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    Calf Sucking Guy


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    calf gives a forced bj to a guy (short) there is no cumshot that I can make out. Not a great movie but good for calf fans and anyone who hasn't seen.

    Uploaded by jimdavidsonz · Rating: 3.7 (252 votes) · 96516 views



    thisiswrong22, posted

    this is rape!!!!!!!!!!!

    justgowithit, posted

    has it's value. still hot

    mArkuSbLue, posted

    Hot. This is how I take my in laws dogs mouths.

    doggie_style, posted

    This guy is a fucking ass hole! You NEVER force an animal! This fucktard makes me so goddamn sick! He is an animal ABUSER, NOT an animal lover! He should be in jail, or better yet, being forced to do something that he would rather die than do! Again, I would like to say that this guy is a complete motherfucking, dumb ass, stupid, retarded, CUNT! Fuck you, whoever made this! For others doing anything sexual to animals or letting them do to you, NEVER force an animal. Let the animal have the say in what is being done to his/her body and what you are making him/her do to you. That is all.

    jw1017, posted

    Orlando area looking to watch hmu

    DeeplyNow, posted

    Fuck that dumb calf!

    rascaldog1, posted

    I don't care what anyone says this shit is hot. Had me cumming big time.

    nightleo, posted

    Sorry, but you are an animal abusers !!!

    Timon45, posted

    Great hot!

    beastmaxwax2012, posted

    some people on here have problems anything with force is not hot at all! there is terrible! Yes i like to have sex with animals but my god i would never ever force an animal like this guy did in this video!

    k9isthebest, posted

    if anyone knows where i can experience this send me a message on here please , I am in the Houston Texas, area and want to try some of this stuff out , but want a guy to teach me the ropes and we could have fun too

    tcx315, posted

    Hope he does that a lot; the extra nutrition will help her grow strong and healthy! BTW-- Go to BK's and have a dead cow "your way". Now shut up when some of us keep them alive for years and enjoy them our way......

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    I like it, but then again, look @ my name haha

    forcemeto, posted

    havin sex with animals aint exactly normal lol but u either love it or fukin move on mate !!! let the rest of us enjoy it lol

    fartniocker25, posted

    I totally agree with Aluzky because its still a calf...and its like rape duh e-e...

    moocum, posted

    Yea! Gag that fucker!!

    lahairydude, posted

    •Aluzky• U'r right,this shit is wrong -.- and raping an animal is fkn sick. but BANNING someone out of a site wont help that shit getting stopped.

    Snow852, posted

    Mmmm... MORE.

    canine2012, posted

    •Aluzky• And calfBoinker (the guy in the video) is banned from Beastforum, probably for being an animal rapist/abuser.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    •Aluzky• The person in this video has another one where he rapes that calf from behind. And now this one raping him/her from the front. Sick bastard. >:(

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    so so coooool

    ABCDE06, posted

    love this fucking video! you should definitely do more!

    Alyssa32, posted

    i love how he made it suck him mmmm gr8 guy n it gagged mmmmmmmmmmm hope u do that a lot n its young thats hot thank u for sharing

    awwwsweet, posted

    the forced blowjob was such a turn on!

    Alyssa32, posted

    wow maybe the calf should do my pussy

    vampiregirl116, posted

    ótimo filme... pena que ele não goza... queria que ele desse leitinho pro bezerro... rs... mais ja ficou bom...

    jhuliano, posted

    Can't imagine the climax with such a sucking! Wish I'd tried that when I had the chances as a teenager!

    JinTX3535, posted

    "Calf sucking guy?" More like "Guy Rapes Calf In The Mouth." I just don't get the "force thing". Don't assholes like this realize that having an animal consent to sex is SOOOO much hotter and better feeling than raping one? Sheesh...

    TZwolf, posted

    aa que riko, su lechita y a dormir.. mmmmmmmmmmm

    caballobrioso, posted

    armes kalb

    timtube, posted

    Jim, I love that you made the calf take it. Might I be next? I'm an obedient woman.

    Lilyofthevale, posted

    oh the calf doesnt seems interested...may be put some milk on your cock first so the calf can smell milk and start sucking

    saap82, posted

    He's lucky she didn't bite his dick off.

    Crazy4Balls, posted

    One of the best. Reminds me of the way I do my dog, my mother and and sister in laws dogs mouths.

    doggie_style, posted

    i feel bad for the poor calf. but the man is very hot wish he would have some fun with me

    ontariomale, posted

    Hot video! I wish someone posted the movies where the calf get fucked too

    k9bitchlover, posted

    back in the day,I remember working on a dairy farm and I was taking a leak looking behind me to make sure I fed all the cows in the stantions,and before I knew it a calf had gotten ahold of my dick and was sucking hard,its tongue was realy rough,but all the sudden I got hard as a rock,and just before I came,the calf butted my nuts wich was very painfull,than I got my dick out of his mouth,,My dick was so raw I couldnt jack off for a week...

    patrick-54, posted

    it is forced,, because there is another clip where he is fucking the poor calf...

    jeffanimal, posted

    Mmmmm, nice to see someone posted my original video here. That was quite the night... when I banged that tight calf. And yes, I am the orginator of this video..... calfBoinker.

    gofer_sly, posted

    I'll give that calf my milk anyday

    indara, posted

    hot man would love to see more

    horseoscar, posted

    i think it's hot when it's forced

    anmlsx, posted

    Put some milk or something on ANYTHING and they'll suck it right away

    Morth, posted

    I don't like when they're not willing...he is raping its mouth

    bridgette22, posted

    I think also that he forced the calf to perform!

    locknuts, posted


    Naltus, posted

    that seemes more like the guy is rapeing the cows face

    YiffyWolfy, posted

    loolrandom > my bad, me or admin must've entered wrong category

    jimdavidsonz, posted

    whys it under women n animals?

    loolrandom, posted

    I guess it's good thing they have no teeth at that age....

    HorsePleasure, posted

    I have always heard about a calf giving a blow job,,,But this guy just pounds its mouth.He doesn't even waste anytime for it to suck him off.I was so turned on watching him slide his cock in and out of its mouth.It would have been nice to see him fuck its pussy. I would have giving anything to be their with the both of them and let the guy take turns sliding his cock in and out of mouth. It bet he would just be a rough top. I hope this farmer post some more hot videos.I would say this is the best calf video I have seen on here.

    rotguy2u, posted

    This video of a guy forcing a calf to give head, isn't at all that bad. I've seen better calf blowjob videos out there, where the calf is willingly giving head. But all and all this isn't a bad video to watch for all you calf lovers out there. The sound quality isn't bad, and you can hear the guy moan a bit near the end, when he ejaculates into the calfs mouth. I wish this video was longer then what it is, but I say I give this video eight out of ten. Can't wait to see more videos from this guy, keep up the great work.

    bunnymaxwell, posted
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