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    Horse Dildo


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    holy shit burgers you aint seen nothing like dees mother fucking grapes

    Uploaded by THEMOSTHARDCORE · Rating: 3.9 (73 votes) · 42252 views


    I love how the mare is just ready for that dildo..

    Trolldoctor, posted

    17 male in ohio. Looking to hook up with someone. Male or female. 280 pounds with 4 inch dick. Willing to fuck, suck dick, lick pussy, take anal, give rim jobs (must be clean), and piss play. Text me at 937 441 9048. Also love animal play. Wanna meet up?

    SilentFreak, posted

    why no lube, ALWAYS USE LUBE GOD DAMNIT DID YOU FORGET THE RULES!! You can't raw dog her like that or hell anyone it hurts i know this personally!

    robertBruce, posted

    odlican horsecock shaped dildo! steta sto je nije dobro razvalio dildom, ovako izgleda kao da je samo priprema za akciju... steta sto nema nastavka...

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Mit gleitmittel ist es besser für die stute

    capricornus, posted

    Lepsi je osecaj kad zabijes ruku do ramena..

    DzonyQ, posted

    Ever seen a mare fucked with a dry arm? They walk away from it....Mares need to be in heat, winking and warming up to it...Mares never simply sit there and go "okay fuck me" - when they mate, they can tease the stallion endlessly until they finally stand and take the cock...otherwise they can kick and buck....At least this guy doesn't cruelly force it way down while she isn't completley "Ready" - but alas this isn't the best example...I dunno if she was in heat or not...But she didn't seem to walk away or wanna buck the guy either, so who knows....lol

    marylasher122, posted

    REALLY ive fucked my horse deeper and harder with my own cock

    anel101, posted

    I think that everyone is on the same page about the unneeded lameness of this vid. That was a waste of hers and our time. Dont tease her guy, her frustation may cause her to kick you the next time.

    derrick234, posted

    used a horse dildo on a horse and didn't even put it all the way in? cmon now... XD

    dracose, posted

    Yeah, nice action, tho she could take it deeper!

    doggyass, posted

    Deeper and harder - she could have took it I am sure .. nice video .. needed to be more vigerous and let her feel she was being fucked and not tickled !!

    lazarusheights, posted

    I really enjoyed this movie. It's a decent length the camera work is about average for home movies,relatively high-quality and the horse legitimately seems to enjoy being penetrated. The action itself was flawless starting out slow and easy warming up the horses tight wanting body. As her insides moistened the pace started to grow and the deeper he fucked her. At the end of the movie I was left wondering where he purchased the toy in question so I could get one for my own horse... also left me searching for the roll of paper towels to clean up the enormous load I just blew all over my keyboard. I would give it about three stars out of five I deduct one star for having no actual penetration and only using a toy.another for the shaky camerawork. but still definitely worth watching

    mike1017, posted
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