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    Dog Knot Black Guy


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    Dog knot black guy

    Uploaded by Dogao · Rating: 3.0 (318 votes) · 57238 views


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    m it was okay. in all honesty though the man should hav spread his legs and helped the dog a bit more with the angle.

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    terriable lighting ..a waste of time

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    •Aluzky says• Nice video :)

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    Knotted,LOL.. Nice attempt

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    seeing a black "beasty" is rare (to me anyways)

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    geil vom hund bestiegen zu werden....bin gerne dir deckstute....wer hat bedarf?....meldet euch...mein arsch verträgt was :-))))

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    no knot

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    geil...sowas würde ich auch gerne mal machen.

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    Got to turn my laptop on its side for a better view...was hot...need the shirt for those toenails...they like to dig in while fucking

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    This one really sucks!

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    What a load of crap

    bp01, posted

    I guess his video camera should have come with a sticker that said "THIS SIDE UP". My neck hurts. LOL

    Manimal688, posted

    so where can we find more vids like this at? is there a site out there with a bunch of them or we'll have to wait till some more get posted up in here?

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    caioshura, posted

    this was a very hot video-- watching that dog fuck a black guy and the dog kept coming back for more was so hot-- he couldn't get enough. Wish the dog had knotted for a long time but it was still hot. hen it starts the dog is so excited and wants to mount the guy-- he knows what to expect and wants to fuck that hot hole. That was so so hot. And then to see that dog shagging his ass-- humping and then getting down and then climbing back on and smelling his ass first and then fucking it some more is very hot. I hope you post more and next time I want to see some cum from the dog and you --- hope you post more! would be hot to see you suck your dogs cock too and watch it harden as you suck it-- would be so very hot. Also would like to see your dog lick your cock without you stroking and make you shoot your load to your dog's tongue lapping your cock. Hope you post more-- very very hot. Thanks for posting and look forward to more!

    hawaiitravel, posted

    Here's a movie that teeters on the edge of being really pretty good and loses its way. I'm not sure quite what goes wrong, but you can see that it might have gone right. Maybe Paul, its alien hero, should have been sent back to the shop for a rewrite. He isn't merely voiced by Seth Rogen, he is Seth Rogen, if Seth Rogen looked like your usual bulb-headed, big-eyed being from outer space. The premise is lovable. Graeme and Clive (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) play two overage fanboys from England who breathlessly embark on their dream trip to America. Their destination: Comic Con in San Diego, and then they plan to rent an RV and tour such American landmarks as Roswell, N.M., where (as we all know) a flying saucer landed years ago, and the event has been covered up ever since, becoming famous for allegedly being covered up. The Comic Con scenes are priceless, as our lads vibrate with excitement in the presence of the legendary sci-fi author Adam Shadowchild, who Jeffrey Tambor invests with a dour impatience for the species of fanboys. I don't know where Tambor got the inspiration to wear that hat, but sometimes you see a prop, and your heart leaps up because it is so right. After San Diego, the boys drive to Area 51 in Nevada, the first leg of their odyssey. Pegg and Frost bring a wide-eyed innocence and sweetness to their characters, for whom just about everything in America is more or less alien. That includes Paul, whose van crashes in front of them on the highway. If you are an alien and a bad driver, Graeme and Clive are the first two humans you want to meet. They've been inflamed for so long by images of creatures that look exactly like you, that they aren't particularly surprised when you appear. So you join them in their RV and enlist them in your trip toward a rendezvous with your mothership. Along the way, they all meet Ruth Buggs (Kristen Wiig), an Intelligent Design advocate with a black lens in her glasses, who finds most of what they say shocking, but joins them in the RV for excellent reasons, even though the existence of an alien poses a considerable challenge to her creationism. As you expect with a movie that begins at Comic Con, “Paul” revels in its geekdom. The movie is wall to wall with references to other sci-fi movies, some overt, some subtle, as we graduall­y catch on that this one little creature, Paul, must have been singlehandedly behind most of the close encounters of the last 70 years. The movie even supplies a new ending for one sci-fi classic, which brings it to a total of three. But Paul himself may be a miscalculation. He is Seth Rogen in every aspect, except physical appearance. His voice, his vocabulary, his thinking, even his wardrobe (such as it is). And he uses even more four- and 10-letter words than Seth Rogen characters usually do. I think that's a mistake in two ways. (1) If you're going to involve Seth Rogen in a live-action movie, put him on the screen. (2) Paul isn't alien enough. The joy in characters like E.T. and Starman is that they are aliens. Their thinking is strange. Their reactions are unexpected. Paul is somehow too … ordinary. So the movie's a miss, but not without its pleasures. One of them is the appearance of Sigourney Weaver, who knows a thing or two when it comes to aliens who are not ordinary.

    mikepope7737, posted

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