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    Quickie Calf Suck


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    had a little time, so i found a calf that was willing to suck me. i little direction was needed, but it learned quickly. sucked hard and made me cum in the end

    Uploaded by jssam337 · Rating: 4.6 (343 votes) · 69727 views


    •Aluzky• I find zoopedophilia immoral, but as long as the immature animal is not harmed, feel free to do it, what ever floats your boat.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    hello i live in a town outside of chicago and would be interested to partake in someones fun with some pups or larger animal;D drop me a message to let me know if anyones interested in some fun times ;)

    seto_vash, posted

    This makes me sooo fucking wett!

    Paul13, posted

    imn2boyfeet wrote: bet that made a good steak ----------------------------------- stupid asshole

    Sakuro80, posted

    I agree this does make me wet pretty fast and I always cum before the end. Hot!!

    allmessedup, posted

    bet that made a good steak

    imn2boyfeet, posted

    Hot video! I love calfs sucking my cock! Thank you for sharing! ;)

    south2, posted

    I love daddies big belly and watching the calf suck on that daddycock!

    davidoz2, posted

    Best video I have seen on here! Can't stop watching it, it gets me so wet! WOnder if he can lick pussy like that!?!?!?

    vachick64, posted

    now that reminds me of the good old days.

    patrick-54, posted


    pieter1, posted

    Damn! How do you train a calf how to suck cocks? Or does he think that's her mother's tits?

    chase57, posted

    Oh yesssss every body should have a pet calf

    wankit2, posted


    runr, posted

    slurp slurp

    dick7887, posted

    that was great

    wiperwasher321, posted

    I would love to watch my man get sucked by a calf. I love this kind of video. I can't get enough!!

    kqynn, posted

    i am a female who loves to watch calf suckling cock...this sexy. I just wish the men would talk and moan more.

    Ginger69, posted

    now that was cool,but you gotta watch out for the back teeth,and watch out for those head butts.

    patrick-54, posted

    I would love to work at a farm, anyone got a farm in Connecticut that does mind sharing hit me back.

    superfoxieman, posted

    that calf got a mouth full after all.....

    mrmikemoe, posted

    This was absolutely amazing. One of the best videos I've ever seen over the internet, BY FAR!!!

    MuddaFugga, posted

    dit is zooo lekker ,heerlijk die warme bek van het kalf om je lul ,heb het zelf ook wel gedaan !!!.

    biboypetfriend, posted

    The sir very happy! So many lovely cow!

    lingjiale, posted

    i have let a calf suck till i cum more than once, the second time takes a little longer, but some calves will suck till you can't take it any more

    jssam337, posted

    thiswas great

    briboi67, posted

    that calf can suck on my cock anytime!!! till he suckes me dry!!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    so ein süßes kälbchen^^

    Predator87, posted

    Uhm, i love those smacking sounds. Wish that i would have been there too. :(

    Peachyboy, posted

    Where's your manners? Bad calf wasting that hot cum! Do you know how many hungry calves there out there that would love to eat that cum? You should be made to lick it all up!

    feedit2u, posted

    Its too bad the calf didn't get the milk it was looking for...this makes me want a calf D:

    kero876, posted


    MARS44, posted


    logistix111, posted

    WOW I would love to find out how mwny times a calf could suck me off. But I would definately hold my cock out straight so he could suck without losing it so much.

    BiJack55, posted

    How many times can you cum in one day from your calves? That is awesome

    tickles, posted

    i love watching the calf suk vids, they get me off every time

    baldwin33w, posted

    I love this game. Unfortunately i have no Friend with calfes. Between my 14 and 30 age my sister are married with a farmer. In the first 6 years i´m allone. His calfes sucks often my cock.

    Longus009, posted


    superdevin27, posted

    great movie love it when he cums. I would have cum well before that

    donkeyboy6, posted

    jade you love that? I like it too never done it but can imagine, i like doing wierd stuff

    shamwow12, posted

    That is so nice, me and my brother learned about sex on the farm too.

    JessiMom, posted

    lovely calf fun!!! anyone in ireland looking for calf fun? email me beastieboy2009@hotmail.co.uk

    Pembury, posted

    I love the sounds of such a hot suck. You need to hold your cock in his mouth next time you cum and fill him with your juice.

    gushcum, posted

    this is very horny i have done it also .

    biboypetfriend, posted

    Keep giving that little guy his protien!!! He'll grow big and strong!!!

    luv2suk, posted


    DirtyFuckinMo, posted

    It really doesn't take a lot of rubbing to make my pussy explode from watching this. Thanks for submitting, amazingly yummy vids ~Jade

    jaideselket, posted

    thanks SO much. did this as a teenager, and still remember how unbelievable it felt. wonderful memories!

    knotsqueezr, posted

    that must feel like heaven!!!

    blackmoor, posted

    fantastic clip. loved it

    wildcock, posted

    that is so hot.

    mnchubnut, posted


    k9lover100, posted

    awesome as always jssam337, keep up that good work

    hawk01, posted


    wild4cum, posted


    MasonRaines, posted

    i wish i had a calf

    cuminsideher, posted

    Wish i worked on that farm. Suprised if anything gets done at that farm. Being out in all of natures beauty. Nothing is hotter than seeing that calf nurse his cock. The slurping sounds the moaning and his breathing just added. That calf just seemed to inhale that shaft like its bottle. Working its wet warm throat on his hungry needy cock. Getting him so worked to allow the chance of Seeing him shoot is load and watch the calf finish sucking him dry was more than amazing. HOT....I couldn't help but leak every where. Continue with these hot videos....they are a real pole stretcher

    drunkc, posted

    oh my god this is the most sexiest sexiest SEXIES thing ive ever seen. I love watching men get sucked off by calfs...its almost instant. need more of these videos definitely because I think these are the hottest. Makes me wish I had a penis so I can get sucked off like this guy.I just cant say enough about this video. Wished they were longer too because a minute and something just isnt long enough but I guess when it feels that good it doesnt take that long to blow.MMMM MMMM MMMM is all i got to say.

    animallove12345, posted

    This is one HOT video! The calf is milking this guy like its his mother teat. His cock responds by getting hard and flopping about. The sound is also great -- heating the cow in the background sounds like he saaying mooore...lol and the guy is moaning with obvious pleasure. When he cums and the calf take his cock in his mouth I felt a rush of cum myself. One of the best licking/sucking video's I have seen so far. I don't know how this guy can get any work done all day! Think of the training possibilities!!

    vachick64, posted

    man i love this movie.i am so wet from it i want to see more and more and more of calf's sucking all of your dick i get so turn on by it makes me cum.i want to see more of the calf's sucking and drinking the cum of you men. i love seeing you men want more and more of it. god i would love to see how many times you all can have a calf suck you so you cum in them. i love seeing you men getting blow jobs from calf's it makes me so wet to see it and makes me feel so hot i just have to watch more. :)xxx

    animalsexrox202, posted

    Wow. This is one of my favorite videos to watch. I get instantly wet EVERY time I watch it. I love the sound of the sucking. Hearing that and seeing that calf root around your balls is totally awesome. I watch this video over and over and can't seem to get enough. Wish you would post more and defintely leave the sound on. To hear you moan and vocalize your enjoyment is a total turnon. Would love to hear you do this and be even more vocal. Groaning and moaning your pleasure. I have watched all videos by you and OMG I can't get enough. The indoor ones where you are leaning on the fence or against the wall are my favorites. 2 calves with one sucking your balls and one sucking your cock is great too. Would love to see more more more.

    petgirl2124, posted

    Wonderful! Watching that cock being sucked is so horny. Given the chance last spring I had the pleasure of feeding calfs my cum, it was great. The feeling of lust even after cumming still makes me hard when I think of it. That day I lost count of the number of times I came. the last 3 or 4 times were dry but I could not stop for longer than 10 or 15 minutes before I had to offer my cock again. It has never been hard for such a long time. Watching that cock cum was reliving it all over again. The resting in between and seeing the flyy crawling over my meat further inhanced my pleasure.

    wankit2, posted

    This movie is awesome! When I watched it I became instantly wet. I love watching the calves take his penis into their mouths and just suck and suck and suck and I love listening to the men moan and breath heavey as they are getting sucked off! And to watch a penis pumping out cum in mid air not being touched at all is out of this world. I love it! I watch it all the time and get off on it every time! MORE!!! Please put up as many more videos of you getting sucked off by calves as you can. I'd like to know how many times a day you can do that and how many times a day you can cum from being sucked. Can you be sucked and cum and them let them continue sucking you and cum right again? That would be so awesome to stand there all day and just get sucked off all day and cum and cum and cum. Oh man, this is making me wet. lol

    tickles, posted
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