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    Pig, Men,Fucker

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    Wildpig fucking

    Uploaded by klettke · Rating: 3.4 (67 votes) · 42645 views


    Straight couple in our 20s, NJ area. She wants to watch me have my first REAL time with an animal. Can you help make our fantasy come true? :)

    topshelf, posted

    wow geil, wie die Sau gefickt wird!

    Pimmelmann, posted

    I want to be that pig!

    wannagetinme, posted

    very hot...woudl love a pig to nuzzle my cunt

    nicoladoggy, posted

    mmh that looks like proper pussy /./yum yum

    tiyya911, posted

    Im a 15 year old boy living in PA. I want it bad, any age will do just fine msg me.

    Iwanttogetlaid, posted


    newsyoakzuzu, posted

    da würde ich auch mal gerne rein

    sascha4711, posted

    Thank you for introducing a new lover in my list

    ugandasex, posted

    wenn ich den film anschaue bekomm ich einen ständer

    sboy, posted

    pig pussy is really good and juicy,,,

    nthnreed, posted

    kurz aber geil... netter **

    chang1, posted

    i just know the pig has nice pussy like this...i really wanna a lick on her pussy...

    roryoktario, posted

    short but good

    exfarmer, posted

    great tight fuck

    waderpeter, posted

    i love it...

    diavol, posted

    it is a pig?

    052133, posted

    thx great vid

    animal38, posted

    thank you!

    doggyass, posted

    muy corto no hay mas

    lunapuusy, posted

    where is the long version.want more...

    outta, posted

    This clip is unusual in many ways. First of all, it's a man fucking a sow, it's not a very common theme. Secondly the man is hot, really hot, fit, beary and cute. Another plus side is that you can hear him enjoying the fucking by his moaning. The downside is obviously the length, or rather the lack thereof (of the video that is), but as he says he promises to make more I am just waiting for that to happen, wouldn't mind seeing him screwing the whole farm, pigs, cows, sheep, dogs, horses or what have you... good job, now we just need more

    michaelpl, posted

    This is a very short movie showing the guys cock fucking the pig. A damaged sound track make it hard to here anything and a little short to make anything of. You Still get to see the cock pumping for a short while anyway. Perhaps the originator of the movie could have filmed for longer and to see some cum would have been good. you dont ever see the pig or here any sound from it but it must clearly be compliant to take the cock. One can imagine taking that pig and feeling that corse hair brushing your testiclez as you enter and pump hard feeling your cock warm inside and that almost uncontrolable feel as you gush inside and then pull out and the pig runs off as if nothing ever happened.

    Gdbtm4sex, posted
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