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    Dog And Man Knotted


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    Dog and Man Knotted

    Uploaded by Ludvika74 · Rating: 3.6 (251 votes) · 102863 views


    anybody live up near toronto canada?

    artac1, posted

    I love when my brothers grate Danes knotted in my ass.

    horseloverboy12, posted

    ya,,mi to i to try,,,,i like,,yah baby

    adyganu4, posted

    film spoilt by poor quality and poor camera work

    royboy255, posted

    that guy's ball turn me on big time...wanna lick them while dog cum trickles down one drop @ a time...hot!

    Hardharv, posted

    I'm ready to try it.

    LongIslandBTM, posted

    nice shot

    Sampik, posted

    you guys are grate im loveing your movies your no.1

    godefuck, posted

    das ist echt geil ,ich träum davon

    brunner1, posted

    This male bitch has some big BALLS ! wow ! would of liked to cup them

    hogwild73pont, posted


    tom148, posted

    so much wishing it eas meee!!!

    duumak, posted

    nice jiz tanks on the guy thay look full lovley ball sack swinging an the dog got is knot rite up the guys hole bet he can feel that hot jiz being pumpt inside him wisht it was me mmmmmm

    bevlad, posted

    I like to watch the guys ball sack swing

    justinaadu, posted

    just how i was made to take it mmmmmmmmm any more? marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

    hot nuts on that dude.

    dik5007, posted

    some guys have all the fun

    johnjohn699, posted


    tuoimui79, posted

    would love to feel that knot in my ass

    john12345, posted

    nice balls. email me at bigboybraums@hotmail

    antoniog33, posted

    great flick. You can't help but like it when man & dog end up happy & me with a hand full of cum wishing it was me under the dog. paulb1485@yahoo.com.au

    paulb, posted

    Knot is'nt obvious. bad picture, no erotic. Limin

    limin, posted

    nice vid sat here drippin wish to hell it was me. would have liked to see it when knot dropped out

    checkerman, posted

    damn I need tied like that any one in Columbus, Ohio with a trained k9 for my doggie virgin ass? I want knotted, and tied so bad let me know please thanks

    caninelovercmh, posted

    I want to be tied like this any takers????????????

    Belinda402007, posted

    Shame the quality makes it hard to see. But very good. would love to have seen the knot drop out.

    bp01, posted

    that was so hot...being a doggie virgin i can only wish for a lovely dog cock in my ass some day

    dogcock67, posted

    LOVE IT!!!! One of the few vids around in which u can really tell the dog knotted the human bitch!!! Most other vids are just plain humping, but this is the REAL thing baby!!!!

    Hardharv, posted

    been looking to see dog knot in a guy

    sweetwillie, posted

    nice, wish that was ME

    andywil55, posted

    quality lacking

    gentle555, posted

    I would have liked to see him release that knot and see how big it was.

    moresa44c, posted

    I'd Love to have that dog fuck me while I sucked the guys cock.

    dogcocksucker, posted

    enjoyed seeing actual penetration and balls swinging was hot... would have liked better lighting.

    rickhawkins, posted

    see my vid´s!

    animalboi, posted

    need this to happen to my pvssy i want it sooo bad

    ShadowShinto, posted

    would love to be sucking that guys balls as that big dog cock pops out, all that cum straight into my mouth. i think i need to lye down.

    cob, posted

    Everyone is happy. yes i agree.I like the knot that i see.I can knot say that i do knot like the knot that i see, because I like the knot that see,don't you see?the knot that i see? That Is the knot that i see.

    kobidobidog, posted

    an old classic! such a fantastic one! thanks

    entudom, posted

    nice balls on that guy! lol

    lordab, posted

    knot bad for an old flick

    shane101, posted
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