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    Man Muzzle Docking A Male German Shepherd

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    Open wide, say "Ahh"! Good boy ^_^

    Uploaded by JohnnyZ · Rating: 3.8 (24 votes) · 9010 views


    Poor dog....this guy needs to die

    Epicepic1, posted

    This is sad on all accounts. I feel for the dog. And the guy was small and limp, even forcing what he wanted, he couldn't get it up. lol

    Sora_Mea, posted

    I agree with rapefuck, still hot as hell though.

    doggie_style, posted

    ur a fuckin asshole

    darkfox2401, posted

    fuking hot

    bitchfuck, posted

    i hate people who MAKE their animals do it. If the animal obviously doesn't want it, it's cruel. I hope the dog bites his dick off whenever he does this.

    SkyFox, posted

    mmm...hot! Would love to see his cum squirt out!

    taboogurl911, posted

    the dog obviously doesnt want it...

    Jerreh, posted

    Oh :3

    unknown5555, posted

    I like the way u think rapefuck

    joey158963, posted

    Poor dog? Lmao if i had ahold of him he'd of had whiplash from the face fuck. I'd say he had it easy.

    Rapefuck, posted

    poor dog ^^

    Thamiinja08, posted

    nice action

    doggyass, posted

    not even hard

    zephyr, posted
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