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    Boxer Bitch


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    Man fucking,sucking,licking and findering big Boxer bitch. This bitch needs a bath, she's a dirty, dirty girl.Her hot vagina is ready for his huge cock.Finally she's flipped on her back for missionary finish, cum on her pussy.

    Uploaded by alpha · Rating: 4.5 (98 votes) · 6809 views


    annoying camera man kept going away from the action. I want to see the dog getting fucked, not the back of some random guys head. geez!

    k9-jay, posted

    Nice fuck! Small girl taking a good dick...

    toughboy24, posted

    what a good slut! How large and juicy pussy! I'm sure her pussy slutty can take 5 fingers and more! you fuck this bitch as if it were your wife, I love it! why you don't you suck her tits? I saw a guy do it while he fucked her really hard his slutty bitch, and it was very exciting! suck her tits man. nibble her nipples. I'm sure she'll love it, the slut. she has a big pussy made to be fucked !

    lousol, posted

    so fucking hot!! love seeing him stick 4 fingers in immediately and get her loose for his dick... love watching his nuts stop his dick from going in any farther. alpha has some hot vids!

    rnoguy, posted

    Love seeing cock stroke bitch pussy, fucking awesome. Let's get some sounds and moaning going on, fucking live it up.

    weston2k, posted

    FUCKIN hot video ,love seeing that big thick cock in and out of that sweet cunt.

    Beastlovers1, posted

    Would have loved for this vid to have sound.

    goethe, posted

    No sound? :( Not too bad

    nicekisskitty1, posted

    5:06 min is gone, but good film.

    zm002004, posted

    I wasn't sure if a boxer was big enough for fucking so i watched this video and it gave me a visual appearance of what i should be doing. After i watched this video i got really hard watching the boxer take the cock and the fingering wasn't bad either. The female seemed to be in good condition and it didn't look like the penis hurt her at all. This video has given me a good insight about the things i can do with my boxer.Hopefully there are more videos like this and then I gain even more knowledge about fucking dogs and giving them pleasure.

    minin7, posted
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