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    Dog Licks Guys Cum


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    Guy cums on his dog

    Uploaded by tonycub · Rating: 3.4 (75 votes) · 56724 views



    vanda15, posted

    im a 17 year old boy from sweden i can masturbate for you in cam just mailbox me

    kanskeapan, posted

    im a 14 year old boy who will send pics of dogs licking my cock or ass to reach me text me at 970 439 0367 =)

    lazzmatthew, posted

    Damn that dude must masterbate all the time cause he barely had any cum in his balls!

    sexydoesit, posted

    short, but sweet

    Boydogger, posted

    its so cute hes eating cum

    gaysdie, posted

    •Aluzky• Rating this video as poor, why split a 50 second video into 2 and upload it? You making people waste their free "tokens" >_>

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    ted245.......is yours bigger ?

    mydogsissy, posted


    crazegurl, posted

    Splendid show. well done.

    jackthelad67, posted

    id love to suck his young hard cock off.

    mydogsissy, posted

    1) small dick 2) not much cum 3) nice dog though

    ted245, posted

    nice load

    blackmoor, posted


    blackmoor, posted

    VERY nice :D

    k9horse69, posted

    nice shot

    Dog_88, posted

    Hot cum shot ...

    lazarusheights, posted


    bryandog, posted

    Nice video,

    Pes1961, posted

    Here we have a cute, patient rotty waiting eagerly for his masters load. While his human works his big, uncut cock, the rotty looks into his masters eyes, helping out by licking at the head and shaft, encouraging his master to shoot all over his muzzle. You can tell he really wants his human to shoot it on him, and he's rewarded for his work with a big load of human cum across his face and muzzle which he licks at happily. A handsome rottweiler, a hot cock, and a great cumshot. What more can you ask for? Great vid!

    promlifard, posted
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