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    Pink Pussy


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    Cowboy stud fucks a small white mare. Great quality

    Uploaded by Sora_Mea · Rating: 4.6 (110 votes) · 8637 views


    I'd love to fuck his ass while he's fucking his mare!

    crazyness4321, posted

    wish she was all mine damn

    hotrod46901, posted

    that beautiful cock and beautiful pussy deserve each other - wish I were there

    jrpa, posted


    ketankumar, posted


    woaishoujiao007, posted

    nice pink pussy

    maremmano, posted

    nothing like a young lad getting to fuck pussy

    treylonden, posted

    awsome vid, why is this guy not my neighbor?? central calif here.....any neighbors?

    cwby93657, posted

    what a sexy cowboy nice ass by the way

    horseoscar, posted

    One of the best I've seen. I like the long shots of the guy hanging cock to this willing mare. It was good to see a mare in heat wanting this guy's cock.

    longarabian, posted

    ..great vid..lucky cowboy...lucky mare

    farmjim, posted

    why won't the videos load?

    tehskinbin, posted

    how fine pussy

    kan, posted

    gr8 i like that too

    zoolover69, posted

    Beautiful mare. Good lover. Great sex. Thanks!

    billysgoat, posted

    i love to do like that.

    jklove, posted

    I wish i had a horse with a naturally green pussy and she tried to have sex with me everyday!

    Mole, posted

    i like pussy

    sergiozoo, posted


    0xxl88, posted

    Thanks for sharing this great vid!

    petfriend, posted

    white mares have the most beautiful pussies<3

    Dog_Fucker, posted

    This great video is PinkPussy 2. Beautiful guy and beautiful mare..

    animalboy29, posted

    It has been almost a year since I posted this clip, and it is still one of my favorites. It begins with a sexy cowboy with a nice thick penis (And a cute butt) warming up to a beautiful paint mare that is highly in season. She is eager for a cock, and he is quick to give it to her. After rubbing the head of his penis across her pretty pink pussy lips, the cowboy dips into her warm depth. The cameraman moves around to give you a variety of views as the cowboy repeatedly plunges his full length into her. But the best is the close up side views. The camera gets so close to the action, you can hear the suction as his cock slides in and out. I came myself when I heard her whinnie to pronounce her climax. As with all great clips it ends with you pleading for more. The cowboy leaves the cum where it should be, deep inside her canal. This clip should be called "Rode hard, and put away wet." (I sure was after watching it through fully.

    Sora_Mea, posted

    That reminds me of when i fucked my pony. it was so good.Her pussy was so warm, i just coulnt get enough of it. Just looking at that white pussy, makes me want to go but a mare just to keep her and just fuck her. It will be great.i wish that it was me fucking that beautiful mare i just would'nt stop i'll keep going over and over again.I never thoughr that i would never want to fuck a horse again but watching this video gets me so horny and it makes me want to go my nieghbors horse and take care of buisiness" if you know what i mean lol"

    nickyrot_11, posted
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