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    Mare Fuck Man Cums In Mare


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    This video starts with this hung guy moaning with delight as he plows his hard cock in to a wanting mare. The mare is loose and open as this guys grinds his thick up turned cock deep into her moist pussy. He continues to moan with pleasure as he continues nice slow long strokes. Good camera work up close but focused, he keeps up the motion and moans even louder as he deposits his hot load of spunk deep inside this willing mare. He continues to take long deliberate strokes making sure that his creamy load is deep inside, this is a short video but worth watching if only for the guys moans.

    Uploaded by Satyrboy · Rating: 4.2 (335 votes) · 95282 views


    to hot!

    solitodelsur, posted

    I want to try it too! So fuckin hot. i would love to unload inside a warm mare. New to the scene here lookin for friends/experience. Hot guy from NYC... hit me up!

    perv6789, posted

    lucky guy,, i want to find an horse to try to fuck my self,, i onley try to let an calf suck me!! i vant to come in contact whit an woman who loves horse-cow sew in sweden,, jag vill gärna komma i kontakt med en tjej som älskar häst och ko sex i sverige, hällst att du har tillgång till dessa själv,, mail me at claymates@hotmail(dot)com

    claymates, posted

    I agree with knotmypussyhard, awesome moans ans he sure knows how to fuck that mare, great video, but need more !!!! LOL:P

    hornylady55, posted

    Man the guys moans were so hot but way to short i didnt even get a chance to play with my pussy and hes cumming id love to c more of that

    knotmypussyhard, posted

    oh jaa das würde ich auch machen in so eine süße abspritzen

    Zoofuchs, posted

    det var ett riktigt skönt märrknull synd att man inte fick vara med

    CHOOSE, posted

    any1 in Az ? i want to try fucking animals, contact me if any1 local can help

    camarodude502, posted

    My heart's pounding.

    Lawrence7, posted

    Makes me wish I had a horse...

    Dickerson111, posted

    mi piacerebbe leccare la vulva aperta di una cavalla e berne il succo...

    gojko, posted

    Wow. Good mare fucking. Let have some more, please.

    VOND3, posted


    Apostol65, posted

    bret43 very good where can I get some of that

    bret43, posted

    Look at the bottom of her pussy and see how she "catch and pull" his dick in. Have not done this for years. Wish I knew where in South Africa I can join in on this fun again? If anybody knows, please let me know.

    spykerkop, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    schon lange her aber jederzeit wieder. megageil

    susuka0815, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Great video!!!

    bigpole21, posted


    churuchuru, posted

    man ist das ein geiles video, wie er schön langsam jede berührung in der stute geniesst. ich kanns mir lebhaft vorstellen was für ein geiler orgasmus das sein muß. schade das es so früh zu ende war. beneidenswert die leute die so was machen können.

    Flowerpotman, posted

    Nice sounds, great cock & body! Looks rather young. Would have been nicer if movie was longer.

    Allenhigala, posted

    i have got a mare too but she dont let me in! what can i do?

    Blackeeey, posted

    Nice, would love to do that all day

    LoveInTheBarn, posted

    Love hearing him moan Jaz (F)

    Jaz75, posted

    awesome to watch love to hear moaning like this my my

    tinyheavy6, posted

    I love it, would've been nice to actually see the cum and then him sticking his penis back in there. Should've been longer! But I'm still digging this!

    SkankERROR, posted

    i lov pussy horse

    morsyland, posted

    the man is taking his time and ienjoy yhe fuck.the horse is exprienced.well training, can imagine myself fucking the horse.very sweet when the cock is moving in and out.where can i get a mare to fuck.a creamy mare is lovable to fuck

    dustinsbanda, posted

    could someone tell where I can find some sweet mare pussy damn I want It bad

    gadgethead, posted

    wow i love this video dude hehe

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    Damn. Would I love to cream that mare! My cock is throbbing as it is right now.

    lelu, posted

    this mare has a great lookin pussy--his dick is super hard and you can feel thepussy as he goes in and out--his moaning is great-- great flick wish it were longer

    nativeiowan, posted

    1.000.000 times best fuck this hot mares without problems that lost time with a stupid girls that say of to be serious but then are destroyed by black cock in a night club!!!stupid human girls!!!

    lukeskyw, posted

    her delightful, tight, pussy, and his big beautiful long cock, and the sounds of pleasure!!! count me in. thanks

    south2, posted

    [26.12.2010-05:18] "Oh my god" stöhnt er... Gott hat mir leider noch nicht ermöglicht, so was Schönes zu erleben... Leider hört der Clip zu früh auf...

    PetOlli, posted

    The guy's voice reminds me of Stewie from Family Guy

    Maxx908, posted

    The man fucks a cunt which is similar to that of a girl.The mare patiently enjoying his fucking. Very nice video.

    evaraj, posted

    Nice, good, I like it.

    oroblanco, posted

    nice cum

    baihuabest, posted

    nicely made movie. any1 have a mare that needs fucking??

    bbdog999, posted

    Nice cock, lovely pussy. Too bad it's not longer. I'd like to see the cum drip out.

    horsecumfreak, posted

    Sehr geil danke das wir es alle sehen dürfen wie du die geile Muschi befruchtest.....

    RenaldoSH, posted

    hi i am a man iv had a few experiences in beastiality if u bored an care to chat share past experiences well just add me seamen_of_d_c@hotmai-l.com

    rolrex, posted

    her pussy lukes smooth and juicy

    zoophilist, posted


    ketankumar, posted


    asdf321456, posted

    He was really enjoying her hot pussy. HOT

    jake31110, posted

    nice dick, wish I was in her place.

    bredmare, posted

    nice mare. and very good

    agheel, posted

    i like the vid but i like your request more realguy XD

    Link99, posted

    That was good, could have been longer and showed the sprem coming out of her used HOT pussy. my girl friend LOVES the feeling of a guy cumming inside her bare back, we are now training our dog for her pleasures as well:) and she may do a film we can post her soon:)But when she decides and or wants to fuck a cock, she wants it bare back and ALL THE WAY:)

    realguy51, posted

    sounds like its good pussy.

    fishlover, posted

    this has to be one of the best ive seem,id love to be filmed doing it

    transex69er, posted

    Ahhh...i would rly want made love again with mare...but theres no any horses near my town...it makes me so sad and depresive..one day ill have my own mares..but for now i'am unable am just a teen with large desire and sadness...

    DesertFox11, posted

    I have fucked mares at age 10 and steal do ponys! I love the feeling and time i can stay in a mare she can go for hour and likes it.

    Idomares, posted

    The first pussy I got was a Poney dam good pussy too.

    Sexangel, posted

    oh man! your great! i like the sound and i watch over and over again. Oh really you make my pussy really wet

    Semmy, posted

    makes my pussy so wet, love the noises i hate it when videos have no sound or u cant hear the man enjoying it/see the animal gettin wet/tail wagging! makes me cum everytime x

    manbearpigss, posted

    das ist ja eine schöne enge Pferdepussy.geil,geil

    klettke, posted

    wawwwwww can i do ????????

    COOLDOCTOR, posted

    The guy seemed like he was enjoying the mares cunt quite a lot. Makes me jealous and wish I could experience such a wonderful feeling.

    YiffstarPAW420, posted

    Very nice view! Very hot vid, thank´s a lot for sharing.

    jopo66, posted

    made me cum so hard

    manbearpigss, posted

    Love hearing the man cumming in her like that. Wish he could fuck me and the horse, giving us oohhh so much pleasure and delight! xx, erin e. fitzpatrick

    erinfitzpatrick, posted

    i wouldn't mind being in the stable when this type of thing is goin down.

    Trinitysama, posted

    he sounds hot

    deedee333, posted

    That is soo hot fuck i luv the look of a horse pussy, cunt looks so horny and sexy I really luv to fuck a mare, man u sure know how to satisfy a sweet honey and with sound of u cummming mmmm make me soo horny and try to time and cumm same time as u, man I luv to meet u email at msn dot com

    alright454, posted


    husanye, posted

    Oh man!!! that looks sooo good, just the way I like to do it with mares, slow and deep!!

    kaaty, posted

    She has a gorgeous ass and pussy. She would milk my cock dry.

    marelover78, posted

    2nd hottest vid in here

    blackinwhite50, posted


    Baelthuz, posted

    were can i fid a mare to fuck like that

    lickmypusse, posted

    Nice video

    VERMILLION, posted

    Can I eat your cream from the mare's pussy?

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    Really hot, sounds like he likes it!

    maletom, posted

    Mmmmm...very nice indeed. Oh the naughty things on my mind...wish I were there. But for now, I can only lick my monitor. :(

    alias_331123, posted

    This is so hot. hearing and seeing that guy shoot got me hard as steel.

    wild4cum, posted

    Hot clip; good stuff. Enjoyed the same when I was a teen on the farm.

    stableboy1962, posted

    very hot video, i so enjoy fucking a hot mare on my farm and have been since i was a teen.

    Countryfarmboy, posted

    Got me very wet... Sounds and looks like fun! Yummy

    cozmolove72, posted

    That's hot! made my pussy wet.

    spidynmj, posted

    o i would love to b in his place i think fucking a horse is sooo hot

    Dog_88, posted

    That was hot, loved his sounds...wish it were longer!

    sweetgurlnu, posted

    wow - hot!

    ric22, posted

    Lol the noob moaned

    g-unit_666, posted

    so soft - nice

    elliots3340, posted


    rlmlvt, posted


    horsehumper2112, posted

    Very Nice!!

    0xxl88, posted

    This clip is as real as possible. The big brown mare standing still while the guy is fucking her in deep and slow motions. You can almost feel the heat from the big soft pussy when it is penetrated. The tail is lifted away, so the mare likes beeing fucked by the guy. He cums into her pussy and the sperm drips from her after he takes his cock out and is leaking down. Great video and shows how much pleasure a big mare can give. Recommended as a great video clip and how real it looks to be. Wish it was me trying to fuck this huge animal like the guy in the video.

    marelover1966, posted

    That movie was wayyy to short the guy was cumming as soon as it comes on i didnt even statt to jerk off and hes done.. but seeing that sloppy wet pussy on the mare u could see she liked it and my fav part is when the men moan and oh he was perfect loud enough u knew he was so turned in to b in that pussy ..i only wish was.longer to hear him moan more that was huge!!!!!! Turn on ... I would of loved to seen after he came to of ate his cum out of her pussy just bury his whole face with then big house pussy lips or mayb even fist her and make her cum to then lick it all out then get horny cause she just came start all over ha ha men should forsure moan like this man the first 15 secounds r the best ever.....

    knotmypussyhard, posted

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    bjnone, posted

    A good movie with sound. Some may be put off by the groans of the man involved and the lack of squelching noises from the mare. Not much to see on the creampie part though which is dissapointing. The horse involved is very placid and takes it calmly which is reassuring for all you animal lovers out there. The video quality is in better than most of the other free videos yet the lack of duration really brings the piece down. On the whole though a good piece with a constant nice close-up shot of the mares hindquarters and a refreshing lack of focus on the man. Good Pov, 6-7/10.

    rizzles6, posted

    The video had good graphic quality it was fun to watch. the ending did not show what the title of the video stated but the video was still a very good clip. i would like to see more videos from this publisher and i hope they continue to post vidoes for us to watch. The run time of this video could be longer and would probly be alot more helpfull. if i would change this video i would extend it to 1 minute run time and show the ending of the video. and the audio quality of the video wansnt the best. i would highly advise changing your sound systems if you are watching this vidoe. But besides the length and the audio. this video was a thumbs up.

    2ballstiger, posted

    This video starts with this hung guy moaning with delight as he plows his hard cock in to a wanting mare. The mare is loose and open as this guys grinds his thick up turned cock deep into her moist pussy. He continues to moan with pleasure as he continues nice slow long strokes. Good camera work up close but focused, he keeps up the motion and moans even louder as he deposits his hot load of spunk deep inside this willing mare. He continues to take long deliberate strokes making sure that his creamy load is deep inside, this is a short video but worth watching if only for the guys moans.

    ld572000, posted
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