• Grown man, that is half clothed is mounted by a large german shepard male. He then humps the man for several seconds and then pulls out. The dog then licks his cock and the tape ends.

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    needs to have more

    tdog62868, posted

    Very good doggie film but I would also like to see more of the guy.

    jim169, posted

    Got fucked up the ass yesterday by a German Shepherd. Lets just say I'm now forever gay with German Shepherds, I'll never go back. Always need German Shepherd cock now.

    gfggffgfdggdf, posted

    13 yo male chat

    marcomanhorse, posted

    OMG , did the dog get his knot in you ? i would love to know what that felt like , never mind the coments from that homophobe , dammm i would love to know what animail sex is like , to just enjoy raw primel sex , and not care what anyone thinks just pure and primel , its all about pleasure, and nothing else !

    bighardcock-1, posted

    The dog must be gay.He should have knotted the man's ass to give him perfect dog-fuck pleasure

    mastaram, posted

    •Aluzky• Good video, I bet the guy was having sex while hiding, of people, he had all the cloth on ready to dress as fast as possible. Also, why he didn't let the dog knot him, just in case he has to run away. XD

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    anyone in denver colorado area hv a doggie that might want be my freind ??

    lilcock1, posted

    love german sheps, sexy as hell.

    k9cock, posted

    i love it

    noweel, posted

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    ianmax, posted

    Look at the passion in the dog's thigh muscles - he loves it! And at the end, notice how he wags his tail. That's a happy ending :-) Chat anyone? My mail is under my profile.

    sipho, posted

    love it

    meee1993, posted

    nice k9! would love to find one near me here in ne ohio! mid 50's open to other animals also.

    farmboylove, posted

    I want that dog's cock in my pussy LOve the vid ;)

    Zalethice, posted


    legislador1, posted

    Lucky slut,guy,wish it was my ass,sweetie!rainbow_40fl@yahoo.com

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    i had to take that, except that it was my cousin holding it in place

    bootedskinhead, posted

    GSD love is the best no matter what!

    GermanSheperd33, posted

    beautiful, man in his boxers getting banged, holding onto the dogs legs, taking it all. hot

    angelhalo, posted

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    creamgurl, posted

    i want to get fucked by a dog. live in SE wisconsin 24m any one with a german shepard or simler sized dog

    soul99, posted

    Mmm hot!

    TheYaoi4Me, posted

    I really want a dog..

    coksucker0687, posted

    disfruto mucho esta muy caliente . amigos add. mi msn es miguedomi@hotmail.com

    vouyer1, posted

    omg, beautiful

    blackmoor, posted

    Only ever wanked a lab once. Really love to be fucked & fully knotted. Desperate to do it. Wish I was in your place

    redride, posted

    Nice fuck, keep up the good moviemaking! Sheps fuck the best!

    macten10, posted

    lucky bastard.

    paulb, posted


    mountme5, posted

    german shephards are so fuckin hot.

    horny4dog, posted

    The dude was skeer'd; he still had his underwear on.

    shane101, posted

    Take your clothes off and make another video. Move the camera to the side so that we can see the action next time.

    Knot4me, posted

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    A beautiful male German Shepherd mounts a man and takes him in the ass. Would have been better if the dog knotted him as it would have made the scene so much hotter. With the dog waging his tail, you can definitely tell that the dog likes to fuck as much as the man probably does. The dog starts his humping nice and slow, then speeds up to a furious pace, then slows down again and wags his tail some more. Then the video sadly ends. Wish it would have been much longer and have better audio as it would have made it a much better and enjoyable video. I still highly recommended any Zoo to watch this video.

    colielover, posted

    The angle was poor and the action was lacking. I would not recommend this to anyone. In addition, why was the man half clothed? I do not call a poorly recorded, half clothed man getting what would most likely be called being teased and licked a good video. In addition, the buzzing gives me earache and a headache. If it were not for the shot of his ass at the end, it looks more like dry humping. On a scale of one to ten, this would be given it one out of a possible ten. I think I could make a video ten times better.

    EvilDog, posted

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    DaFabian, posted
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