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    Sucking Balls


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    a calf that liked to suck my balls more than any thing else. this was the third day in a row that it sucked me off and was getting very good

    Uploaded by jssam337 · Rating: 4.6 (358 votes) · 52103 views


    mmm nice cock, lick lick ....

    Polo74, posted

    looks like it felt soo good. it felt good watching it. i want to see more.

    doggydoodles10, posted

    id get on my knees and suck this guys cock and balls too... 16 yo from ohio

    jimothythither, posted

    Would love to find a farm in my area that would let me use their calves, would love to let a bunch of calves suck on my cock all day. MI southern to Mid.

    wkvintus, posted

    What remember as a kid on the farm, calves have a lot of suction or either my cock and balls were still tender could only suck my cock for short time. Thanks

    georgewi, posted

    •Aluzky• I think zoopedophilia is gross, but what ever floats our boat, as long as the animal is not hurt.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Ah Bottle Calves, I have done this more than a few times. and yes it is HOT, and to make it more fun, after you've tried this, take a friend with you, tie his hands where he cannot reach his junk, pants him and let the calf have at him.. I guarantee you'll make a friend for a lifetime. or end up in jail on lude and lascivious conduct charges. :O)

    Bigpaws, posted


    pussylickin, posted


    pussylickin, posted

    had to cummm just watchin it!

    crewmen, posted

    the lighting is bad...

    dogsrsexy321, posted

    OMG I love these video's they are so hot and make me wet everytime!!

    jjustmme69, posted

    fuckin awesome

    6ftplus, posted


    jsqwuhqwuhw, posted

    Cowboy wakes up with usual hard on and decides to go get off by fucking his precious pixie the mare. Rubs his cock up and down that cunt, waste no time and just shoves it in. For three minutes of hot thrusting taking his dick in and out make that pussy contract over and over. He strokes his cock watching that cunt wink at him. After a quick few pumps he decides to get a taste of that juicy wet pussy. This stud goes back to slide the dick in and out of that sexy mare. Then uses his thumb to rub those wet lips as he jacks off a huge load all over that pussy and fucks it a couple more times. After his ultimate release he decides to eat his cum out of soaked cunt. Then spreads her wide and fondles her intensively showing you how deep the cum went. BEST PART OF WAKING UP IS NOT FOLGERS IN YOUR CUP ITS FUCKING AND LICKING YOUR MARE DRY

    x1juicer1x, posted

    i let this calf suck me about 10 times and every time it loved sucking my balls more than my cock, nd it was getting very good at getting a hold on them and not letting go

    jssam337, posted

    this must have felt sooo good i wouldnt have been able to hold myself that long

    meiscool, posted

    would enjoy being naked in the barn running the vidio. nice blow job, lucky calf

    seacum, posted

    man that is so hot makes me super hard this guy is good at it as well wanna hang out with him for sure in his barn! he cums great too!!

    fastdraw, posted

    Never gets old!

    iplaygames, posted

    I also want to try, certain very comfortable,

    lingjiale, posted

    Yes yes so cool bute more videos ^^ calf balls video

    naruto11133, posted

    I love you, fantastic. Sound than women moaning also sexy. Super good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lingjiale, posted

    I love having my balls sucked by a calf.

    cowlover24, posted


    naruto11133, posted

    Super god movie

    naruto11133, posted

    Nice sucking of this calf. Lucky man, to have this pleasure.. Geiles- Lutsch-Kalb.... Wo gibt es sowas nur ?

    PetOlli, posted

    that has to feel good! would love to try it!

    pablodiablo, posted

    Ladies and guys that's how to suck cock !!

    feedit2u, posted

    what a way to get your rocks off.Always wanted to try doing that.

    amy123, posted

    the sound effects take this way over the top. midwestern bbw looking for experienced k9 and master to help with my first mounting..

    freemee, posted

    i luv ur vids! so hot!

    superdevin27, posted

    This guy shoots the thickest loads. I'd love to get a taste of that.

    HOGFarmer, posted

    It make me horny more of thise please

    wiretag, posted


    hbjst, posted

    wow that was great I remember having a calf suck me that rough tongue! Nothing like a pail fed calf sucking on your balls. I love having my balls sucked rough and a calf can do it. A nice little bunt to give some ball busting and away one goes. loved it fargo770

    fargo770, posted

    oh myy sooo hot...wish i could suck it at the same time!

    sugarsugar20, posted

    omg that was wonderful ! i love that! & i wondering if u was going to it suck ur cock! & loved the cum mmmmmmmmmmm! wish i was there to watch in person! mmmmmmmmmm lovely

    littlebit3860, posted

    lovely vid man! this is my dream!!! anyone in Ireland?

    Pembury, posted

    how horny was that?! i'm so hard!

    zak1, posted

    This brought back great memories of the farm. I wish an Iowa farmer would invite me to his barn and experience it again.

    eiowabear, posted

    i would love a taste

    animallover6969, posted

    That was awsome!!! Love that u waited to give him his milk!!!

    luv2suk, posted

    mmm that was so hot but doesnt it hurt with that intense sucking?

    sexybeastchic86, posted

    watching this clip made me rock hard..my girlfriend helped me finish- thanks. Makes me wish I knew a farmer, damn!

    whytrabbit, posted

    Excellent vid, great sound + awesome action. Thank you for posting such great videos, always makes me cum.

    jaideselket, posted

    that was a awesome clip... sound effects were great.. looks like the calf loved it as much as you did.. made me cum

    deedee333, posted

    Great clip, almost cum on it!!!

    peterkk, posted

    I would love my balls to be sucked on by a calf like that. Will the calf lick your asshole??? If it does, please post that video.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    Very good shit!

    Beastophile, posted

    damn nice cum shot

    bidad, posted

    This was great... loved it. I want to do that.

    funguy4you, posted

    That was hot!

    doggonedizzy, posted

    Awesome! I want in on that!

    k9lover100, posted

    this is a great vid. the moment it started, I was already hard and throbbing. the calf obviously enjoys the man's cock, and the sounds he makes are just amazing. I came so hard when watching this vid. the calf sucking his balls, then sucking him off to finish. and the cum shot made the vid even better. I only wish the calf would have eaten the cum. now I wish I had a calf of my own to do this with. I bet it feels unbelievable. this is a very hot vid, and I love it. hope to see more of this.

    dogbjguy, posted

    "Sucking Balls" offers almost two full minutes of a very diligent and interested calf nursing the balls of a man with a good looking cock. He holds his member away from the calf's face for most of the movie while the calf pays a great amount of attention to his testicles. The ball mouthing is complete with suckling noises, forth and the sounds of other cows in the background. Although the man tries to keep his dick out of the way, he absentmindedly plops it on the calf's head a few times. The calf isn't concerned either way; it just wants that sweet "teat". Eventually, the man has had his fill of testicular pleasure and gives the calf what it's most certainly looking for. A mouth full of cut cock, assuredly throbbing from all the previous attention elsewhere. Before long, he shoots his load in the calf's mouth and both parties are pleased. Although the extra cow noises weren't my cup of tea, the suckling noises at the end were nice. The man is pretty quiet, no extra loud grunting here. Just simple, plain pleasure. The calf was pretty laid back as well, no sign of restlessness or butting. No doubt this calf is a born cocksucker.

    xxx000xxx, posted

    The movie has amazing sound , you can hear every suckle slurp and smack of the calves maw and it really gets you hot although it is quite short. I definitely say give a good rating. This is very fortunate man, has a beautiful hoovey calf partner that is a lovely cock and balls slut who sucks him dry. His calf is an expert at sucking almost anything and loves to hear its owner moan. you know after the calf licks his masters balls and sucks them hard until his master seems ready to blow his hot salty thick cum, then thats the calves Que to shove his masters cock into its throat and swallows his load. Mmmmm nom nom nom! Any owner would gladly have this calf and even me ;)!

    z17, posted

    The young calf looks like it is enjoying itself by sucking the balls and cock of the man in the video. The sound quality is good as there is no static noise and the camera angle is superb. It has a realistic feeling and makes you want to go and try out the calf's sucking skills because of the technique it displays. The sound the calf makes as he is sucking the balls makes you want to be in that man's place. It was the first time I saw anything like this and it will be unforgettable because of the main star in the video. >_<

    narunut, posted

    I loved this video! A total turn on! Everybody should at least watch this awesome video! The calf really liked the guy's balls the way he kept going at them. Enjoyed that there were background noises in this video. A disappointment in some of the other videos lacking background noise. I mean come on, it looked like a good movie then the no background noise just killed it! Anyway agian love the calf in this video, the guy as well, but the calf is my favorite. This video is so going straight to my favorites. Just watching this video a few more times and I can guarantee that I will be cumming. It is so much better than watching other sites, I hate it when the sex it fake or just actors going at it. However with animals there is more feeling, being said I am an animal lover myself I have felt a bond stronger than just friendship(even have a relationship with my dog). Just to finish up this review by saying this I LOVED THIS VIDEO! I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I GIVE IT TWO THUMBS UP TIMES 15! (Love the calf,he is so pretty and goog at sucking).

    Yaoi21, posted

    This video starts with the calf sucking on his master’s shaved balls. In the background, you can hear all of the barnyard sounds of all the other calves wishing that they could be sucking on those glorious balls. I have seen many calf blow job videos and this is one of the few where the calf does not try and “punch the teat” to get milk. This is just pure unadulterated calf sucking. The majority of the video is spent showing how well this calf suckles. Then the tantalizing mouth of the calf, finally homes in on the cock. Taking it deep and sucking methodically. Searching for the milk that “teat” promises. The slurping of that calf is such a massive turn on. You can tell when he is about to cum by the jerking of his stomach, right before he pulls his cock out and treats us to his creamy goodness. I so truly envy him.

    double70, posted

    I loved this movie it was so hot.Getting 2 hear u mone and the sucking sound of the calf was great got me so wet.When the calf puts yor hole cock in its mouth then it pops back out and you see your cum drip down It is just great to see that men are just as crazy as a female is when it come 2 crazy sex with animals.And have u done anything with other animales?Cause u should put some more videos on your pg.I never even knew about this kind of stuff tell like a week ago and I am lovin your videos

    321mrh, posted

    The clip has good sound and really gets you going even being short. it also should have a really good rating. This is one very lucky man. He has a calf that loves cock and balls almost as much as milk. This calf is an expert cock sucker that loves to make this man moan. The calf licks the mans balls and sucks them hard until the man seems ready to cum, then the calf takes a mouthful of cock and drinks all of the mans milk. Yum! Any man would be happy to have his cock treated like this.

    monique, posted
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