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    Licking Dick On Foot


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    This is the same I uploaded a few hous ago, but in AVI format and much better quality. Dog licking dick and balls on foot with cumshot. Please delet the previous one.

    Uploaded by TRICKYDICK · Rating: 4.4 (400 votes) · 38209 views


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    hornyasscock, posted

    nice cock

    kevdawg1, posted

    So fucking HOT!!!!!!! i cant even count how many times i have came to this I JUST LOVE IT!

    katniss007, posted

    Holy fuck. That dog is sooo into it. Like hardcore pro. Damn

    Rayma, posted

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    rocketron, posted

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    strawpussy, posted


    campeon55, posted

    thats a well trained dog. Perfect

    pan_66, posted

    got my cock leaking like crazy!

    katniss007, posted

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    davis360693, posted

    15 year old girl

    pineapple1997, posted

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this

    katniss007, posted

    15y old male willin to try anything, from Canada so pm me ;3 mmm would love to lick that nice hunk of meat ^^

    tdog62868, posted

    This dog is an expert! i love how he tries to pull the foresking back until he lets that head out!! I dont understand why he leaves when the man comes. My dog loves cum!

    lecrochet, posted

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    young_one_65, posted


    SecretMe85, posted

    Wow, how hot is that, the way the dogs tongue rolls back the foreskin, hmmmmm

    uncutwilly, posted

    that was fucking hot

    fella21, posted

    Im 15 m if you got a cam and a pet I would love to watch and learn :)

    Mitja55, posted

    wow-that sure is some cockliker...very focused. I like him to focus that tongue up my hot juicy pussy and follow it up with big hot cock up my steaming twat

    craveit, posted

    how do i get my dog to do this as good as yours, msg me and any girls up for animal sex on cam msg me im 16 m

    mac7899, posted

    Fantastic how do I train my dog or any Guy to lick like that Im going to have to cum very soon

    ROOSTER747, posted

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    frostburning, posted

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    shirin.anton, posted

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    angelmoreno4169, posted

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    xxsniper229, posted

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    alexcia, posted

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    WANT_HORSE_CUM, posted

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    breeding, posted

    the best licking I'v seen ...

    bbla66, posted

    now thats a good old k9 ! i must find another one for me to feed , looks like im headed to pound agian to adopt another .

    ballsblue, posted

    nice lick! any girls masturbating? in box me

    oocumoo, posted

    Good doggy! I used to know a GSD that would lick me like that. He did it for the doggy treat at the end. Can't believe this dog don't like jizz. Most LOVE it.

    usenetemailaddr, posted

    Nice, good load too,

    jjdeknotts, posted

    more vids like this please nice cock nice dog

    chef4, posted

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    roxy3, posted

    der Mann ist voll mutig, poah eh. Aber der Hund scheint Erfahrung mit Männerpenis zu haben und den Mann hats so erregt, dass er abgespritzt hat, voll cool ....

    Mausekind, posted

    I love the way the dog uses his paws. Anone in Ireland interested in this, message me.

    hammersl, posted

    very very nice!

    skittles1292, posted

    mmmmmm this turned me on and im a woman...... wish that dog could lick my cunt....... anytime....i would love to train a dog to lick and fuck me every day ......would the reward be food....i know dogs really enjoy sex with humans and i would love to experience it it in my life....

    sheshebitch, posted

    I'm 16 in pittsburgh area and i'd love to fill in for the dog..I won't run either. *drool*

    dman0649, posted

    very entertaining

    wonderwoman1508, posted

    Can't get enough of this video. It's so Fucking Hott!!

    spacealien22, posted

    I don't usually involve my wife when I'm with my dog but this one got her so horny, my dog licked her pussy and my cock together from behind!!! So fucking erotic.

    kwf769, posted

    Will be bitch to any male dog and take knot am 16 and bi and a furry

    Madaraobi, posted

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    evonnem, posted

    well like some girls some dogs just dont swallow , what can ya do. i would have swallowed but hey we all have our thing. still awesome licking job. kudos from a girl that loves to see a man enjoy his pet.

    echoecho, posted

    mag das vid, geil

    nitrambln, posted

    So fucking hot! Love every minute of it!!!

    spacealien22, posted

    dat is nog eens een goei likbeurt se mmm

    kangeroe, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted

    •Aluzky• I hate you TRICKYDICK, your dog makes me remind my girldog (RIP) that used to lick like that. I miss her licking (I also miss her in general) why dogs can't live 50 years or more. >_>

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    HOT HOT HOT I loved the sound of his breathing as his getting licked, him cumming was abit too silent for me as I love it when they make noise, maybe thats only me though lol Nawtie dog running away once he made him cum couldv'e at least licked it away Jaz (Female)

    Jaz75, posted

    wow hot cock and good liker,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    samfreed69, posted

    ya good dog, i want have dog like that

    temmo205, posted

    wow when the guy cummed the dog ran away lol

    maunaloa, posted

    very hot movie,love the way the dog licked an licked till he got that head ...mmmmmm

    goldengirl24, posted

    super got that one well trained for an old dog.great horney film.superb sound and quality.

    gleemingblue, posted

    this video makes me cum everytime i watch it!

    Cateyes1956, posted

    hot video, nice cock and cum. I want the dog lick my pussy like that

    etu, posted

    wow great dog and cock,xxxxx

    samfreed69, posted

    ¡Wow, I need this dog! ¡Really hot!

    oroblanco, posted

    Nice cum!!

    dreamsex, posted

    Super nice video,dog does exellent job.

    tauruslov, posted

    dogs gun shy

    scooby22, posted

    WOW me enkanto y me excito demasiado. I shot my load too, watching this awesome vid!

    Maikol, posted

    I stroked with every lick..but holy cow..I can't believe the load this guy shot

    neil1957, posted

    this dog was no newcumer....gr8 vid! If ever the dog takes a holiday, maybe I could stand in for it....

    fredog51M, posted

    god...i just love the sound of licking... it gets me so horny..

    Shane0209, posted

    a sweet dog bringing pleasure to his master

    hairydog, posted

    wow! well-trained pup to use paws to retract the foreskin...wish he had licked up the cum, though

    beaugator, posted

    Awesome man. Wish my dog could lick that good?

    smiley1956, posted

    that is a hot video; would love to have been there and helped them both!

    sebastianamore, posted

    excellent fucking video. got rock hard watching it

    pbhorny, posted

    OMG ... I wish I had that dog here licking my pussy just like that

    fantasiaxxx, posted

    Pretty funny the dog got scared when you came I would have licked you up and then make you suck my cock till I came

    getmeoff9999, posted

    WOW O WOW!!!

    sweetsweat, posted

    This video drives me mad. Im rubbing my clit and getting mad in lust due to the sound that this dog is making. Guys breathing alltogether with licking is just so amazing!!!

    chica19, posted

    I love how the dog pulls on his foreskin a bit and just keeps licking the head and manages to expose the head and keeps licking until he squirts cum and scares the dog away, I thought he would lick it up.

    mrdave, posted

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    toxxiclove, posted

    Oh die sahne mag wauwau nicht mehr?^^ hihi

    Predator87, posted

    lecker pimmellutscher....geil

    GDOGFAN, posted

    I love that the dog moves his cock where he wants it!

    kcfucd, posted

    Can I borrow your dog?

    ferdd, posted


    XSV, posted

    it is really hot when the dog holds his dick with his paw, so sexy. i love that the dog takes him all the way. this is very well done and hot.

    breedme100, posted

    I love it when the paw holds it down, ahh memories :)

    alrightybabes, posted

    5 stars for dog determination

    issatiga, posted

    good dog, and staying with it until the very end, what a turn on

    jhameus90, posted

    Fantastic video. Shows unusual love by one's pet.

    bunnny, posted

    wow der hund weiss wie man mit einem schwanz umgeht

    andygay, posted

    best licking action i ever saw

    audioslavebr1, posted

    OOH WOW i just came

    jakeslick, posted

    I want a turn with that dog and the dick ;p

    YaoiBear, posted


    JOSMA_19, posted

    oh my god. that was so freaking hot. i loved it. it totally made me cum at the same time you did!

    sexybeastchic86, posted

    Hot video... loved seeing the dog nibble and sniff your foreskin (even if it was very brief) and how it worked your foreskin back to lick your cockhead to an orgasm.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    great clip - awesome blowjob!

    tonycub, posted

    Awesome. The best licking video around!

    beastview08, posted

    Although the entire video is about a dog licking its master's dick, it is quite a well done one in fact. In the video you will notice how intently the dog is at doing its job, or, showing its love for him. I'm sure not many dogs have such determination to finish a job like that, going so far as to having its paws grab a hold on the dick for better licking. This guy must have treated and trained his dog very well to have such a reward. The licking and slurping of the tongue around the dick just gives you a feeling of ecstacy. At the end, by just looking at how much load the guy splurts out, tells you how much of an enjoyment it was for him. Enjoy

    lol-.-, posted

    This was a very decent video. First the dog starts out kind of slow, but then starts to go a little faster and faster and then boom! There he blows. I know that this took a lot of training because I dont know if any dog could have this kind of dedication. I mean it even used its paw. IF you have the patience and dedication to do this go ahead because it is just an amazing experience.I would love if my dog did this for me. I will definitly watch this again and again. I would recomend it to anybody. Also I give this video a 10/10 Rating. What a loyal and amazing dog that is.

    robert4652, posted

    Lovely movie with great visual of perfect cock worshiping dog...doing what he does best. The camera is set up in the perfect angle to catch, every exciting and lustfilled minute between this man and beast. The dog pays perfect attention to his master cocks. The control he has, as he keeps his owners cock in perfect position...is astounding and leaves us jealous and wanting to be in his masters shoes...laving it with his beautiful tongue and causing a huge load of cum to squirt out. You could tell this beauty was trained correctly and his reward for his outstanding service is that deliscious cream that flies out to greet his tongue. Very sexy, arousing and deliscious in its entirety.

    tumadre123, posted

    when i see this i want that your dog licks me too. it makes me hot and my dick is hard. when i see you vid thats your dog sucks on your dick im getting hot and my dick is hard and i rub itwhen i see this i want that your dog licks me too. it makes me hot and my dick is hard. when i see you vid thats your dog sucks on your dick im getting hot and my dick is hard and i rub itwhen i see this i want that your dog licks me too. it makes me hot and my dick is hard. when i see you vid thats your dog sucks on your dick im getting hot and my dick is hard and i rub it

    006k9006, posted

    Now this is a good one if you like to see a mans cock getting licked by his dog. This take takes this seriously and takes pleasure in it as well. Watch the mans uncircumcised cock grow and become incredibly hard as his dog licks and paws his cock and even nibbles on the tip a couple of times. You can see the man become so aroused that his body begins clinching and tightening for the ultimate orgasm. This movie turned me on so much, I want to meet this dog and let him make me cum. Very satisfied with this video. *****

    jinnjers, posted

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    alial555, posted

    mmmm mmmm mmmmm.....i like it i like it like that....i want to go and meet that dog i don't care how far i have to travel..... i watched this with a venus fly trap on my pussy and it made me come....i dont why this stuff turns me on...ive always loved animals of all kinds but im allergic in a bad way to dogs which upsets me coz i adore them when i see cute ones out and about...... i think this gorgey dog has been well trained and i would love to watch and also help the dog in its lovely job....I LOVE GIVING BJ.....S TOOLS HAVE ALWAYS TURNED ME ON FROM WHEN I WAS YOUNG MY COUSIN WOULD PARADE HIS ERECT TOOL TO ME AND I WOULD JUST WATCH....IN AMAZEMENT....

    sheshebitch, posted

    there are many reasons this clip struck me as one of the more erotic thngs Ive seen in quite some time in the world of beastiality. My hat goes off and my cock grows instantly stiff to the owner and his frnd. Iam very interested in the anminal world and the owner of a yr old pit that i feel very close to and hope to have a long relationship with, once agin you a lucky man your dogs attention to the job at hand was great and in a perfect world getting her to stay rite through the orgasm would be the cats meow. lol

    nedelprick, posted

    This video was wonderfully done. Loved that it was in the free area the day I happened to check it out and it was oh so worth it. I really hope there is more videos like this around, I'd love to see them and encourage others that like this to watch it also. As for my view on the video itself, the dog seemed to love every bit of the guy. I'm sure he loved him to. Glad for both of them. All the licking and kissing was very exotic. And the "explosive" ending was also something I wasn't expecting :P.

    aabay123, posted

    This is probably one of the best dick-licking videos I have ever seen. That is one dedicated dog, licking thoroughly and constantly at the tip of his master's dick. The camera was at a great angle, to catch every second of tongue-filled goodness, as the dog works that penis to the best of it's ability. The dog even holds on to give a better blowjob, eventually licking back the foreskin to get at his master's luscious tip. It's pretty clear that both man and dog enjoyed this a lot, judging by the size of the guy's load, and the faithfulness of the dog.

    lovercat, posted

    wow amazing video id love to jack off to it. too bad im watching it at my mothers house. this is the hottest thing i have seen in awhile i cant wait to see more of this. i wish they would post more videos like this this is amazing. the way he licks the dogs dick turns me on so much i can barely hold back my cum. i cant wait for more and have been searching for more like this i am so glad i found one. the sound is so hot. if anyone knows any more videos like this i would love to get more of this. this turns me on so much i wish i had a dog

    ilovedogs211, posted

    was good but wished dog would have licked cum. it is always good when they like to lick it all up for ya. Would have also liked to see you take care of the dogs needs to they have feelings and needs also. But very nice cum shot and very nice dog to pleasure its master like that. Keep posting those hot vids. Gotta say you have a very nice cock too i would love to share that cock with your dog both of us going after that load. also it was hot cuz you didnt even have to jo the dog was able to lick you off. VERY VERY good licking action on thats dog.

    pauldoglover, posted

    Although the entire video is about a dog licking its master's dick, it is quite a well done one in fact. In the video you will notice how intently the dog is at doing its job, or, showing its love for him. I'm sure not many dogs have such determination to finish a job like that, going so far as to having its paws grab a hold on the dick for better licking. This guy must have treated and trained his dog very well to have such a reward. The licking and slurping of the tongue around the dick just gives you a feeling of ecstacy. At the end, by just looking at how much load the guy splurts out, tells you how much of an enjoyment it was for him.

    mengfoley, posted
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