• Guy fucks dark grey mare in a barn, whilst another guy watches. The guy finishes up cumming over the mares pussy, not a bad days work.

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    Great cumshot! The other guy should have fucked the slippery cunt immediately afterwards.

    piercem29, posted

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    moaning makes me crazy

    princess1986, posted

    Good sharing mates. I bet they are also into each other. What the fuck! Life is made to be enjoyable. Alguém em Portugal para umas brincadeiras assim?

    nanetas, posted

    excellent very clear n nice to see the cock been wank n squirt over the mears pussy

    wallsvince, posted

    me encanto!!

    jgabo, posted

    det var skönt att få se ett härligt märr knull och se kompissen runka

    CHOOSE, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Fkin hot movie...

    phxdoglover, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    mmmmm i fkin love this movie. the cum at the end was fantastic. i also loved the other guy in the front jackin off to it all. it relly shows ur guys' interest in beast fucking. the distance kept on the camera was excellent. great view. just one question i wanna kno before i ever begin to even think about this lovely experience, is do u guys clean em out in anyway? just a question haha. but this is def one of my fav vids. wish i could have seen more. the other guy shud have cum too haha. nice moaning sounds. relly kept me up and way to try to go in for another round even after u came haha tht relly shows dedication ond love for fucking tht mare ;D. i wish i was there lol.

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    what the fuck

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    mmm, i'd love to be that mare. get all nice and cum covered. message me ;)

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    what a cumshot! amazing!

    reanne, posted

    nice fuk job and cumshot...nice to see his excited partner j.o. while he watches his friend finish off the mare...

    luvembig, posted

    Awsome mare fuck

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    hot mare fuck

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    two great big cocks and an enormous cumload ... great

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    yummy i love seeing a man squirt his cum all over a wett pussy he just fucked. oh and i loved the guy jacking off while watching

    lovinhorse, posted

    Love seeing the other guy jack off as he watches his bud fuck the mare's pussy. I hope after the guy came in the mare, he allowed his bud to eat out the cream pie he just made. Also as a reward for watching, he let his bud lick & suck the mixture of his cum and the mare's pussy juice off his cock.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    Nothing better than a good, juicy, mare fuck.Love the way this guy cums all over himself and the mare. Gotta find me a mare soon!!

    kaaty, posted

    macht mich super scharf......

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    that's a horny play - love to see her winking and enjoying getting fucked

    tonycub, posted

    a great fuck - wish I could have a fuck like that !

    nightglow, posted

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    This video shows a man loving his mare, and a happy onlooker enjoying the show. The man is obviously rock hard for the mare, and the mare is glad to accept his package for delivery. The man bones the mare gently, but still loving. Once the man is done he lets his semen drip down the pussy of his mare friend. If the mare could reach, im sure it would be happy to lick all of the semen off of its pussy. This video is perfect in every way. You get a guy bonin a horse, his friend jackin off, and even the dog is barking because he thinks its hot. I give this vid a 5/5, and it is just shearly beautiful.

    moki140, posted
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