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    Dog Mounts & Fucks Young Guy


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    A short amateur vid of a sexy young guy being fucked by a dog

    Uploaded by beastporn · Rating: 4.3 (414 votes) · 64839 views


    Id love to get fucked by dog or guy im a bi male im my 30s

    shawn2185, posted

    anyone in ft lauderdale with male dogs want to let them breed me email me at miltbnl@aol.com

    milton1974, posted

    Well, I heard the dog's name (Gus)...would fucking love to meet Gus and this hot guy! At the very least, find out how I can get a copy of this fucking-hot video......

    PhxPisser69, posted

    hum...super...moi g au Quebec..ouvert a tout..écrivez moi...xxx

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    This was hooooot (how old is this site by the way? Anyone know?)

    number1cowgirl, posted

    wish i could get fucked by a dog. 15 texas

    yodolp, posted

    im 14 and ready to lose virginity to anything with a cock...anybody in wales/uk interested message me :-)

    welshboy14, posted

    Any one know of an owner and dog that is available around the Los Angeles area to set up fucks for wanting college boys asking for it? Please contact me at mastbrian2@yahoo.com if you do, thanks.

    mastbrian, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with dogs or boars to let them breed me. Email me at sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    ggod dog and knotted to i do the guy the dog camerma nan can do me to lol

    damtrav, posted

    wish I had a male dog to do this with... 24 m indiana

    coksucker0687, posted

    Algún chileno de Santiago, que tenga perro grande para que me culee? dragonstgo@msn.com

    dragonfull, posted

    I LOVE it when the guy talks to the dog. Very few videos have any talking. The moaning, talking etc adds to a video in my opinion.

    IROB, posted

    This is very hot

    LuckyStrike123, posted

    i watch over and over and shoot huge loads! thank you

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    i need a gay friend in sweden to explore with me :)

    alima5, posted

    Fucking hot!! Would be nice to see it from the side too, hehe.

    PhxPisser69, posted

    Nice, I want that dog!

    rapu, posted

    i think i was about 7 or 8 when i had my first dog a collie mix, he was doing me for six or seven year & then there was a time gap of six years without any dog sex, then came along barny hardy the collie lab cross he was really great had him for five or so years & straght after him came champ, there was other ones aswell as champ but they were'ent my proper boy friend if ye no wat i mean, champ was doing me for over ten years or more untill he reciently passed away at the age of twenty

    maddog20, posted

    •Aluzky• I know who is the person in this video, sadly, he don't share videos anymore because FUCKERS re-shared his private videos without permission. (like this guy who is uploading a video he doesn't own)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    OH my god how fucking hot!!! I had my first dog at 13 i loved it then I justed wanted more ever since.

    JonnyQ, posted

    nice one love too have him knot in me pump big cum load in me

    barryboy56, posted

    great gready boys

    Alleswoller, posted

    good boys..! vote for Dog

    Humboldt, posted

    would love to find a dog that this one close to me! i live in Ohio but can travel! !

    gov645, posted

    if anyone in MS has a doggy they would like to share, email me onewhitewolfe1@hotmail.com Im 19 (m)I will do anything with a dog. I am experienced :)

    bigwolfcock, posted

    fuck i could watch that a million times you are hot dude

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    I love the look on the dogs face just as he's showed his bitch who was the boss.

    bredmare, posted

    would love to clean both of them up.

    justmylilspot, posted

    i want your dog

    g1rl, posted

    This guy was obviously hard as the dog mounted him and they both enjoyed each other. I just wish we could have seen the dog knot that stud!

    Cockstrapped, posted

    Video je seksi,a dečko je zgodan.

    hrvatx, posted

    anyone knows who is this guy?

    serboslavija, posted

    add me on msn ! :) Colaboy22@hotmail.no no virus. !

    Himpblack, posted

    your a super cute bitch! thanks for sharing

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    hot !! young guy is a stud

    Jessbeastlove24, posted

    hot clip..the "young guy" knows hot to take his k9's cock and can tell they both are enjoying it..always love taking a rotties knot just like it seems this guy does..just wish there were more video's of him and his rottie

    cumpig31, posted

    Hot! Just wish it had been filmed from the side - see more of the "young guy" and probably see the dog's cock as he's pumping his master's hole.

    PhxPisser69, posted

    yummm I loved this cuz it's like some of my experinces because I'm not even over 18 and enjoy being fucked by larg dogs and having them cum in my ass

    puppyfucker13, posted

    Very hot. Reminds me of when I was a teen with my dog. Love the feeling of my dog's dick in my ass and filling me with his cum load. He sure had lots of cum. Just wished had a friend that would fuck me after the dog with all that juice in my hole.

    hardtopdad, posted

    i want that dog to fuck me.

    teddybear2, posted

    love the butt fucking mmmmm

    trublulover, posted

    i like to do them both any way they like,i sure puupy like to knot me

    damtrav, posted

    would loved to be fucked by that dog (also to suck his delish cock) bnut also to serve dog's master

    kokkyd, posted

    love to suck your dick

    imskul, posted

    Alguien en Bogota, Colombia con perro disponible. Escribeme y hacemos algo.

    hummerdog, posted

    hmm you sux faggot

    erhtjntrdyjhnnr, posted

    I need that so bad. if anyone lives in the kansas area and has a male dog willing to fuck please message me. thanks.

    winterdreams, posted

    Great clip. Loved the dogs natural feel for his bitch, and how to enjoy it. Nice knot, and the pleasure of the dog after he's unloaded into his willing bitch got me very hot. Would have liked to have seen the dog pull out, but it's a great clip either way

    f525, posted


    sareves, posted

    fuckn hot. email me at bigboybraums@hotmail.com

    antoniog33, posted

    Seeing naked guys being fucked by and stroking dogs and horses is soooooooooooo hot. I wish I had someone to introduce me to animal sex and teach me how to be successful and how to train my dogs. For now, I will just enjoy watching others!

    doc1953, posted

    I love watching the boy in this position with its beautiful dog on him. It is fun to see behind during his dog humping, between his legs it sees its male attributes but he is a bitch, he has a beautiful balls, but is it good to be mounted by his dog, I would like to be in place!

    frany1953, posted

    I would love to suck that guys fucking hot dick while the dog is fucking him. This video is soooo hot

    ErectPenis, posted

    The lighting could have been a lil better i think

    princeelton, posted

    i didnt have to touch my self this was so hot

    kellerman24, posted

    Sehr geil da passt es sehr gut zusammen der Rüder weiß was sein junger Boy braucht sexy sexy...

    RenaldoSH, posted

    i would love to be fucked by either 1 :P

    dogfettishlover, posted

    lol i jizzed without even knowin watchin this

    doghumper53, posted

    i like to show you whith when your dog humping you and you are knotting, i love to see your ass and your cock whith your beautiful dog

    frany1953, posted


    hbjst, posted

    real nice

    summermoondream, posted

    Great fuck! That is the way I love to be mounted.

    Knot4me, posted

    geil! horny to see how he gets mounted.

    skinfucker, posted

    Very nice... Bi M Virginia

    yp4m, posted

    So thats what i look like from behind. LOL Hot Vid

    jerkinjason, posted


    strewth, posted

    AWESUM, Would of love to get it from either one!

    mountme5, posted

    rottis are nice to befucked!

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    awsome movie, defo wanna see more of these two ;)

    choclab, posted

    great vid

    shygirl111, posted


    gentle555, posted

    OMG that was so hot

    dogluver36, posted

    POS movie does not work

    delphinic, posted

    Rottweilers aren't my type of dog (too small) but nice vid.

    greaterdogcock, posted

    hot stuff

    Dog_88, posted

    I've love to be fucked by that stud. I wouldn't mind being fucked by the guy, either. :)

    YourBitch, posted

    chlape to je pekny supr

    klaves, posted

    In the last seconds you can see two Rott's anal parts contracting and relaxing, as he inseminates his bitch.

    recogido, posted

    Wouldn't mind mounting him myself.

    beastybi, posted

    ah kimball n his rottie = classic

    duranenquathorn, posted

    That was awesome, man! Seems that the both of you really enjoy each other, and that's great! So hot watching you...will you post more? I hope so! Take care. :P

    astoriaguy23, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    dammit why didnt i do it with my father's farm rottwheilers before he traded then for alarms when i had the chance

    beastloverddd, posted

    sexy young man and sexy yound dog hmmm can't tell which one I wanna do more lol

    YiffyMan, posted

    I like the way that the man urges the dog on and invites him to mount up. the dog is so ready and gives him a very good humping!as I watch tis clip I'm sitting here jerking my dick pretending that I am the dog or the guy.They must do this together all of the time for the dog to know just what to do. The guy and the dog seem to enjoy this equally as much.Verry very good man and dog fuck scene!After the dog knotted and stood ther cominginside him it really heated me up .Perfect 10!

    1960boy, posted

    This is one of the hottest mountings I have ever seen on video. You could tell from the start this was not their first time. These two were very much in to each other. The dog was all excited to see his master nude and needed no coaxing to mount him once he was down on all fours. They were totally in to each other as he guided the dog's cock to his waiting hole and praised him as he pounded his cock inside. And you could tell the dog knotted his master and was shooting his cum inside him by the dogs ass periodic twitching. I just wish the vid was full length or that I had been on the receiving end of a great looking fuck. Would have loved to have seen the dog's expanded cock and knot pull out of his master and to see his cum load running out of his ass. This is one of the hottest vids I've ever seen and brought back wonderful memories of the big black retriever that bred me every chance he got.

    scarletlegg, posted

    holy hell! agreed, this movie has to be one of the hottest i've seen on here! i love how anxious the dog is to get at his boy's ass - and what a sweet ass it looks like! the audio in this video is the cherry on the icing. you hear the boy moan as that hot dog's cock slide's in to him, moan as the beast thrusts in and out, and hear him say the best thing yet "yeah, mmmmm so hot. good boy. good boy." hell, i came in no time flat! keep up the good work! i would love to see more vids of you!

    supman20, posted

    I really got turned on by this. I long for the time when I have the opportunity to try this. I would love to do it with another guy that has already experienced it. He would be able to to talk me through it while man and dog action was taking place. I love the pumping action that can be given by a k-9. I have met someone, we just have to hook up and try it. I hope the pleasure achieved will be that of the boy shown on this video. I really wished that there were more exposure to this type of sexual pleasures here on the net.

    IanSlick, posted

    This is one of the hotter movies on the site. It starts off with the guy urging his dog to come into the shot, then after the guy assumes the position, the dog climbs on board and begins fucking him, you can hear both dog and man panting from the pleasure. Throughout the movie, the man encourages his pet and urges him on, the movie ends with them locked together. Very hot! It would've been hotter to see the dismount and the doggie cum inside the guys ass, but we can always hope that they make another movie together and include this bit. I give it a 8 of 10.

    juicyfruit17, posted

    this is one of the hottest movies i have ever jacked off to i wish i was there the dog and the guy are very hot just watching the guy getting fuck by that big dog just made me wont to get fuck in my ass by a big dog i wish i could of seen the knot in his ass and the fact it had sound made it that much more hot.i wish i could of been there ans sucked them both off this makes me wont to go out and get me a big male dog to fuc my diapers ass..

    eddiaper, posted
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