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    Crickets Chewing Canadian Cock


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    Crickets nibbling away at the soft skin of a hard cock until the man comes right into the bottle of little nibbly creatures, doesn't take long...

    Uploaded by Komsomol · Rating: 4.3 (253 votes) · 46807 views


    wow!!!...very hot this your vid...and maximum enjoying when you wank.... hallo.Windslut

    windslut, posted

    So hot, i was grossed out at first but id love to try this - am in uk - anyone else want to try bugs with me?

    jay258, posted

    Who knew crickets could bite!

    Jake07, posted

    Fuck that was hot & the guy is also fucking hot with that thick cock & moaning...If anyone know who this guy is can you message me?

    wannagetinme, posted

    Hi Im a 15 Y O teen virgin, slave and no limit !!! love beast hard !!!! Tjgcfa@hotmail.fr tjgcfa for skype

    tjgcfa, posted

    geiler schwanz

    lusti, posted

    it will cause skin irritation on your cock leaving to redness, itching and scratching. DON'T TRY THIS PEOPLE..!!!

    beastmaxwax2012, posted

    omg i wanna try this!

    puppy_fucker, posted

    Omg I can't stop laughing !

    falcko, posted

    stop moaning .. that sucks.

    zndxxx, posted

    OW! Why'd I watch this. >_>"

    YaoiDude3625, posted


    sony42, posted


    dogfucked1234, posted

    hammer das gestöhne macht nmächtig an

    ColdestBlood, posted

    This was so fascinating I had to watch it to the end :-) Never seen anything like this ! WOW !! :-))

    ercole69, posted

    disturbing yet cant look away

    alliecdslut, posted

    •Aluzky• How does this has a 4.4 rating? This is not even bestiality, this should not be on this site.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    omg i love your cock dude add me ravingmadmax2009@hotmail.com

    DarkShadow2k4, posted

    incredible!!! and the bites did not seem to draw blood

    johnmall, posted

    hmmmmm fantastic!!!!

    entudom, posted


    Pumpedfilth, posted

    Good God...learn something new every day.

    ratelo, posted

    wow, one lucky cock id luv this doin to me

    bootedskinhead, posted


    jdws, posted

    I have tryed this and the big crickets can bite hard but if you go to the pet store and get the next size they do not bite as hard try it you well enjoy it.You can put them on your balls and let them bite you and play with yourself tell you cum. Trust me you well cum.

    wouldliketotry, posted

    I keep coming back to watch this.... great!!!

    wankit2, posted

    Oh my..

    GaysAreHot, posted

    you are such a pervert - I love it!

    pieter1, posted

    how does that not hurt?

    bobby098, posted

    I can attest that they certainly do bite, I've actually got a couple small scars from larger crickets like this where they start chewing and carve a straight line out of your cock.

    Sekhmet7386, posted

    a nother freak of nature.they don't bite.

    mydogsissy, posted

    a nother freak of nature.

    mydogsissy, posted

    wanna see his red swollen, bitten cock afterwards * * * * *

    les_evil, posted

    Watched it again today and jizzed everywhere!!!!

    action, posted

    holy fuck this is such a hot video i was playing with my pussy for so long mmmm i want thoughs crickets on my pussy

    carlyleith, posted

    Looks fun. Yet a little painful..

    paincakes, posted


    marjac1991, posted


    tinson1944, posted


    jamesodono, posted

    Just great wish that was my cock

    wankit2, posted

    id giv anythign a try!!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Now I've definitely seen everything!!!

    spacealien22, posted

    So hot, i was grossed out at first but id love to try this - am in uk - anyone else want to try bugs?

    jay258, posted

    LOVE this!!! I put crickets on my clit and love the biting!

    rsummer69, posted

    luved this made me wet :)

    aaaaah, posted

    Fantastic, just finished getting off with a jar full of hungry biting crickets, loved every torturous moment. Give me an email if u are into similar things at hhunter660@aol.com

    hh7019, posted

    i watched this video this a..m. after my husband went 2 work. i put some crickets in my clit pump & let them chew on my big hard clit till i came...ummmmm

    tweetypie, posted

    that was the most fucked up vid i have ever seen

    tom438, posted

    wenn auch unvorstellbar ; so doch ein geiles zuhören sowas möchte ich gern bei nem hundefick hören... dennoch interessant was es nicht alles gibt ;)

    ColdestBlood, posted

    insects people????:S really!

    roxy05, posted

    Für mich ein komisches Video. Kann es mir nicht vorstellen, von Insekten am Schwnaz gestochen zu werden. Wer in Germany / NRW hat realen Sex mit Haustieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder später auch mehr...?? Diskretion ist selbstverständlich!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    This is a GREAT clip, unfortunately because this website is run by assholes I'm unable to view it again -_- Anyways, I wish I could find more information about this sort of thing, but it's extremely difficult to find any bug/insect sex information on the net. I sent emails to the people who listed their email address in the comments here, hoping to get some more info... if anyone else knows more about this type of thing or has links to other videos/pictures/stories, please post them here. I'd like to try this, I just want more info before doing it. The shrimp thing sounds really interesting as well but I cant get those anywhere around where I live =(

    Sekhmet7386, posted

    hey,dogweener. I like the idea of a gay bondage series using various insect and bug filled bottles,and i like the idea of using ants.How about fire ants,they really bite and sting.Crickets are great too,and beetles.Have you thought about grasshoppers,mosquitoes,swamp leeches,or even a flesheating Praying Mantis...God,a Praying mantis can really do a job on your cockhead!I,m into the viscious chewing thing and i finally tried a mantis.Whew!!..........Also love the shrimp thing the other fella was telling about.Very,cool.love to feel those things piercing my glans!...Well,later,on...Sixpack666....e mail is rocketeer60@yahoo.com,..look forward to hearing from some friends.

    sixpack666, posted

    Beautiful exciting movie I tried two times with shrimps living in the upper part of the sandy beaches, in dry sand when they have their holes. They have a rostrum which they use to pierce shells of dead crabs to feed. You can imagine how this thing can perforate the cockhead. I used a milk bottle which neck was just large enough to expose only the cockhead and the corona. I put the shrimps in the bottle, put my dick and then put the animals in contact with the cockhead. As soon as a shrimp is in contact with the glans or the corona, he starts to dig it over. In four or five close very strong thrusts, it pushes his rostrum entirely in the flesh. This lasts about two seconds, and the pain caused by each push is very acute and very special. Usually, a drop of blood appears at the place of the sting, because the rostrum can be half millimeter thickness or more, and three or more millimeters long. If you put about twenty or more of these shrimp in the bottle, they sting when they can reach the target. Sometimes three or four are screwing their rostrum simultaneously the glans and on the corona. This is an amazing experience, and I should like very much to do it again. After a session, In had usually to jerk me off two times or more to calm down my excitation. Take the caution to wash the shrimps in cooled boiled water several times before use to clean them. Be rapid, because they jump quite well. They can be conserved in dry clean sand. Have enjoy.

    polarbear1946, posted

    Seems like you could make an interesting gay-bondage series using this insect theme. For example, a hitch-hiker gets taken out in the woods, is tied to a tree, and then has a series of insect-filled bottles (ie one with crickets, then one with ants, then one with beetles)attached to his cock. Is that over the top, or would that be interesting?

    dogweener, posted

    This is a new one on me....but it IS kinky and exciting! Good idea using a bottle: keeps your "friends" where you want them, and you can see everything clearly. I'd like to see somebody try this with ants or small sand crabs =)

    dogweener, posted

    I have done this. Sometimes they can be quite savage but it is sooo worth it

    pellow, posted

    god i cummed so hard watching this, it made me so fucking wet

    felicity, posted

    Worms would be great

    bigtings, posted

    to weird for me lol i will stick with horse pussy ;)

    horse.in.me, posted

    to weird for me lol i will stick with horse pussy ;)

    horse.in.me, posted

    omg this werid is hott it makes me so horny just to hear him moan i have to finger myself when i see this vidoe

    courtneymarie, posted

    fucking love insect sex

    filthyb, posted

    I like this video. Great sound, his moans are hot and a good cum shot

    breedme100, posted

    Love the big mushroom head, and listening to him enjoy is a real turn on it got me soooo wet, especially loved seeing the cum comming out and hearing him cum was awsome!

    littlelana, posted

    Where is the other video with more crickets?

    ghostbeast12, posted

    Pretty cool. I like these different, strange videos. I'd like to see a guy with his cock covered with those super worms. I find Formicophilia very interesting. I love it when women do this sort of thing. Check out a video called "Insect Queen". Made me quite stiff.

    Viking25, posted

    very hot, must give very hot itching; love the cum shot

    Hotbiker, posted


    aljflafj, posted


    samantha9988, posted

    This was pretty interesting o.O Not really a turn on for me but it was amazing how he came from it.. and a lot.. fo those of you saying you wish it had shown him cumming.. did you even watch this vid? he came buckets ftw

    DemiNox, posted

    i'm in Australia and am into this and more contact me

    filthyb, posted

    this is pretty much the hottest video I have EVER seen.. the way he cums right as the one cricket hops on the head of his dick...

    Decemberist, posted

    i like see what happen...if he cum

    bapoktua, posted

    amazing vid, the sound made the hole diference, love the cock and the cum

    babypet3, posted

    this is really hot...there used to be some boards devoted to insect play...would like to chat with other guys into it

    italibottom, posted

    i tried something like this with ladybugs. damn that felt sooo amazing

    jacoby675, posted

    looks exciting. great to enclose them so they are concentrated on your cock!

    johnmall, posted

    looks fun!!! i'm dying to try it... just gotta find a bunch of crickets first... he has a nice big cock... and his cum looks delicious..

    hray38, posted

    I tried this too. I have to say, pretty awesome. Those critters nipped me good. I didn't cum, but quite a different experience. The bite marks from them aren't too bad. Going to try it again with more when I heal!

    ghostbeast12, posted

    have done this myself. Crickets actually strted eating my precum as it came out and I blew the biggest load ever!!!!

    bradenc, posted

    love this clip.it is awesome.i have done this myself several times with crickets and yes they really do bite and nibble,and it is great.then i tried it with grasshoppers and that was even better.next im gonna try it with some preying mantis.would love to see a girl use crickets on her pussy and clitoris. sixpack666

    sixpack666, posted

    i love it...more...anyone know website or info on insect sex? i will make movie u just tell me what to put on cock....kurtzbrando@hotmail.com

    calfcalf69, posted

    I realy like this film, and the cum-shot it make me horny, more of thise please.

    wiretag, posted

    that shit is fucking hot

    iwannafuckamare, posted

    i think it is gross

    attala200, posted

    So hot!!! What kind of crickets are these? I wanna try!!!!

    action, posted

    I hear there are lots of different kinds of crickets. What kind were these? I'd like to get some. The stimulation must be overwheling.

    4goodstuff, posted

    Ewwww gross

    dogcok4me2have, posted

    wow that is so interesting, like how did he cum from the stimulation of crickets

    sexybeastchic86, posted

    Ew.... I hate bugs... and I dont even wanna know if it hurt or felt good *shudders*

    Fayte, posted

    The more I see these clips, the more I like them. Liked the cum shot too, thanks for the post!

    febfantasia, posted

    actually found myself sorta entertained...would of been nice to have seem him cum from the experience and see if the crickets enjoyed e4ating it....

    entertainme, posted

    Helped me along. Thanks for posting! And don't listen to the douchebags that say its gross. Just because they're afraid of bugs, doesn't mean everyone is. Nice cock, btw.

    gray264, posted

    This is good. They must have drove him crazy with teasing. I wonder if he came out with real bites. I read where they can. I'd like to know then I'd try it. They got the job done!

    4goodstuff, posted

    wickedly hot

    DKsucker, posted

    Tickle tickle!

    Need2BeTied, posted

    ok that is sick i hate bugs

    kittycatlick127, posted

    Ok, that just made it to the top of my kookiest kinky shit Ive ever seen list.

    twinky30, posted

    im sorry this is nastyyy, mad gross dude, fucking with, any animal, fish w.e is hott, but insects are gross find another site for insect lovers i doubt there that many ewwwww this creeped me out

    kinkybastard21, posted

    lucky crickets, I'd like to chew on that cock myself.....

    cheffie101, posted


    Dozer145, posted

    this was a great video I never would have thought of it love how he cums that fast must have felt really good i am going to try to get my boyfriend to do this or my husband i think I can get them to lol if they do ill vid it so everyone can see i would get the little one the first time then get the bigger one to give more of feeling hmm can u do this to a clit going to have to try that i love this big time and glad to see there is a site for people that love animals and Insects like this good job keep up the good no great work

    twistedginger, posted

    That was so very horny, seeing that meat eaten by those crickets. I can just feel the build-up th that cum. In Aus I did the same thing with "Bull Ants". In fact I got so hooked in it I did it again & again over a few months. My cock was in a constant state of arousel. The ant bite always left an itchy bloody little wound that only constant wanking seemed to ease. When you brushed them off your cock the head and jaws normally stayed embedded into the meat of the cock. I have since found ants in the UK can be almost as good and cant wait til summer.

    wankit2, posted

    This is an amazing movie featuring a hot guy from western canada. The guyi s relatively smooth, shaved crotch with a nice, cut cock. He places about fifteen hungry crickets in a clear jar. He inserts his cock into the jar and pushes the opening against his groin at the base of his cock so the crickets can not escape. The crickets move down his shaft and immediately go to workon his cock. As they bit on his hard cut cock, the cock bounces and you can hear his moans at eat bite. The crickets continue their work until the guy reaches climaxs I firt saw this video on a site which no longer exists call Cock Biting Insects. The crickets are obtained from a fish tackle store. This is not the only video of this hot Canadian...There is another which is good to see where the cock has been worked for some time by a larger number of crickets. The idea is very hot and is an excellent formicophilia film.

    italibottom, posted
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