• Some guy fucks his bitch. First she gets her sweet pussy filled, then she gets creamed on. Very erotic indeed. You should watch this video.

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    geiles vid

    meisterbetty, posted

    •Aluzky• Needs sounds and should be made longer. Other than that, OK video.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Hmmm !! I would love to watch a man fuck a dog - or getting fucked !!! This is hot !

    ercole69, posted

    rt ui

    zawoozawoo, posted


    dgkking, posted

    that makes me jelos

    haloface, posted


    ketankumar, posted


    ld62630, posted

    Härligt! Se att sperman kommer efter ett skönt hundknull.

    larby, posted

    Totally loved watching you cream inside her and then to have some come out on your also just pure hotness... anyone wanna talk beastiality add me monkeys_rule_84@hotmail.com

    BitchLover84, posted

    I dream a lot to do the same ;) !

    apollon, posted

    jeeze I'd love to suck your cocks after you pulled out.. Wish I was that lucky bitch getting your cock

    ak9subpig, posted

    any owner willing to help do it all . in Heathrow area zzuke@hotmail.com. I know this difficult but I sure would do it.

    ianmax, posted

    anyone in Indiana with a girl dog I can fuck?

    justwantingsex, posted

    wow i didnt know she was on her back til u came awesome and love how u dove back in for more :] jus what i do all the time

    silq, posted

    ya fuck that dog

    horselover55, posted


    beastforumlee, posted

    wish there was sound, would have love to heard you cum in her pussy.

    darthlunchbox, posted


    kryms_09, posted

    Poor Bitch looked like she wanted more! Amazing!

    tinyping, posted

    love the cum shots

    deedee333, posted

    more more please

    antuanna, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very good en hoooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttt

    sanja, posted

    Very hot vid.

    MalWolf, posted

    Super hot!! YUM!!

    Sassy4Animals, posted

    dam can i lik it? mssxymemslt wish i could meat a man like that.. will u share papi same name on yahoooo

    mssxymexslt, posted


    jeetendra, posted

    This video is already uploaded here...

    Henki, posted


    K9_Curious_CDN, posted

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    this guy is doing work on his dog i find it kind of erotic he fucks his dog and lets loose all over the dogs wet pussy i rememer my first time with a dog it was a male and i got his knot stuck in my ass ever ense then ive been so horny for dogs i love this website i think it should have private funding to make it better but it is an amazing website and it gets me off every time i like how this website give a lot of viraty and shows all sorts of animals and humans getting it on and doing all sorts of erotic things

    godness30, posted

    I personally liked this video. A man and his dog having some time together. Plus German shepherds being one of my favorite breeds. It may be short but at least it has decent quality, and watching the guy pound his bitches pussy makes it all the more enjoyable, especially when he cream pies her at the end. I'd love to be in the guys position when thrusts his hard cock into her wet pussy. She is obviously trained well as she does not even struggle. I would definitely give this a four out of five rating. Very nice vid!

    ikazuchi, posted

    A nice video, the positive of it is that the lighting is very good but the lack of sound is a negative but overall the quality was great, also the length was another negative if it was longer it could have been a whole lot better. At first you think that he is fucking her in her pussy but after some time I found out that he was fucking her in her ass. I think that when he pulled out and came on her pussy was a great addition to the movie. All in all I thought that the video was good and I would like to recommend this video.

    nicker20, posted

    I love the way you kept going and didn't slow down. You held her legs, which was nice. Rub her tummy a bit more and yourself. Cumming in her and then showing was very nice too. The only thing I wish you would've had in the video was the sound. It's kind of sad that something that's such a turn on didn't have any sounds. It was still good though. Well lit so you could see what was happening, There wasn't a lot of jerking, which is wonderful in these videos. In the end, it was really yummy!

    him84, posted
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