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    Dog Bj


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    dog gives man a bj

    Uploaded by clever-dog · Rating: 3.1 (82 votes) · 34186 views


    Der mann braucht kein toilettenpapier ;>)

    capricornus, posted

    Licking, Not Bj/Blowjob

    digilover, posted

    ooooh that is hot. love the eagerness of the mutt licking your asshole. nothing like having your ass licked!

    courgar43, posted

    Hahaha the dog's face just cracks me up... xD

    marylasher122, posted

    now that some sweet rimming!

    cakerofl, posted

    lucky dog........nice cock buddy

    mydogsissy, posted

    Surly there someone that can lend me there dog to get on pestsex Heathrow London zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    wtf o.o

    lukas16, posted

    gozei d novo .....

    legislador1, posted

    only thing missing was me having fun also

    Speed2454, posted

    thats turns me on

    hornyfordog, posted

    god you must have been in k9 heaven! now to get a rottie or a dane to eat like that !!! hot please make more drip drip drip

    hungdaug, posted

    beautiful lovely angle

    likang1667, posted

    This was awesome... would love to see more! What a great dog... so eager!

    febfantasia, posted

    pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pls,pretty pls post more.....i love that dog licking your ass...pls!!!!

    aiantas, posted

    Come on! No 'penistration'? Please. Action means action. Got it. I like videos that avctually do something. Not more of the same. If I wanted to see that I'd get a regular porn in my DVD player. They have real 'bitches'(male & female) in those. Don't get me wrong, on a scale of one to ten it's a 5, but I'd like to see something better than an eight. If I'm going to view animal sex, it has to be worth it. So please, try better next time. It would be appreicated. Especially since I've never had sex with an animal, but would like to. This video makes me glad that I have not.

    mismofrakker, posted

    Very hot clip featuring a man letting his dog get right in there,very hot ass licking by the dog and cock licking. The dog seems very curious about his masters body and the master of the dog allows him to freely explore his body. Was shame there was no cum shot or more dick licking action. The filming could have been better because the angles were not always catching the dog actions but overall the clip was of pretty good quality, would be amazing to see more videos from this user. This video will guarantee you at least 2 erection :) Hope to see more soon! Good Job!

    Danieldog33, posted
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