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    Finish masterbat,and the rottie lick cum and cock

    Uploaded by maxx69 · Rating: 2.3 (37 votes) · 22849 views


    •Aluzky• Much better if you have not upload anything. If you do, at least let it be a decent video.

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    dwfawefer, posted


    redhead1962, posted

    Totally misleading description. No cumming there.

    CaptainLobo25, posted

    You know it's bad when commentators mention grammar.

    zoosexual, posted

    Its spelt 'Masturbate.' Not masterbate

    PhilDawg, posted

    put peanut butter on your dick

    aaaaah, posted

    yea that was horrible, not worth the time

    watchingitall, posted

    music SUCKS

    omgwtfhotdog, posted

    remove !!!!! it's suck dick !! report z@1

    Hyena_69, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    mmmm sexy dog licking xD must be a lot of fun having a dog lick ya i use to have a dog i use to "pet" but it died last summer... i might get a new doggie this year maybe but t4his is kinda misleading because you dod masturb on cam so yeah at least you could of shown a cumshot and keep messing with your dick like i would so totally love watching so i hope you post more vids and more sexy porn and more dog fun and maybe do other animals and of course have more fun on film so great Vids though a bit to short of course it is a freem ovie xD

    mmCmlolala, posted
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