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    Fucking My Cow


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    Fucking my wonderful cows warm,soft and wet pussy. A perfect place for a hard cock and much cum. The best is when she's in heat.

    Uploaded by Dark_Anubis · Rating: 3.3 (86 votes) · 40310 views


    looks like an old video from a old porn movie its on a TV

    xbgold, posted

    is there any outher sites to watch

    dogvet2765, posted

    Why does he not move the tail aside?

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    crap video

    jamzie, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    cyraxwins, posted

    i remember when i fucked virgine cow until i defloreted its hymen that was wonreful feefing

    casanova1972, posted


    nrgnrg, posted

    Nice wet pussy ! I always lift the tail by a rubber band

    passat456, posted

    a video of a video? where's the original?

    DeerHunter, posted

    poor shite to watch

    dogmate, posted

    This had to be the best part of living on a farm and a young man. I want to do it again. Any Iowa farmers willing to invite me to share the fun?

    eiowabear, posted

    love thi shot

    mmoohhaann, posted

    no sound but very cool! ;)

    tercel, posted

    i don,t belived that why man do

    sharmunder, posted

    Message me guys, am 17... Love this shit..!

    Johnnyh780, posted

    I am in heat!!! Fuck me!! My name is Ben...from Mississippi!! 662-858-0081!!

    luvmibigtoy, posted

    fuck me 504-8385-1742

    boytoyk9, posted


    hornymorgan, posted

    It is pretty good. Alright, it was very good. It appears that cows are tall and one needs a bench. What do you think? I would think some lube would help. Possibly some KY jelly would work. The video made me want to try it myself. The guy must be gay to be doing this but why else would he be on this web site. I use KY jelly with my mates and it makes the experience much less painful. Sex with animals has the benifit that no one kisses and tells. When inter acting with dogs they seem to remember exactly what one is looking for. That is possibly why dogs are mans best friend.

    george2729, posted
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