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    Dude & Mare


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    Hot young dude fucks a gray mare

    Uploaded by mikeycantor · Rating: 4.2 (971 votes) · 106135 views


    Would love to see the whole thing. He's very sexy, nice body and cock.

    LWJII, posted

    Beautiful boy & cock! I would trade places with the mare anytime! Hope the photographer got a piece of one of them...

    Allenhigala, posted

    Wow - so hot. Nice big cock and did you see how puffed up the mare's pussy is...sweet

    Mildred427, posted

    hot guy, nice cock. looking for similar breeding mate, 32 male Michigan, hit me up

    K-9Kurious, posted

    Young Gay guy here, 17, kik is daveravebathe. Willing to trade pics.

    ImNewHereGuys, posted

    love tpo fuck the both of them

    hotrod46901, posted

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    Iruuka, posted

    What a beautiful boy !

    godha, posted

    HOT....only thing better would be to add some voice and grunts and dirty talk

    Cjalupa, posted

    quero que esse garoto coma minha bundinha, ele fode muito bem

    thiagopauzao, posted

    geil, der typ könnte mich auch mal richtig durchficken ;-) ^^^^suche gleichgesinnte in berlin-schöneberg und umgebung ^^^^

    nitrambln, posted

    any guys in nsw aus keen on doing this stuff i need help i so wanna do this?

    kev2011, posted

    love ur cock and body...wish i were the mare, u are a great fucker

    xray69, posted

    GREAT young cock & body

    Allenhigala, posted

    Straight couple in our 20s, NJ area. She wants to watch me have my first REAL time with an animal. We can come to you. Can you help make our fantasy come true? :)

    topshelf, posted

    heerlijk,neem je mij nu,ik ben zeer gewillig

    gerard007, posted

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    hornyasscock, posted

    add me highriser13579@yahoo.com.ph on fb im an animal fucker, would love to see someone fucking their animals too.

    periwinkletwink, posted

    uk here id so love o fuck a nice big mare

    uk_horse, posted

    a fav for me, i like

    CuriousGuy1985, posted

    If your going to fuck her feed her. You should never see hip bones like that

    summerrayz11, posted

    woww i love it . i am thai ladyboy , i looking for sex fun with animals

    joysonya1, posted

    Can I go next PLEASE :D

    sk1nfuct, posted

    mmmmmm so fcuking hot.....any guys in pembrokeshire west wales uk?? . . .

    pembsboi, posted

    da würde ich auch gerne stute sein. wer mag kann sich gerne melden.

    amor, posted


    nycshaun, posted

    love dudes body. Que rico,!!

    luv4dogs, posted

    I've got to hand it to this kid...he has some incredible stamina.

    Jake07, posted

    fucking hotness

    Christian1970, posted

    17yo bi femboi looking for relationship or just funn^_^ if interested txt mehhh 9362296838

    coryhogan, posted

    got a mare at home - if you like ... would love to lick your ass / balls so. All the best from the niederrhein area - western Germany.

    gregoraachen, posted

    The dude is extremely hot. Wish i could trade places with the mare

    duck9923, posted

    Hello ^_^ Im really horny, im a male, bisexual and looking for fun, whether its to chat or trade ;) So please message me if you're interested, and il tell my age ;D

    young_one_65, posted

    I would eat out his ass and then suck off that mare juice from his huge cock.

    bigshep, posted

    fuking hot all around

    SecretMe85, posted

    muy buena cojida

    rafael_docquez, posted

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    imgay12345, posted

    bread her good she liked it

    shorttom, posted

    Hot guy, hot video

    NTXCurious, posted

    she wasnt enjoying it...walked away, wasnt winking....kept walking away...this guy is a fucking tool...

    marylasher122, posted

    Hot, sexy dude banging the hell out of her, only wish i was her.

    duck9923, posted

    Looking for a friend in Texas to share animals with me. I have 2 mares and a female dog. Message me.

    big09red, posted

    come vorrei essere una cavalla...

    sborradentro, posted

    some 1 as fit as him as no need to fk animals plenty of people will want him

    sexy-12345, posted

    me encanta

    dieguis, posted

    sound is terrific!!!!

    roxy3, posted

    dam he can do me any time all day and nite tight video by the way make more videos

    badboi778, posted

    I'm next papi!!!!!

    angelmoreno4169, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ON region of canada need a camera person? if so, message me.

    infuse90, posted

    Mmm good fuck got my 15yr old virgin cock all hard msg me <3

    Young_one_64, posted

    La yegua no se da cuenta. El pene del caballo es siete veces mayor que el del hombre. No sólo se ve perturbada por el movimiento, pero no siente nada.

    abylitset, posted

    any1 in Az ? i want to try fucking animals, contact me if any1 local can help

    camarodude502, posted

    I would like to be up that dude's shapely ass while he's doing the mare, then I'd do the mare!!

    gstud1971, posted

    damn tht is sexy

    bigpleaser69, posted

    its so damn ssexy

    sommersorte, posted

    ein netter Kerl. es muss super sein, den Schwanz in eine Stute zu stecken und zu ficken.Kennt jemand es?

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    That guy is so hot, wish i was the mare :-)

    nolimits1, posted

    Damn, the guy in this clip is so fucking hot. I want to suck his cock after he's done fucking that mare, then let him fuck me long and hard.

    LWJII, posted

    Made me shoot my load looking at the boy. He was hot and can shoot his load in me any time. HOT HOT HOT 5 cocks is my vote.

    getmeoff9999, posted

    what a beautiful boy !!!! please make more vids for us. thank you

    BSJ294, posted

    The guy was beautiful in every way. The mare looked way too thin or maybe just very old.

    IROB, posted

    Such a SEXY guy! Cute, great bod & cock and a great fuck! I hope the cameraman got to have some of either the boy or the mare! Come to MY farm boys! LOVE this flick!

    Allenhigala, posted

    The guy was very hot, wish I had been that mare.

    LWJII, posted

    sweet...He is a treat.

    curious_chick, posted

    I only wish the Mare was a bit fatter and healthier looking. Poor thing, she looks so malnourished. O_0

    CaballoAmor1551, posted

    Love tis video and the guy is so hot

    nolimits1, posted

    i agree that was hot i do both the mare and he could hump me anytine lol

    damtrav, posted

    Sexxy wish i can i have fun like that

    Jsmith1931, posted

    Sexy boy.... use your cock on my ass istead...

    Cocio, posted

    Ein schöner, geiler stutenfick :>)

    capricornus, posted

    Wow, Really Hot!

    oroblanco, posted


    floobadoobee, posted

    very very nice

    bennie-dk, posted

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    jimmymontana, posted

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    NowOrNever, posted

    very nice

    damtrav, posted

    Very sexy guy!

    Allenhigala, posted

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    Iwanttogetlaid, posted

    Mmmm HOT!!

    Mannedanne, posted

    MMMMMMMMMMM wish I was next after the mare.

    lovcountry, posted

    Hottest mare video ever, wish I was that mare and had that hunk all over me like that.

    nolimits1, posted

    mmmmmmmm, nice!! just wish it finished with him cuming..

    oicu2, posted

    So wish i had a mare:(

    horselover192, posted


    freesecond, posted

    Love this movie, one of the best. Hot guy, nice cock, makes me cum every time

    bbtotaltop, posted

    Lucky mare hot dude

    jefde2, posted

    My favorite mare video! =D

    mafagafo, posted

    Tail up, hump in her back, she is really feeling that big hard cock up in her. I really liked it..

    greenvalleyjoe, posted

    hot dude, amazing body, nice fucker, lucky mare

    dog1262, posted

    OMIGOD one of the BEST clips here! The boy is beautiful, young, tanned, muscular, nice, thick and obviously very hard cock. You can hear his soft grunts as he fucks the mare with a steady rythmn. Would have LOVED to see him moan and groan when he came deep inside the mare!

    DKLA, posted

    SWEET !!!

    petting_my_dawg, posted

    what a hunk of spunk!! The guy.. not the mare.

    porg, posted


    dieguis, posted

    would love to fuck the hunk, while he fucks the mare

    gatwick, posted

    i love this movie and love fucking animals

    allah71, posted

    lav sex animal okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    hmawfar, posted

    I did the same

    Greatbull, posted

    I came buckets.

    SuperSized, posted

    this man has a nice body

    qwerdog25, posted

    Um dos meus favoritos,video delicioso!

    mafagafo, posted

    uhh q buen pibee se re parteee, le daria todooo!

    lukas16, posted

    nice video yes is the best

    barnealexalove, posted

    lovely cock,pussy sounds were like music to my ears.

    krash-, posted

    Verkar ganska skönt att få stoppa kuken i en hästfitta!

    larby, posted

    :O !!!! Um dos melhores videos do site!Nota 10!

    mafagafo, posted

    muy buen video.

    yeismi, posted

    nice, would have loved to see your cum shot.nice cock and body

    simpsjos, posted

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    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    MMMM, nice squelchy audio!

    jayko, posted

    muito bbbbommmmmmmmmmmmmm delicia esse carinha fudendo essa egua

    beto-bom, posted

    Looking to get some pussy like.

    willievel, posted

    Love the sounds of her her pussy making noises and hearing his grunts. Also love how he didn't let that hot pussy get away from his hard dick. Never let a good hot pussy get away from your dick no matter who or what it is. Kudos to this young man!!!!!!!!!! Looking to get my big dick in some hot pussies too. nlowe_39@hotmail.com

    missthang72, posted

    Lucky mare. that young guy is hot and knows how to use his cock....

    4SkinNTucson, posted

    wow, hot guy, wanna feel his fat cock deep in my ass and taste his cum-

    enjoyurlife, posted


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    nortnabarb, posted

    nice looking young man with a big cock! that was some good outdoor fucking! please make more outside videos with those sexy mares and lots of cum text time! thanks for sharing. :)

    south2, posted

    This is awesome. I wonder what was making her move like that. I Like when they show the mare's face and it was funny how he was trying to hang on. I guess since horses can't change position of their bodies for sex, they change location. She must have wanted to get out of the hot sun as she was so hot inside lol Thanks fors sharing. This is really one of a kind. I'm not talking about poker... or am I?

    ZenfoldT, posted

    schönes video =)

    FickMichHart, posted

    nice post good sound and a hot fuck want to fuck a mare bad anyone for a j/o bud..

    pokey66, posted

    wow ur cute guy and nice fucked off a Mare pussy is yummy 2 thanks dude i love it.....

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    je suis du qc

    Sampik, posted

    Feed her she might like to fuck you !

    ydal, posted

    anyone in the DC/MD/VA area oldescratch1@hotmail.com

    dirtyslag, posted

    One of the hotest videos,very nice,he fuck that pussy very good, and he is a very hot men as well!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    very interesting and great fucking in to a hot mare pussy.

    9705426784, posted

    Great fuck in a hot pussy

    gaypet, posted

    there was a plane flying over head you can hear the engines; Pilot: "if you look down to your right there is a man loving his mare" Passengers: "o0oh" ~~~~~~~~ LOL, this makes me even hornier for a mare.

    marelover134, posted

    i have cum a few times watching this one... would like to leave a load inside that animal...

    indeep2cum, posted

    great :)

    bennie-dk, posted

    She look kinda thin...

    gigglebut, posted


    latin512tx, posted

    Where can i find a mare to play with? Willing to work for it. Send me a message and we will talk.

    Emos86, posted


    adeladamgad, posted

    mare's wondering when she will foal when stud can't get beyond playing at the gate, funny guy.

    mukora, posted

    great fuck.. thx

    beastlog, posted

    hottest video ever!!!!

    moviecat79, posted

    Esse é um maravilhoso caso de relaçao entre zoófilo e animal.Brilhante,video ótimo,quero parabenizar o site.

    mafagafo, posted

    nice hearing him moan while penetrating the mare

    floridaboy, posted

    nice hearing him moan while penetrating the mare

    floridaboy, posted

    Anyone wana fuck a young guy for his first time

    boobsforlife, posted

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    nayha, posted

    mmm beautiful mare and sexy guy with big cock yum

    rimkoscar, posted

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    janwillem, posted

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    lukas16, posted

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    jongens, posted

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    darsiney, posted

    que rico se come la pinga esa yegua...uy ke riko..muy rico...

    darsiney, posted

    my favorite,too. it is super

    Samuel6, posted

    my favorite vid ever completely

    alesxis, posted

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    my favorite vid ever completely turn me on

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    bigcaboom1, posted

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    Benny66, posted

    hot man and fucker!

    cumsucker33, posted

    kool video:)

    nathuprasad, posted

    bello questo video...

    maremmano, posted

    Sah wirklich geil aus, wie er seinen Schwanz in die Pferdefotze rein gefickt hat. Möchte so auch gerne mal.. wwer bietet mir in Germany eine Stute an??

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    looks nice out to fuck. but do not completely agree to get fucked by a horny man. it had been fairly advertiser if she had been estrus

    bullen1, posted

    nice guy and nice fuck!

    segaioloboy, posted

    OMG! what r they feeding that mare? Cum? i mean u can see her ribbs!

    baritone, posted

    wow that looks hot ! made me all wett

    Likeithard, posted

    esta buenaso

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    alsaqr, posted

    Flott gutt med deilig hoppe fitte. Bra gjort

    tommy71, posted

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    mexicanboy1186, posted

    esta es mifaborita

    alesxis, posted

    this is one of a kind. A brave move outdoor.

    creekcraze, posted

    I think she was telling him to hurry up. lol Great video, though. Usually, guys fucking horses or cows are in the dead of night so you can't really see much and they're mostly clothed. This was a real gem. He had a great body too :)

    Decemberist, posted

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    adelaidestud, posted

    where did u get this video from???

    quilleroloco, posted

    ele podia fuder a egua mas eu queria fuder ele

    magnus147, posted

    Now in an ideal world,I would have been behind the lad....

    cavallo, posted

    well developed body has the man. You see the exitement as well as that he enjoys the hole fuck. Very nice environment with all the green. I enjoyed watching

    jippiee, posted

    very hot - and nice boy

    bennie-dk, posted

    very cute dude and nice dick !!

    tiramisu26, posted

    his really enjoying her wow shes loving it

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    i like fuck mare

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    what a hot guy-i would love to have eaten his shit hole right after his daily crap

    mister2, posted

    This young god needs to make beast flicks... love to see that sperm shoot into and onto a wet mare pussy... fukn hot dude.

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    Sehr geiler Typ und einen leckeren Schwanz da wäre man ja selber gerne Stute aber er weiß wie es geht sehr geil das Filmchen....hoffe er hat sie auch gut voll gepumpt...

    RenaldoSH, posted

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    selman, posted

    rhats hot

    hornymorgan, posted

    very hot indeed and the guys is hot as fuck too makes it even better

    cocksukr, posted

    Looks to me like 'the old grey mare is still pretty good'. I'd like to be sharing her with this guy. Love the part when he moves over to stand on the scale. Nice full body shots of the guy and the mare. Bring on more full body vids of mares and dudes

    stableboy1962, posted

    Hot guy with a hot cock. thanks for posting

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    JOSMA_19, posted

    i already put this on dude

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    Wow great movie. 10/10 for you.

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    AussieMutt, posted

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    the video is a thing of beauty, beauty of the outdoors, the sounds of nature, a grey mare and a hot stud, nice hard bodied and tan. the stud shows his face a little and is a young handsome lad that loves to fuck and it shows as he tenderly holds his mounts rump. his thrusts are to natures rhythm. the stud is persistent as the mare moves so does he even almost fall off the scale he is using to gain access. there is no cum shot for us to enjoy but maybe the grey got the enjoyment of it. because it ended too soon i give this one two cocks up...

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    DudeLD, posted

    the video is a thing of beauty, beauty of the outdoors, the sounds of nature, a grey mare and a hot stud, nice hard bodied and tan. the stud shows his face a little and is a young handsome lad that loves to fuck and it shows as he tenderly holds his mounts rump. his thrusts are to natures rhythm. the stud is persistent as the mare moves so does he even almost fall off the scale he is using to gain access. there is no cum shot for us to enjoy but maybe the grey got the enjoyment of it. because it ended too soon i give this one two cocks up

    7720, posted

    This is one of those great classic videos that is made all the more better by actually seeing the guys face, AND because the guy is so good looking! The guy is naked, young and handsome, and he fucks the mare from behind, having to stand up on some equipment to do so. The horse seems to try to move away at one point, but the guy just stands back up and puts his cock back into the mare's pussy. It would be nice to hear a little more from the guy, some moaning for example, and he doesn't seem to show much expression on his face, but the video is still very very hot! it would be even better to see the guy cum, but we definitely want to see more videos like this!!

    blondladuk, posted

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    domg321, posted

    the guy in this video is a thing of beauty, I think I'm in love. I loved the outdoor sounds of nature. that mare was lucky to have a nice hard bodied boy loving her with so much passion and focus. When the boy shows his face to show how handsome he was I wanted to fuck him and hold him tenderly while he mounted her. Meeting his thrusts with mine. even though there was no cum shot this was one hot ass video. just too short. I would have love to see the young guy shoot his load deep in her. just the sound of him enjoying himself turned me on. the sound of him cumming would have put me over the top... all I can say is WOW to this video. more more more...

    Taariq, posted

    this video was especially great for its innovation of the surrounding.i think there should have been a stallion in the video because its cock would have made it a whole lot better,the guy should have moaned,there should have been more sound to hear the mare pussy hit against his cock.the horse should have been black and therte should have been a creampie for a better review but i like this video and i think that more of these videos should be made there should also be more mare orgasms in mare fucking videos like this one and the guys cock should be bigger and harder

    marcus132, posted

    I just love how young hot studs take an interest in animals. The thrusts he is doing indicates how well he obviously is enjoying the mares pussy and how he loves seeing his cock go in and out while he grasps the sides of the mares rump. The mare seems to be enjoying it as well, but takes her time teasing him by moving testing his persistency as he heeds towards her with a lustful look on his face. Definitely turns me on, I can imagine the feeling of the warm, moist insides as he is moaning with pleasure. I'm still hard thinking about it!

    crashburn, posted

    Not a bad flick, could have been better if some thought had been put in it. Some foreplay would have been great,fingering etc. just to show how wet and willing the mare was. Also would have been nice to have some cunt shots and some close ups she looked to have a nice tight cunt from the angle we are seeing, Guy did a decent job real staying power, some close ups of his cock would have been nice. Mare got a little bored and pulled away untill he really started to ram her hard. Would have been nice to see him cum and watch it run out of her dripping cunt!!

    minniecat, posted

    the video is a thing of beauty, beauty of the outdoors, the sounds of nature, a grey mare and a hot stud, nice hard bodied and tan. the stud shows his face a little and is a young handsome lad that loves to fuck and it shows as he tenderly holds his mounts rump. his thrusts are to natures rhythm. the stud is persistent as the mare moves so does he even almost fall off the scale he is using to gain access. there is no cum shot for us to enjoy but maybe the grey got the enjoyment of it. because it ended too soon i give this one two cocks up...

    luvembig, posted
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