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    Man Fuck Dog


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    Two man fuck a nice dog ass and pussy . and bla bla bla bal... and it's a very very good movies :P watch it !!!! sort movie 3500Kb enjoy and if you can try it :P

    Uploaded by fiucska · Rating: 4.2 (257 votes) · 175019 views


    amazing! makes me so hard! hammergeil!

    beastlovergay, posted

    man i'd like to be fucked by a dog any dudes have dogs for a willing female

    molden321, posted

    that was seriously hot !!!!

    annon78, posted

    Any Females girls wana chat is skype or erotic call? addme: balandelis156

    bonkaa, posted


    FuckCocksucker, posted


    nguyentao, posted

    That's one lucky bitch!

    morefilth, posted

    kakva akcija! odusevljen sam!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    •Aluzky• I'm pretty sure this video is from dogger and not from this person.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Would love to see more of these guys...anyone know where to find similar dp videos. I'd love to dp a good bitch with another guy and fill her with cum

    dbsm, posted

    I love your video, it's one of the best videos i have seen. i hope you do more . with two guys and one dog. very nice, its the best.

    sweetthing, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted


    jumperT, posted

    i like this movies

    kemasabdu, posted

    its pretty

    vamsi8709, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    Mega geil!!!

    beigrimma, posted

    fking amazing send me the vid so i can watch all the time hope you make more man your awsome!

    Zexillion, posted


    cdc123, posted

    what a double penetration, wish i can try!

    petyerhanh, posted

    geile sache.. ;)

    master_20, posted

    lucky bitch, id love to be her & the 2 men to be big dogs

    dogsluttt, posted

    nice dp

    charlieboi369, posted


    todoesdual, posted

    Excelle. SO Hot

    todoesdual, posted

    fit happy hung & discrete guy near Perth (West Australia) seeks guy with bitch (or other farm-type critter) for mutual pleasures. farmlad1@mail.com

    farmpoker, posted

    love it

    fire58, posted

    attractive male in london UK looking for a dog bitch owner for fun times. naughty_discreet @ yahoo.co.uk

    bingdog5, posted

    i love it nastygirlslut88@yahoo.com

    beastgirlsex, posted

    did I see two sets of balls in such close proximity...oh, to die for

    Sonora, posted

    yes fuck the bitch!!!

    nortnabarb, posted

    ¡Uuff, 2 man in a bitch dog, really hot!

    oroblanco, posted

    Damn it I have tryed that with a few!They always yelp so i stop and start hitting that pussy!

    ydal, posted

    was hot vid, made my cock super hard

    fastdraw, posted

    Damn that was so hot, find some bigger cocks, that bitch need to be fucked hard and deep, tear her holes fuck yeah

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    i want to do that so bad

    Mark9991, posted

    Fuck it was great ~ ~

    wuhanwolf18, posted

    I shot my load five minutes ago watching this and my hard cock is still throbbing like crazy

    samuelmark1, posted

    really amaizing.. me too want them to do it with me too....

    ginforgay, posted

    OMG that was amazing, i can never find a dude who will do this with me. :,[

    silq, posted

    Fucking excellent u dirty bastards, wud love to felch the cum outta the dog wen u've finished.

    Hippokrates, posted

    i am blowing a load now as i write this dammmmmm...

    pokey66, posted

    wow..this movie is so hot. I wish i could find a guy to fuck me like that..or a guy and a dog ):

    Calytaro, posted

    Wow wow owwowowow A first for me. More please, And who are you!?!

    succum, posted

    fuck! this is hot, i'm so horny fucking shiittttttt!

    freack1111, posted

    maravillosos desde mexico!.....viva!

    olivella, posted

    Wow...I have a GSD that could do that...more likely double anal! I would like to try it out...but sadly I have no partner to join me at the moment...anyway this is a hot, hot, sort video...and a bit inspiring! Just wish it had a little more to it. P.S. Whats with all the Zoo-haters posting comments on this site? Things got boring and have nothing else to do your way or are y'all just want to complain about something? Here's a thought for y'all anti-zoos..."Go fuck yourself and leave us alone!" Go bother some other site!

    jackel, posted


    logistix111, posted

    Fuck that is hot .. 2 cocks 2 holes - nice deep thrusts .. awesome .. loved it ...

    lazarusheights, posted

    That was sooo hot, LOVED it!!! should be a bit longer tho

    hype2525, posted

    slt je ch mec zoo g 18 ans

    rimkoscar, posted

    DP!! Damn that dog must be feeling sore, lol

    Alust4Fur, posted

    These guys should have their dicks cutt off...Don't get me wrong I love animal sex with my dog but he begs for it. Males fucking animals well they should just be shot!

    xxJadaxx, posted

    i feel liking fuck the same dog

    hotboy123, posted

    geil, make me wet, aber zu kurz und no sound!

    hundefuehrerin, posted

    randypeter@mail.com somebody write me i love dog pussy!

    jimmy169, posted

    I love DP! Pretty hot seeing it with a dog

    doggonedizzy, posted

    Very nice - made me fucking wet!!

    missk9babe, posted

    i loved it.. what ya talikng bout .. oxox mssxymexslt ocxox on yahooootooo

    mssxymexslt, posted

    sehr geil!

    sweetleo, posted


    dogfood, posted

    is veryyyyy nice

    sanja, posted

    I wanna try that!

    k9lover100, posted

    getting that tingly feeling betweern the legs!!! Mmmmmmm....awesome! :)

    voyuerviv, posted

    Hot, hot, hot!! Thanks for sharing!! YUMMY!!

    Sassy4Animals, posted

    i bet that dog came

    waffa, posted

    mhhh ye that made me wett

    igethorny, posted

    ya nice but not a nice view

    haary, posted

    i would absolutley love to do that with someone..

    jimmy169, posted

    ooohh mannn!!!that was hot!!!

    babypet3, posted

    sexy! I bet they liked it!

    doggyass, posted

    double penetration is so gay and faggoty

    cashronin, posted

    no sound but sweet

    oddball, posted

    no sound but nice

    CRAZEE-J-LEE, posted

    no sound, but a sexy vid! ;)

    tercel, posted

    well sheesh this was a pretty good movie. I really liked how the dog was double penatrated like i can see the dogs expression right now getting fucked by two cocks. im surprised the dog let it happen though to tell you the honest truth. I really liked how wet the pussy was because the dude's dick was wet from her pussy and it really turned me on to see that! i want to see more from this guy as i really liked this video.. this has to be the best dog fuck video i have ever seen so far to tell you the truth.

    prencejay, posted

    The guys look like they are having fun, but there isnt any real sex going on. There isnt any cumming. The one guy should take it in the ass or even get blown while the other is doing the dog. As it is the dog looks like its drugged or something because it isnt moving or even doing anything. The guys themselves dont even look like they are enjoying it because the are just going through the motions. It would be more exciting if there was noise and actual sex acts instead of things that were just play acted instead of enjoyed.

    dorfwoman74, posted

    Its rare to get a dog to take a human in her vag. Most are just to big for them. Its even more rare to a see a dog take it anal. These guys managed to get one who does both and at the same time!! Ive always liked to see double penetration just to see a bitch get streched in both holes I never thought Id see it being done to a dog and she takes it deep at that. Hope to see another one real soon maybe even the video could be a little bit longer. Also anyone ever seen a dog gangbang? Looks like these guys have the right bitch to try it with. Great Vid

    watching0, posted

    Interesting and hot. The 2 guys must enjoy a very special relationship! The men fucking the bitch found a way to penetrate the dog so they could fully penetrate her holes to the hilt. I have corresponded with men who have a beastiality club and arrange to meet at one of the member's farm once or sometimes more each year. They usuallly top anything from horses, cows, dogs and sheep. But also get fucked. I prefer to make it with dogs as the reciever. Have taken ther knot from dobermans, boxers and labadors to small terriers. In my opinion, my stud's desire and attitude for hot fucking is more important than size! I had a minature schnauzer as a lover for many years that would fuck for hours, cuming his load in my ass in extended sessions that have lasted for over 8 hours of repeated fucks and cuming in my ass. That is what I mean about the stud's attitude. We pefered fucking with me lying on the floor on my back, my legs raised in the air so he climb onto me for full penetrationn and raming his knot in ass as he fucked. This dog could recover from a fuck in a minutes and climb on me again for the next fuck.

    sean1213, posted

    I only been on here for a short while but I can say that this is the best double fuck I have ever seen. It might be a little short and an ending with two creampies would be nice but I guess we can only dream. Anyway, it looked like the two guys and the bitch were having fun. Shoot, I wish I was the guy to video tape all that. Oh! and a nice full body shot of them fucking would be nice too... but like I said, you can only dream. But the vid was great overall. Two thumbs up!

    boblacey, posted

    This is one you don't see too often. Should be called "Two men with willing bitch". This is a double penetration by two hard cocks. One in the hot wet pussy and one up the hot poop shoot. I was impressed with how both shafts slipped deep into the slippery holes. She could never get this from from her canine partners. She is enjoying the pleasures of being mans best friend, and the dudes are enjoying the pleasures of two tight holes. It is a little short, and a good ending would have been two cum shots with the willing female enjoying all that nutritious protein. It probably ended something like that if the cameras would have kept rolling. Little is left for your imagination for the ending but you know it was good.

    harryg123, posted
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