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    Calf Sucks A Mans Cock 2


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    this man loves to get his cock sucked by a willingly calf. watch as the calf just trys to get some milk but ends up giving a man a blowjob.

    Uploaded by hellohello7 · Rating: 4.2 (257 votes) · 121075 views


    20 yr old male here looking to fuck or be fucked by animals, Sandwitch IL Message me if ya have one to share

    shaysire22, posted


    aquacat, posted

    nothing bettert when you cum in a calfs mouth it makes suck that much faster and harder. they will suck till you get hard again and that does not take long. its awesoem to when they suck while you are soft and waiting to get hard again. done this many times and still do love to chat with any girls on this i am open for chat

    animals4us, posted

    was fuer eine geile Idee, ein ganz junges Kalb lutsch am Penis, wäre von ganz jungem Mädchen sicher genau so schoen, denke ich (sorry)

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    wow i so wanna do is if any1 want to help me send a message to me

    ABCDE06, posted

    holy shit thats one of the hottest things i've ever seen on here... when he grabs her head and moans and tells her to suck him and then he cums... my fingers went right into my wet pussy, i couldn't help it

    sweetcher, posted

    my wife tol me about this happening,wow!made me wet

    mickkell, posted

    •Aluzky• Zoopedophilia is gross, but what ever floats your boat.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck that's so hot loved his cock too mmmm I want his cock...yums

    pussylickin, posted

    cows dont have teeth?

    naayakal, posted

    That was Fucking Hott!!!! I loved how he moaned and talked dirty.

    spacealien22, posted

    that big tounge and her suckin must feel mmm

    crewmen, posted

    I DONT GET IT how do ppl find ppl that have or know where to get shit like this done at ive been searching for months in 4 other states now in INDPLS IN and i havent been able to find jack shit cows calfs horses mare all empty resutls and useless searches or dead en contacts form ppl that turn out to be false hope and jokes plz anyone can help me in the Indianplois IN area CONTACT ME here on the website

    yangman121, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Getting bj from a calf was best I ever had.

    kuhrein, posted

    Awsome. I loved it. It was sooo fucking hot. I masterbated just watching. I loved it when he rubbed its head and then told it to suck his cock. It was like the calf couldn't get enough. It wanted to keep going but he pulled out to cum. I'm sure it'll be back for more just as the guy will. I'm sure it must feel amazing.

    ImT, posted

    eveyday when i home from school i went to the barn, stripped except my white hanes underpants and went outside behind the barn with my gf. same calf (female) wanted my cock so bad and my gf would finger her cunt while calf sniffed at my smelly underpants after football practice (this turned my gf on and the calf too)and when she started licking at the fly, my gf opened the fly for her and pulled out my hard cock and played with my nipples and pinched them and we would make out while th calf sucked on my big hairy cock. sometimes she sniffed my behind too. i was moaning loud to cum.then my gf and i would watch the calf suck me off while we french kiss and i would be bucking like a bronco and moaning cause it feel so good. my gf loved to watch th calf make me cum. later in senior yr my gf brought 2 of her friends, a fag and another girlfrnd to watch me cum and they would laugh and feel my body while i moaned and cum while the calf sucked my big hard cock through my underpants fly. nothing like being blown by a calf, feels so good.

    Narz1969, posted

    having the calf sucking on your cock as you cum is wild.Would enjoy running around the farm and unload a load or two of cum

    seacum, posted

    movie was awesome wish i could get make some vids for everyone to watch too, think that im going to go out to the barn and have some fun of my own see if the wife will join me

    zx10r, posted

    movie was awesome wish i could get some vid think that im going to go out to the barn and have some fun of my own

    zx10r, posted

    oh yeah, wish i could get my clitty sucked like that. gonna have 2 hump my doggies nose.he only licks a little so i rub his nose on my clit 2 get off

    tweetypie, posted

    Ain't no better blowjob than from a milk calf. They suck it til they get a gallon of "milk". What a hot vid! Loved that guys moans and comments. Not to mention his hot cum shot in the calf's mouth and then milking the final spurt so we knew he'd cum! a big 5 out of 5 on this one! I'm gonna watch it again.. and cum!

    nudefarmer, posted

    I just blew my load. That feeling, that suction... must be amazing. And the calf doesn't have too be filthy at all! All you need is to wash the animals intended for sex well, and keep them separate from the rest of the population.

    alogomouri, posted

    wow i need a calf too

    cbar2001, posted

    can you do that with any calf? how young do they have to be to do it? looks like she could get you off in a minute.

    SuckMeCalf, posted

    where's that calf?? he can suck my cock anytime!!! and i will lick him suck me till i cum in the calf mouth!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    wtf. he should have let the calf suck the cum out of him instead of pulling out and jerking off. I love when he tells it to suck his cock...awesome. I know a lot of u all like to see the cum shoot out, but others (including me) would like to see the guy getting totally sucked off and hear him cumming in the animals mouth/throat. ..... vids like these make me wish i was a guy. talk about 'penis envy'.. lol

    ustacould, posted

    That was great...reminds me of my younger days

    lar4mail, posted

    Well I'm female and it was HOT HOT HOT! The calf got what I want! mmmmmmmm

    djw, posted

    loved the second part even more loved hearing him talk and seeing him cum very hot

    dadsbabyboy, posted

    omg - i've never seen this before and i had to rub my wet pussy watching it. loved it when he shot his load and the calf sucked him off

    pinknwet, posted

    I totally don't have sex with animals personally, not would I. But this was HOT to me! I wish I were the calf!

    samantha9988, posted

    dang!!! I hope that little calf got alot cream out that piece of fake tit.

    blackinwhite50, posted

    the guy would get even a better feeling if he would let the calf take his cock and balls all at once, Ladies should let a calf suck her cunt also

    couger1, posted

    great vedio and keep giving good movies

    bakashe, posted

    An even more exciting part 2! Thanks mate! That calf sure was greedy and wish I was in your place to feed it.

    billysgoat, posted

    that is so awsome!!! i would love to have my cock sucked like that!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    how do you get them to do that?

    superfoxieman, posted

    I love it when a man get suckled by a calf. That is soo erotic!!! Let that calf have his milk!!!

    luv2suk, posted

    LOVED IT!!!

    febfantasia, posted

    Any Iowa farmers that would let me do this. I remember how good it felt when I lived on a farm. Love to do it again!

    eiowabear, posted

    sure wish i could find somone in minnesota willing to share there calves. These are the best bj you can get

    joey158963, posted

    I used to love have calfs suck my cock and suck me off when I was in hi school ut now that I am off the farm I miss the calfs sucking my cock. This sure brings back memories.

    sidatit, posted

    I bet his cock felt great in the calf's mouth.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    stuff like this never ends up going wrong? "Calf bites man's cock off"

    Sephon7, posted

    I wish I were him! ;) Where can I find a calf to bang? hehe ;)

    tercel, posted

    hot vid. sound was awesome too... especially when he told the calf to suck his cock... got me wet

    deedee333, posted

    GREAT video!! Please keep posting videos like this!! LOVE seeing cocks getting milked by calves! :)

    speedyr, posted

    Wonderful video, other then unable to hold the camera steady, but understandable since he was receiving a great blowjob. Loved the fact that the calf was working his whole cock, could tell both were enjoying it. Wish it was me, it looked totally enjoyable. Myself, I like letting the calf finish me, but that's ok. Beautiful cock, wish it was mine being sucked. Got exceptionally horny watching this movie, and will watch it again. Loved the way the calf worked the cock, twirling his tongue around it, sucking it. Could have been a little longer, but was an overall good movie. Worth the time to watch it.

    wkvintus, posted

    This video is my absolute favorite on the site. The calf is really going to town with sucking this guy's marvelous dick and takes it all in. Then, you hear the guys moans of pleasure and pleading with the calf to suck his cock--the cow easily complies! I love pop that happens when he pushes the calf's head off his cock so that he can cum. He ejacuates and the cow licks it all up. Such a great clip. The one down side is the moving around of the camera. It'd be great to see a longer version of the calf providing pleasure for the man!

    allyja22, posted

    This is part 2 it is even hotter than the first movie. This guy really is enjoying all the sucking. He has a really stiff cock that is about as hard as it could ever get. The head of it is really seeing the action of the calfs tongue as it it swells to a definate I want to shoot stage. Then the guy rubs the calfs face moaning and saying suck my cock. He gets really close and then pulls out of the calfs mouth and shoots beautiful white load of jizz. The calf does not waste it it likes the cum quickly. The guys cock must be very sensitive as he holds his hands around it so the calf dose not go back on and do a full suck again, which would be to much for him. Super hot video.

    TAZ5525, posted

    Wow Loved it! My turn!! The calf did a great job maybe i should get a calf and try this out.. Everone should get a calf and do this I know I will be heading over to the nearest farm to get a calf so I can try this. Wow Loved it! My turn!! The calf did a great job maybe i should get a calf and try this out.. Everone should get a calf and do this I know I will be heading over to the nearest farm to get a calf so I can try this. Wow Loved it! My turn!! The calf did a great job maybe i should get a calf and try this out.. Everone should get a calf and do this I know I will be heading over to the nearest farm to get a calf so I can try this.

    tooth123, posted

    I love hearing him moan with Pleasure as that beautiful girl gives him what he wants. I felt a tingle in my balls just listening to him moan. Part one was good but the finish was bliss, as he pulls out his sexy cock to blow his load and the calf comes back to finish the cleaning and suck him dry one of my personal favorites. I hope he posts more on very soon, I'll be the first to watch. Hopefully they move on to stage four and that's going all the way what person wouldn't like to see that I came a load just thinking of it.

    franksbunny, posted

    This is an amazing video!! My dick was hard from start to finish as I watched this calf sucked til the guy couldn't take it anymore. He starts to moan and has to push the calf off his meat. And as the guy start to spew the calf tries to get it back in his mouth. This is probably the only animal I would even consider receiving a blow job from because cattle only have a lower row of teeth. If I ever get the chance to try this I certainly won't pass it up. My hats off to the farmer.

    im4funx, posted

    I loved seeing the cow sucking all the rolls of the face, she seemed to like it too, at first she did not hit it, but then can easily and the guy seems to really enjoy, made me very horny hearing him moan with pleasure and enjoyed and then give a cow lick everything . the bad is that he can not hold the camera straight in a part of video and still is a great video for those who like blowjobs and cows, the guy has a dick so hot! too bad that the movie isn't long enough i wish i could see the whole thing

    laurowg, posted
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