• Skinny old man having sex with his dog da little bitch. Recorded on cellphone so not brilliant quality but good enough to see what's going on.

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    babaooo, posted

    i love your movie. but i prefer goats, cows, horses to dogs.

    plentze, posted

    Lmao ugly as fuck.

    rhinocock5589, posted

    alguien de Mexico que me deje darle a asu perrita? envien mensages

    Cbastian28, posted

    @•Aluzky• I don't know what to think, some of the videos it looks like he is just pretending. Dude needs better angles, sound, better quality in his videos. <()> Well, "dude", whether he's pretending or not in some of these short clips, I have full versions where he is not only FUCKING this girl (like most wankers on this site want to see), but he is also obviously LOVING her and she him (which I like to see). Although quality is low for the most part, this couple is in love with each other and so that makes it a great video for me, and others of these two are even better :-)

    TZwolf, posted

    anyone want to fuck their dont on webcam for me?

    Beastlovinpussy, posted

    newfoundland canada anyone

    crazynympho33, posted

    I want to make your cock feel good!!!!

    anthony1228, posted

    damn man, i would let you fuck me

    jaybaby, posted

    I want to be in place of the dog

    hypson, posted

    •Aluzky• I don't know what to think, some of the videos it looks like he is just pretending. Dude needs better angles, sound, better quality in his videos.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    movie doesnt play

    dave291, posted

    wow !!!

    markdominic, posted

    hey I posted on 1 other video... my email is bobcatkiller94@yahoo.com and I am inexperienced and looking for instructional video or advice on sex with female dogs thanks

    doug135, posted

    I wish i got them in my house, what a nice xxxx

    kumbatura, posted

    wow wow

    kokasan, posted

    Love your cock dude!!

    blufireSC, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    My first sexual experience was a female dog. I remember it well,, like this video, the swollen pussy, the warm passionate thrusting, taking my time like this guy does to make sure both have a good time. Watching the pussy stretch as it does, it feels so good to do it, and watching this video brings me right back to those early years of having sex with my dog. Definately worth watching a few times. The dog is very well experienced at this you can tell. She is in heat an wants her master to take care of her. I know she is waiting to feel his load pump into her. A beautiful great dane. I would love to have a dog like this one. Her master is making love to his pet and its the way it should be in every man and animal sex encounter.

    crazyness12, posted

    Dog Licking

    npcycnp, posted

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    ianmax, posted

    hai ketan kumar

    purwaagung, posted

    i had to take, dog and an ugly man like that

    bootedskinhead, posted

    wish i could fuck the man mmmmm

    245max, posted

    This makes me sick for being here.

    warlockx93, posted

    wish to be that dog, hmm...

    ginforgay, posted


    dipipo, posted


    danypajero, posted

    Geile Stellung um die Hümdin zu decken,hoffe er ist auch zum Abschuss in ihr gekommen....

    RenaldoSH, posted

    Kinda Lame, can't even tell if he is fucking. He needs to fuck and not watch himself pretend to fuck.

    wyoguy74, posted

    i enjoyed it...

    FlyinPjs, posted

    hey put no pass on those plonkers, i think you are awesome..... Jon

    jonbear69, posted

    From the comments, it seems I shouldn't bother posting any more clips of me and my dog? Sorry for freaking and creeping everyone out lol

    Bitchluvr, posted

    That's freaky, I tell ya.

    dogmate, posted

    LMAO I swear I heard that Bitch Say SOOOOOOOO Is IT IN YET?!?!?! Fucking creepy Fugly dude NOT EVEN humping the dog :|

    Dirty_secret, posted

    hes not even fucking..just pretending..lame

    sahood, posted


    blackinwhite50, posted

    Yeah sorry, that clip sux. But even creepy retarded ugly motherfuckers who don't even know how to fuck gotta get their rocks off too :) lol

    Bitchluvr, posted

    That motherfucker was creepy as hell, ugly as shit, and had no idea how to fuck. Worst video ever.

    TamaOkina2, posted

    Its like he's staring into my soul... O_O

    Aleate, posted

    please stop staring at me.

    BLxAnthro, posted

    that just sucked...are you kidding me?the guy was fugly and his fucking skills were lame at best

    shygirl111, posted

    Bet Thats The Only Pussy He Can Get Hahaha

    Rice_1994, posted

    There is no way in hell his cock is long enough to reach her from that position.

    trevorlanch, posted

    hes not even fucking..just pretending..lame

    calgarybitch, posted

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    The quality is not that good but it is hot none the less. You can really see his cock going into the dog and he does not look like he's enjoying it very much. the lighting could be better and as always sound would be really fucking awesome, hearing the dog moan and him enjoy sticking his cock into the animal and loving every second of it. The close-up on his face was a bit of a let down because his facial expressions don’t even look like he is fucking the dog hard or enjoying it for that matter. All in all a good movie. Could definitely be longer.

    youngpumpernc, posted
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