't seen a guy cum when fucked by his dog. i know i would cause i always cum when a guy fucks me in the ass. anyone near me have a male dog?

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    just what i want.......both of em

    beh322, posted

    As an elderly man I remember when I had a love affair with a dog. I can certainly understand that young boys "hard- on". I get a hard- on just by my memories.

    mercurator1, posted

    This is one of the 5 best here.

    NotYet, posted

    excellent fuck and knot scene!

    dogluvr, posted

    pow que coisa mais legal so fico triste por que nao foi eu que fiquei grudado com esse cão.

    lancelote, posted

    This is the 2nd video I have seen from underdog. The guy is hot, love seeing his hard cock while getting fucked. Incredible, once again, underdog.

    wild4cum, posted

    Damn nice to see a guy with a hardon taking a nice cock and knot...wish he would have cum while he was being taken Robin PS Either one could have me anytime

    sharintoys, posted

    really enjoyed this video. Wish he would have stroked himself off in front of the camera. Would have been a great conclusion.

    7645, posted

    Where is this cute boy and his dog? They both can fuck me anytime.

    Knot4me, posted

    Luv to be under the guy when the dog is knoted with him.

    scific49, posted

    hot looking lucky guy

    chris128, posted

    cool, is amazing ,y want to see more :) i want to experince some relation wint animals and the another guy , please send me some information about this , tks ppl cool, is amazing ,y want to see more :) i want to experince some relation wint animals and the another guy , please send me some information about this , tks ppl cool, is amazing ,y want to see more :) i want to experince some relation wint animals and the another guy , please send me some information about this , tks ppl cool, is amazing ,y want to see more :) i want to experince some relation wint animals and the another guy , please send me some information about this , tks ppl cool, is amazing ,y want to see more :) i want to experince some relation wint animals and the another guy , please send me some information about this , tks ppl

    slutboys, posted

    Very hot. I like it. such a cute dog and an even cuter guy. the knotting was real hot and good. bet that felt real good growing inside you. I would love to have a dog that size knot me. So very hot. Scruffy is a real cutey. All I have is small dogs so I don't think i would be the same for them as it would a bigger dog going at it with me. Maybe you can epxlain the sensation of being knotted to me asd I have yet to do it. Again very hot and added to my favorites. Hugs and kisses to you and your dog.

    dmsa, posted

    Nice vid, hope to see more! the cam quality might need to be better next time though? or maybe a zoom up, that would be nice, i wasn't able to see much of the dog knotting as well as it could be, i did see it but not very well. this is long enough, over two hundred and seventy seven letters... maybe not. Why Is This Not Long Enough!? 68 words, i'm just going to keep that in so i won't have to think of any new material. oh, i like how the person in the video was completely shaven so that you could see better

    alecsander56, posted

    this is a great vid of a young guy being fucked and knotted by a dog. the start is with the guy being mounted and he looks as if he is helping the dog to get into his ass. the dog is very willing to fuck so i guess they have done this before many times. the guy appears to have a hardon already. if it had been able to see the knot in his ass wud be better but it is easy to see that they both enjoy the fuck. the guy has a very nice cock and so stiff that i think it wud be good to see him beat off after the dog was finished. altho a short vid it left me wanting to see them again as well as with a hardon.

    gryff1n, posted
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