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    Horse Pees In Mouth


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    watch as she gets a mouthful of the horses dirty urine. she loves to have the horses pee streams down the side of her wide open mouth.

    Uploaded by hellohello7 · Rating: 3.9 (168 votes) · 83078 views



    animalsavior, posted

    irish guy looking to hook up with irish add me on skype downincork

    hornyasscock, posted

    i would love to have a horse cock down my throat and have it drown me with piss.

    Reikano, posted

    Wow, that's exactly what I wanna do!

    horseslut99, posted

    wow geil...

    AnimalBoyBLN, posted

    My draft Charlie loves to pee in my mouth & shit also. Man his farts are huge !

    kunookie, posted

    that horse does have nice dick and balls :)

    da420, posted


    williamc, posted

    komme aus ulm bitte schreibt mir um uns auszutauschen

    kcnckcnc, posted

    I would NOT mind licking his HUGE balls. That is awesome!

    Tessaboy, posted

    So fucking hot..if only I could get the opportunity to do that >.< And might I add that that is one nice horse cock

    CockPlease21, posted

    That stallion has LICKABLE balls!

    Tessaboy, posted

    dude this site is weird as it gets you cant get weirder than this no way LMFAO

    aquacat, posted

    ohh so dirty good drinking horse epee

    henric69, posted

    oh man id love to take a shower on horse pee

    Scarphero, posted

    Its a Guy, would love to be drinking thats Stud Horse Piss.

    jay258, posted

    Drink it whole bich! if you want i can help you!!!!!!!!!

    albertoalcala, posted

    yeah baby

    osayo, posted

    how u know whn the horse has to pee

    lilcock1, posted

    God i love the taste of horse pee and cum:)

    horselover192, posted

    es geht nichts über ne guten schluck pisse :p

    manloverD, posted

    This reminded me of water-boarding. I wonder how horse piss tastes. Maybe, someday, I'll find out. The horse had a beautiful dick and balls. Made my mouth water.

    boxsniffer, posted

    Pretty sure that's a guy, either way it works, I'm all for it

    jewman2012, posted

    It's better when your naked and have your whole body covered in warm piss.

    moosebuttlover, posted

    like. :-)

    kvarker, posted

    loved the pissing, i'm all for "golden showers" Jaz (F)

    Jaz75, posted


    acehole12345, posted

    wirklich super da möchte man auch liegen

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    pretty hot wonder how long she had to wait to get that

    ilovedogs24, posted

    wow now i wounder what that taste like. :-)

    Gutterboy, posted

    [01.09.2010-04:11 ] Geile Piss-Nummer ! Hätte es aber nicht ausgespuckt..

    PetOlli, posted

    Why not have him sucking horse cock

    swinto538, posted

    verzuip die vent

    janwillem, posted

    schmeckt bestimmt lecker

    Pferdeliebhaber, posted

    Nothing like filtered water

    feedit2u, posted

    I'd fucking love that!! it'd be even better if I was getting fucked by a nasty perv daddy!

    blutrk83, posted

    now that's a golden shower

    dtguy, posted

    im not into watersport too nasty

    scooby22, posted

    breat but plz... MORE !!!

    bide777, posted

    Dog piss tastes so good, wish I could drink horse urine too

    boyoboyo, posted

    It would be interesting to see that from a better angle--and without the mask.

    Dogsbiody3, posted

    its a guy you can hear him

    allsorts1950, posted

    yucks fuck shit its dirt

    sosy, posted

    wow.. very hot girl!! just want to see her in face

    aaamarco, posted

    i loved it but it woulda been hotter if she was naked n the horse was peeing everywhere... yup.. mssxymexslt@yahoo.com cali baby,,

    mssxymexslt, posted

    i love to take their piss

    knotlikker, posted

    That was fucking awsome...

    blackboy57, posted

    Nice to see the horse peeing in the mouth. I like this.

    PetOlli, posted

    just lovely

    Ilodo, posted

    this movie has nothing to do with women

    poleugenia, posted

    1. I'm pretty sure that's a guy in the vid 2. This is a repost 3. @mcl45ereasar: Think about what you posted for a second and try to contemplate why it is possibly the stupidest thing on this entire site.

    Hatsman, posted

    were you just un fortunate going fromtrying to give it a blow job or did you know it was going to pee?

    huffy83, posted

    I'm on a petsex website and even I think this is fucking vile.

    mcl45ereasar, posted

    Now that is a beautiful cock! I would have to take careof that until I got a load of cream.

    horsecck, posted

    Iv'e had mares pee in my mouth

    beastluv99, posted

    This is a pretty good video except it stops about 1/2 way threw. The sound quality is not the best either. I also think that thi user on barn love should make more videos about this type of thing. i love watching animals piss. I also want to know why is the dude blind folded? I know i would have eaten that horse dick for lunch... This video makes me so orney but i hate the way i freaking stops 1/2 way threw, i mean why does it do that? Is it a user problem, the websites problem or just a freak of nature type thing. I hope to see this video fixed here soon...

    gradyphillips8, posted

    First of all this proves that animals, esp horses can think and feel sexual emotions. this horse knows the differences between himself and humans. he is probably bisexual. i think most all r bi. they want sex. i think any sex at all is just normal for them. and this horse is kinky. he knows he has a big dick. he gets off on forcing his big dick on humans too. bet in his mind, he's talking shit the whole time too. he knows what his dick is, and what it does. also knows what he likes to do with it too. he knows what piss is. he knows the difference between seamen and urine. he knows cum is sex joyjuice. and i believe he knows piss is body waste. My major, was abnormal sex. in psy, in college, so i know. besides, im a kinky bisexual male too. i grew up with a kinky male pony, myself also. so i kinda know about this i guess. he clearly knew what he was doing to that human anyway. he wanted to do it. he loved doing it. and was having the time of his life too. he knows his dick is a monster. he knows his pisses r big floods, and knows the strength of his stream too. dat horse loves forcing his cock on humans. i think he gets off knowing, he's more than a human can handle too. this horse clearly loves dominating humans sexually. so ok this is what i got out of watchin this movie. and i watched it alot, still am. he knew the humans face was under him crotch. he droped his dick down in the humans face, but just a little tho. showing the human a big black hooded uncut dick too. he wanted the human to see it, and the size of it too. he wanted that human to know he was going to get his horse dick too. he knew there was nothing the human could do. he forced the human to take it. he knew what he was doing, and what he was about to do also. he squatted down, sticking his dick just over the humans face. but i think he really wanted to stick his dick in that humans mouth. all the way in too, as much as would fit. and then maby more too. i truely believe his dream is to bone up . hard as a brick, then force a human to deep throat all of it. for his own preverted erotic pleaseure. but he didn't get that far. so he just took a hot piss in the humans face. knowing all the time he wanted human mouth and throat too. he held nothing back too. im supprised he did not piss with all his force too. and he could hear what he was doing too, bet he was listening for that. if u watch closely. he's still got hood when he starts to piss in the humans face. but starts boning soon as he starts and hears it. and dude just look at the size of his piss stream. i mean (&^$#$^%!!!! give me a break. a big black head shroon pops out instantly. he's bonin. he drops down getting hudge and long in a flash. his big pissing dickhead going straight to that open human mouth. he knows he is pissing in a human mouth. knows the human is drinkin his urin, tasteing it. he probably knows he is forcing his stream deep into the humans body through their mouth, and down their throat too. i honestly believe hie woulda boned like a rock too. and went for all the throat he could get too if it had been possible. he knew the human wanted it too. he felt the human take hold of his cock. and stick it in their mouth. he knew this human was drinking his piss. and he let them too. he just had to know at that point that he was forcing his stream right down their throat. i think he woulda done it till empty too. he knew he choked the human with his piss. horses r gentle and loving. they would never hurt there mate. so he pulled outa his when his choked. then he was just happy to finish pissing in his mates face. he knew his mate would take what they could of him. he knew he was still getting some open mouth. go back and listen to the end when his stream slowes and stops. u can hear it. and i know he can too. he knows he is getting mouth at the end. listen to his last 2 or 3 final squarts, (*%#@#@!!! he sure is putting pressure on them. my pony dusty never did that. this horse is a dominate watersports freak!!!!! it's probably a highly erotic turnon for him. esp doing it with humans. this horse loves to piss in human mouth. and loves humans drinking his urine too. it's a turnon for him. there is nothing wrong with it to him. and i bet he would piss in a human mouth every chance he got too. !@$&**% wish he was my horse!!!! we would take it to the limit and then some!!!!!!!!! animals want sex, r kinky, and love it. some r tops some r bottoms some very vers. just like some people too. there is just nothing taboo to animals in sex tho.

    osayo, posted

    Set in a dirty stable, a woman confidently steps up to the gigantic horse cock thats ready to dump his load of hot,salty piss onto her greedily awaiting wide open mouth.Lying down, she grasps the cock and the flow of yellow,juicy,thick piss streams out straight into her mouth.She loves to the taste of the salty piss.Gushing out like a jet-wash she takes it on ,gulp after gulp the piss never ends.She tries to save some in her mouth but that soon fails and her tiny mouth overflows with the thick liquid.She enjoys every second of the piss video and takes it in her stride to swallow all of it.The video needs to be longer coz this will turn any beast fan on,well was.Perfect video for all piss loving animal beast!:)

    jerk30, posted
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