• Second video of a husky bitch getting masturbated, part 1.

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    16 male in Barrie, Ontario looking to have fun with owners and their pets ;)

    quad1997, posted

    this is the hottest video i have ever seen. please fuck her!! she needs your cock

    yourmammaaaa, posted

    I want to have sex! Message me if you can help :)

    Thomas1290, posted

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    babaooo, posted

    WoW! she liked it!

    peterbilt81, posted

    damn ...i wont some of that too

    megadisc, posted

    I have had a few dogs have a hump feast on my finger.

    AbusedWolf, posted

    Good video. She seemed to really get alot of pleasure from the fingers I didn' know that the female dog would hump as she did.I quess it felt too good to stand still.

    jayshaw, posted

    14 Male Looking for someone in Yonkers, NY with a Female Husky. PM me.

    tomnomkk, posted

    I did this to my female Wolf once and see did the same thing this husky did than we had sex and she licked my dick after wards

    Ifuckwolves, posted

    I want him to do that to me -pout- :P

    MissMandy63, posted

    i'd rather get her off with my mouth

    sissy_sharon, posted

    beautiful animals huskies

    madeometal, posted

    this guy have fingering my too mm

    poesjeloesje, posted

    Poor bitch... She is in need of his cock and he only gives his finger!

    animals30yo, posted

    she so enjoyed being fingured! im so jelous!

    Katty987, posted

    that was really hot, she absolutoly loved it, love watching them orgasm

    doodlesmgee, posted

    wooow was ne kleine geile hure sie ist einfach horny

    ColdestBlood, posted

    That was awesome! Can't wait to get a bitch of my own to love forever!

    crspeed, posted

    she is hot!!! I wish my cock was deep inside her feeling her CUM!!! please make more. thanks for sharing. :)

    south2, posted

    i did not know that female dogs would hump. it is very hot.gave me a hard-on.

    jayshaw, posted

    looks like he found her clit. if he would do my clitty like that i would b a good doggie and lick his fingers clean & lap @ his cock

    tweetypie, posted

    look like she had an orgasm

    mandona, posted

    I have had sex with a husky.They will fuck the shit out of you.

    ydal, posted

    very cool!

    zoocartoon, posted

    good movie, would of been better if we got to see more though.

    squee1201, posted

    That is how female dogs orgasm. They hump with the motion of the males expanding knot. (It's usually me inside the bitch though.)

    dogson36, posted

    why do you people feel compelled to say a video is so good when it is NOT what could you see nothing!!!!!

    ninnafaye, posted

    saw this on beastforum...

    sdfdrgvvvt, posted

    umm you can't "see" an orgasm guys.. unless you have some kind of telescopic internal body camera.. Everyone this is just humping.. Thats all.. the dog was horny and liked the action and humped to it.. Ok Let's have a biology lesson here.. Orgasm; is (in females) vaginal contractions at a climax moment.. "To cum" is to produce sexual fluids during sex.. One can orgasm and not cum btw.. It's a little more difficult but one can also cum and not orgasm.. And over all most (people and animals) can hump and not orgasm or cum.. People mix this whole thing up constantly.. And it drives me crazy when people say cum but mean orgasm and so on, because it confuses the sh-- out of me when I am reading a comment.. I expect one thing then see something totally different!! None of us watching can "see" that dog orgasm.. All we and I see is her humping (which is hot btw) What I can see is that this dog is loving being fingered.. and was probably very horny

    intokniners, posted

    Nice. She totally enjoyed it. =P

    1Doglover, posted

    wish there was more video's like this. this was awesome

    davidlyster, posted

    look like she had an orgasm

    jkjkjk132, posted

    Fucking hot. Faved.

    werdna250, posted

    she`a a strip dancer

    waffa, posted

    I used to have a female I used to do this to. She has passed on, I miss making her hump my hand when she came :)

    poopa, posted

    Thanks !!!

    Ramy, posted

    Could be, good thing I didn't pay

    bluemoon7281991, posted

    baisez-vous tout!

    elliots3340, posted

    mmmmm love to see here coming thanks...

    Hornylinda, posted

    Wish there were more like this

    KaraShen, posted

    wow! she came hard. love this vid.

    dvleone, posted

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    He fingers his huskys pussy. She starts twitching as soon as he starts then she starts humping his hand his hand and you know she wants more right away. There are no awkward moments either they know each other VERY well I assume. I can only imagine what he does to her after the clip ends too soon by the way. I wish I could have been there to eat that pussy up. This is one of the best videos on here and its one of the simplest ones also, no bad music. No awkward camera angles. Just him and his husky doing what they do best together.

    zooppoop, posted

    fucking hot great shit. love the way he just stick his fingers in that bitch pussy and works it. He moans and enjoys that good dog pussy. Its great good quality, not a long video but sure had me working my cock wanting to fuck the first great dane that walked by. Id fuck a dog in a park, on a train, in my home, in the shower, on the street, on a bus. this is the best website for beast porn. This user right here has the best in beat porn entertainment. Best quality and hot hot sex. He should cum inside of a great dane to see how it feels. what a hunk and beautiful dog. Wish we could have a threesome with a great dane or his dog bitch right here. Till next time. THanks and happy beastin

    james6232, posted

    This was pretty good for being in the free section. I myself liked it for the fact that there was a girl in it and it wasnt just a guy like most of the other movies. While it is so much easier to find female beasty on the internet, this helped to diversify this site. And I love huskies ;P Seriously though, it doesnt make sense to split up such a short group of videos anyways, even if it is so that they can be placed into the free section. Both of the pieces together would have had a better flow.

    squall987, posted

    I think that was a good movie and credits too all that enjoy it and love as much as i do it was great i bet the bitch enjoyed it and so did that lucky guy that did it to her.....very nice work! the pussy was probalby very very very wet and felt ver very very very warm and nice to put a cock or finger in depending on your prefrence....also what kind of dog was it casuse i couldnt tell but all and all it was a good video kinda short though i wish it was closer and had more lenght to it.

    dak22, posted

    This video is excellent. The only real improvement would be a longer version with more action; viewers want to see what's next. The lighting and setting make everything easy to see, which is hard to come by sometimes. The camera is steady and captures the act perfectly (a close-up would be nice, so we can see his hand rubbing and penetrating her). The most exciting thing about this video is that it starts the viewers off slowly, getting them aroused by the image of him masturbating her- then they get a bonus: she orgasms and starts humping his hand. Most videos are about the male rutting into the female or a hand/mouth- it’s not often we get to see such a reaction from the female (and what a reaction it is!). This is definitely one of the most erotic videos on the site.

    purfect_babee, posted

    well,the movie "female husky masturbation 2 part 1" is an overall worth watching video. Its obvious that the male human and the female husky enjoyed making this video,the human likes to have fore play with dogs and it is also obvious in the video that the female husky had an orgasim.That is the sort of think that gets people hot for things like that,overall i would give it a 8/10.Why and 8/10 u ask,well in the video the person was just fore playing with the female husky,and the camera was at the same postion the hole time,not showing what els is happining. 8 out of 10 is still great,i liked when the husky started humppng the persons finger and arm,that was what got peoples attention.But over all i think it was a great video,masterbating a female husky or anyother dog souns like fun i will try that with my dogs. great video 8/10

    SARGENT, posted
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