• Well, it's too short, and has a very bad quality, but i promese i'll make a better one :)

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    yet again nice vid the favorite things i love. a guy his dog socks and some anal what else could i ask for?

    Doglover_4u, posted

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    kaulamarga, posted

    nn si vede ..

    cioco, posted

    not good

    JKold, posted

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    beastgirlsex, posted

    no good poor quality

    andywaltham, posted

    Es amigo mio y...lo quiero muchoooooooo. El me metio a esto y...sere su eterno agradecido.

    shibumi, posted

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    This movie is poor quality, doesn't show much, and has no sound. I wish I could at least hear what was happening. The title is very exciting and I was looking forward to seeing it, but was disappointed. It also would be nice to see both the boy's penis as well as the dog inside of you (hint to other posters).Because this movie is so short, it is hard to make more of a review. However, please try to make a movie that has increased value for the viewer. I am anxiously awaiting to see more videos from you in the neat future.

    frankjcapp, posted
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