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    My Mastiff Boy


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    Great amateur video of a guy taking good care of his blond mastiff boy by feeling up those heavy balls and working that big dick out of its hiding place.

    Uploaded by Calfboy · Rating: 4.3 (399 votes) · 57188 views


    mmmmmm Yum I'd totally suck that!

    anthrowolf1109, posted

    damn that big dog cock got me so hot & horny. love to suck the cum out of that as I jerk off

    bigpleaser69, posted

    ein geiler schwanz grad richtig zum blasen

    master_20, posted

    horny 15 year old boy looking for someone to chat with

    xxsniper229, posted

    thats the best cock ive seen for a while, love to take that!! any offers? north east uk

    doolieaj, posted

    •Aluzky• Awesome video, that doggy is packing some meat. :D

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Certainement la vidéo la plus hot du site ! J'adore !! Jamais vu une bite de chien aussi grosse.

    dog1976, posted

    This is mostly crap! OK, the dog has big balls and probably a big cock. But the handler didn't even try to get the dog cock out of the sheath before the knot swelled. And we didn't really see that cock, just the tip of it. No action, really. So what's the point of the video???

    regitmail, posted

    awesome it is a nice big cock!.

    Spells50, posted

    Cool nice cock!!!

    ssvvss, posted

    would like to suck that dog. message me if you have a dog in UK ttbramp@yahoo.co.uk

    marbtt, posted

    You know the drill, If you live in texas and have a "Good" pet let me know... pleeeeeeeeeeease.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    still want to suck that big cock

    johhnys, posted

    big ass monster cock i would love to suck on it and get fucked hard by that huge cock

    inuyasha86, posted

    i would love to get fucked by really big dog, i've been fucked before by dogs but does any one no what it would be like to get fucked by a really big dog

    maddog20, posted

    what a beautiful boy and fine cock on him. Thanks for sharing.

    man4man52, posted

    Monster cock ..i luv ur boy :p

    darkzoone, posted

    wanna see more,please

    nitrambln, posted

    cant wait to see more

    playingalone, posted

    Sure wish I had a male dog like that... 24 m indiana

    coksucker0687, posted

    i see a star in the making, don't hold back please show some full erections and sucking videos.

    horseryder, posted

    Damn, that is one big boy @-@

    invisiblebear, posted

    one big boy

    jamieboxer, posted

    what kind of dog is that please reply

    hefadog77, posted

    very hot!

    socker63, posted

    That is one big boy man!!!

    txhorndog, posted

    i would love to play with that dog

    lovek9horsesex, posted

    love to suck that!!!!!

    Danieldog33, posted


    lukas16, posted

    big cock! awesomeee

    lukas16, posted

    oh to be sucking on that lovely big cock and fucking that hot doggie ass .....getting hard thinking bout it

    johhnys, posted

    how can i fuck a dog in its ass?

    fireass100, posted

    i want this cock in my ass !!!!.

    doudou30, posted

    was a great video great quality

    zack3201, posted

    Mastifi imaju ogromne kurčine

    hrvatx, posted

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm wish there was more.

    keristal1, posted

    A whopper! Awesome!

    Hardharv, posted

    i want to suck that big dog dick then let him fuck my ass.

    teddybear2, posted

    nice video if u have sound its will be better next time ok buddy thanks hot tho???? more plzs

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    A big one in any way...

    happynono, posted

    hey ik zoek iemand in belgie om dit samen te beleven daar ik niet over dieren beschik zoek ik langs hier iemand die dit ook leuk vind.mijn e-mail is kangeroe60@hotmail.com contakteer mij aub???

    kangeroe, posted

    wow.....thats some good looking cock rite there...great video,but could here anything

    808dog, posted

    i would love to take that dog cock,,,it made me want to get fucked!

    kcalb, posted

    Bet that knot would hurt. Strap me down for that one

    Pipedreams93, posted

    that's one gorgeous dog cok would luv to have it up me - or just my mouth likking his kok and dinking all og his cum

    kokkyd, posted

    great video ! Have neveer sucked a dog cock but that one made me horny to suck one !

    new_dist, posted

    i would love to be on the receiving end of that one wow get a hold of me MI

    jamieboxer, posted

    Very hot I wish I was there...

    tomyclimax, posted

    OMG that was so sweet looking I bet it taste even better .ohio here

    nicnpleazein, posted

    Hot video..wish I had a male dog to play with like that... 23 m in indiana here

    coksucker0687, posted

    hmm ein bullmastiff ist die krönung, alles so gross und weich, richtig schön zum knuddeln und liebhaben

    Eisbr, posted

    awwwwwwwwwwwww I like mastiff's...need a man who owns one ... please

    dreamAnesidora, posted

    DAMN!!!!! Would love to see that dick all the way out and hard. I may have to get myself a mastif!!!

    onewildone57, posted

    what a great cock , he should have at least sucked it tho

    wcarl, posted

    i want to see him in erection !!!

    bide777, posted

    want you both

    dtguy, posted

    Wow that looks so good i just want 2 suck lol. can you send me the movie to Youcantstopda-Kougar@hotmail.com

    tommyas, posted

    That's about the biggest dog cock I ever saw. The man actually needs two hands to go around the sheath! I'd like to be tonguing the knot with that monstrous penis 6-7 inches down my throat!

    boyoboyo, posted

    very nice... more love it!!!

    Gapboy639, posted

    would love to see it fully out of his big sheath.bet it would gag me. UMMMMM

    dickweed1, posted

    i need to buy one like him

    knotlikker, posted

    What a tasty cock...can I see more??

    horsedoghump, posted

    Awesome cock on your boy, would love to have that knotting inside me, it's about the size of my favorite dildo

    rawbtm4unow, posted

    Traumhaft der kleine einfach zu verlieben, der perfekte Rüde

    Eisbr, posted

    Thats a pretty big cock. wish i have it in my ass

    Makira18, posted

    perfect Mastiff with a nice, big penis .. I love it. like to suck it in and play with it all day ...

    Malebitch, posted

    What a beautiful cock, would love to see it in action. Would love to feel it in my wet pussy in action.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    Beautiful cock would love to suck it dry......

    swallowall, posted

    This is my favorite vid. Love Mastiffs. If anyone has suggestions for more Mastiff vids, please message me. Thanks!

    sfwolfie, posted

    never seen a mastif cock and it is huge.....would love to see it action.....thanks!

    Blowhandjob, posted

    great cock.. I would have had that in my mouth sucking like a bitch in heat!!

    ak9subpig, posted

    Mastiff and massive stiffy! What a thick dick!! Love the balls shots too

    dad4doguk, posted

    Great clip! What a gorgeous cock. Exceptional.

    dogman1234, posted

    i want suck it

    boytoyk9, posted

    Yum I would eat that.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Wish i was his bitch

    missk9babe, posted

    i have never had a doggie cock but this vid sure makes my pussy very hot and wet. i bet it feels so good.

    newyorknewyork, posted

    man love it that is great dog big cock wanna see more

    josh234, posted

    Beautiful long tip!

    locknuts, posted

    lovely clip - bet he's a great lover!

    tonycub, posted

    WOW what a big one !!!!! i want to have such a boy at home, too ^^

    friendly, posted

    i want to taste that doggy dick so bad and feel it in my wet little pussy

    sexslave, posted

    Nice huge cock!! Would love to see it cumming!!

    voyuerviv, posted

    i would love to be his bitch,and let him fuck me anytime,anywhere.

    adisa, posted

    such a beautiful animal!! gave me shivers what a lovely big cock and nice balls!

    dogluvr, posted

    Wow! Da bekommt man Lust! ;-)

    sweetleo, posted

    What more can be said than....nice. Wow...nice!

    mavsboy, posted

    i would love to suck that cock. then i would want the dog to shove that cock all the way in ass. i want to be his bitch.

    lionman, posted

    No Pes1961. I confess! I totally stole it from you, like everything I have ever uploaded. It's all your work! Oh MASTER, can you ever forgive me?

    Calfboy, posted

    It is great video, but is not your.

    Pes1961, posted

    Self control my friend... repeat after me: SELF CONTROL. I do it all the time!

    Calfboy, posted

    oh wow... how did the guy resist putting it in his mouth?? I'd be drawn to it like flies to honey

    SkyFox, posted

    Thats one huge doggy cock

    xbgold, posted

    what a nice, big cock

    somprs, posted

    I love that cock I want one

    Kismet, posted

    If You like it, please vote Si quiere, dame tu vota

    Calfboy, posted

    why cant i be on my all fours and be his bitch. that doggie cock would be the best thing for me. anyone with dog cock like that can email me at paulb1485@yahoo.com.au here in melbourne australia

    paulb, posted

    Huh.... bigger than mine :)

    Lalala, posted

    very nice! He can mount me right now!

    Knot4me, posted

    that dog was made for love

    waffa, posted

    The sheath and tip on that cock is huge.. Bet it feels amazing

    Yikara, posted

    what a huge dog and what a huge cock on that dog! even when the dog is no even fully hard, that cock is a handful. I can't imagine how big it must be when it is fully erect-- it's so thick and must really get huge! WOuld be hot to watch that man dock inside that sheath- would be very hot. That mastiff is the size of a small pony. Any guy who could take that would be a champion. Very hot watching and hope you post more. The dog seemed to really enjoy it and even at one point wants a taste and puts its head down to taste it's wet cock-- dogs are so lucky if we could only do that so easily. Great video- post more!

    hawaiitravel, posted

    Would love to have that dogs cock inside of me. Made me wet just thinking of it taking over and sliding in and out of me. I want to feel that knot ! Sucking off that huge dong would make me squirt over and over again. I want to see more of this. Bring on the Mastiff. I always wanted one of these dogs and now I know why. MMMMMMMMMMMM give me more. New to this review thing. I have tried sex with dogs before but never one this size. Wow ! Going to go and find me a neighbor with a large dog and try this out.

    akane, posted

    What a wonderful vid!! I mean seriously that is such a pretty dog with a HUGE knot I'd love to have him fuck me and fill me up, It's really hot when the mastiff goes and starts to lick at it. This video made me so horny and ready to get fucked mm, i just love dog jerking vids. on the Down side there is no sound which would have been a nice add on. Keep making videos this is really a beautiful dog id love for him to slide right into my hole and pound till he floods my ass.

    puppiefucker, posted

    wow good movie ... reminds of my mastiff george. big hung and loves being playes with :P wouldnt mins too see your dog behind me... his long ginger shaft behind me slinding up and down in and out ... hard fast slow witchever way ... my dog know when he wants it . hell sit at me feet and bark twice that the signal for me to play with him. hes gets hard very quickley and then he likes me to suck it then when he cleans him self up .. jumps on me and he knows where me hole is and straight up and he dosnt stop for about a minute then he waits as his knot is inside me and the pulls out cleans me and him up and goes back on his doggie bed and goes to sleeep

    trey9845, posted

    This is a great video of a man showing off his nice dog's cock.The dog's cock is extremley big but , unfortunatley you cant see it fully unsheathed.The dog's balls look amazing and suckable.It's a shame that the owner did not do a little more with that beautiful cock.The video starts off wit the owner grabbing the dog's "package" and trying to unsheathe it,altough he does not manage that he succesfully shows the greatness of his dog's cock.I am a huge fan of dog balls and I think these were one of the best ones i've ever seen.

    vietnamwar, posted

    Superb short movie of a man stroking his mastiffs fat cock. The quality of this video is very high. At first the man is teasing his stud dog tickling his balls and gently stroking his sheath. Then the dog sits while the man begins to jerk this fat monster dog cock through the sheath. Eventually the hot red head comes out to give us a tremendous closeup of a great dog cock. I would have loved to see it a bit harder and to also see what would happen next if it were me...I would suck that gorgeous dog cock until it filled my mouth with dog jizz. 5/5

    craigp6691, posted

    wow good movie ... reminds of my mastiff george. big hung and loves being playes with :P wouldnt mins too see your dog behind me... his long ginger shaft behind me slinding up and down in and out ... hard fast slow witchever way ... my dog know when he wants it . hell sit at me feet and bark twice that the signal for me to play with him. hes gets hard very quickley and then he likes me to suck it then when he cleans him self up .. jumps on me and he knows where me hole is and straight up and he dosnt stop for about a minute then he waits as his knot is inside me and the pulls out cleans me and him up and goes back on his doggie bed and goes to sleeep

    mattyowen, posted
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