• hot shit

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    donkey rape..laughing my ASS off!

    17don, posted

    ik zou ze allebij doen aan elke kant

    fens, posted

    this is more funny than anything

    dimwillys, posted

    Poor donkey probably hasn't had a piece of ass in a long time. The guy should have accommodated him! After all, he did shit in his field!

    Jake07, posted

    the donky's cock is very big but I would have let him try me

    aass2fuck, posted

    I love how everyone is so ignorant claiming "its fine, just take it up the ass" without realising the consequences....a massive cock like that can do serious damage to a human....I dont blame him, but If I was that man, I would have tied the donkey and sucked him, get that juice all over me :D

    marylasher122, posted

    ok the dude must have wanted the donkey cock because I guaranty you that if it was coming after me I would not have been having any trouble getting my underwear and pants up. LMFAO He got Donk-Humped at the end.

    cooksad, posted

    God i wouldnt have ran one bit i would have got on all fours and begged for that cock i would have gave him what he wanted wish he was my donkey:)

    horselover192, posted

    man this video was so fucking halareios make me 40000 copies

    optoclaw, posted

    I would have definitely let him have me. Could not turn down such an awsome cock like that.

    moosebuttlover, posted

    Who is this man ? his ass is perfict !

    daddybear62, posted

    I dont know who this man is put his BUTT is perfect to look at . No wonder the donkey is after him like he is . I would do the same thing as the he is ..... How old is he ??????

    daddybear62, posted

    Oh, that donkey wants to give him some big dick!

    osayo, posted

    where das that donky lives I want to meet him. lol

    aass2fuck, posted

    top rate fun

    jackthelad67, posted

    my grandmother always told me "watch where you shit".

    fredpotts, posted

    I liked his arse ;) !!

    k9inky, posted

    This one's a classic. Yeah, it could have gone on to see "the end" but this vid actually made it to America's Funniest Animals show! They just blacked out the donkey's loooong dick with a black rectangle.. good cover there! haha. I'm betting that after this clip ended there was a lot more to see. Too bad the videographer didn't share it with the world. Fun vid!!

    nudefarmer, posted

    Flagged. This video is uploaded over 1000 times on different places around the net. Some guy stops his car to take a shit or something by the side of the road and a donkey takes notice.

    ragete, posted


    guy4horses, posted

    ist der typ blöd

    bruno56, posted

    too bad the movie ended when the real fun began

    whaevr, posted

    He seemed to be wanting to be fucked, since his pants and underwear were down, but kept fighting it. lol. Just take it and smile.

    bearman55, posted

    stop, bend and take it like a man. it' only a cock for fuck sake

    bareback53, posted

    After I let that donkey fuck me, I'd be behind him licking his ass.

    mildtowild1963, posted

    I'd fucking bend over get tight and let it fuck me all day.

    rosydragon, posted

    its because this is a funny clip, its on blooders on tv all the time, the guy just went to take a piss and the donkey just went after him...man wasn't trying to get fucked

    P1nkMeNow, posted

    hell i'd drop, get my ass in the air and let that donkey fuck me!

    doggyplay2003, posted

    hum, why run away, let the donkey have you. I be very happy to have a horny donkey like that wanting to mate me.

    Shadowfang_N, posted

    less running away more of the donkey fucking the man

    somprs, posted

    very funny, thanks for sharing, next time bend over for the beast lol!

    mountme5, posted

    lmao dat is sooooooooooooooooo fuk'n funny hahahahahha

    dirtygurl, posted

    what,again. another waste of time look dude drop em and fuck him. why is this guy playing reluctant Bitch to a donkey? nice cock on the donkey I would not have wasted that.

    moresa44c, posted

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    This is pretty funny and the donkey really wants him .The man tries to run but the donkey catches up to him and tries to mount him. The man nearly gets free but then the next thing you know the donkey is on him. The donkey really wanted him. The people outside of the fence was laughing and enjoying this just as much as the donkey. The man tries to escape but is laughing and falling at the same time leading to his downfall . I would recommend this if your look for some good funny action . This is a story of the male showing dominance over the other male.

    maddogman32, posted

    this movie does not involve any animal on man sex, although you do get a nice view of this male donkeys huge rod for a moment! the animal chases a guy around a yard, and for some reason the mans pants keep falling down. in the end of the video the donkey knocks the man over, and it looks like he has his way with the man... at least thats what im hoping for! there is a pretty annoying voice over of someone impersonating the donkey, it sounds lie its in spanish... overall not the greatest video on the site.

    djohnk, posted
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