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    Fuckn A Stallion


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    Guy with a nice hairy hung cock fucks a black stallion in the ass, he pumps him fast and hard, awesome anal cumshot, small vid, 9MB, no sound

    Uploaded by joesmith · Rating: 4.4 (462 votes) · 127845 views


    Fantastic.... i would have cummed inside, but i can see it's just for show :D

    plopok, posted

    Too bad, no sound.

    jolibwa66, posted

    loved the video wish it was me that was fucking the horse ,would have been better if he let go inside the horse that would have been the ultamate for me

    lonleytoes, posted

    mmmm cream pied stud ass ♥

    mooed123, posted

    put that cock in me

    stixandstones, posted

    OMG That was HAWT!!

    killer12040, posted

    DAMN!! That was fucking HOT!!! And the stallion just sits there and takes that big cock, until he shoots his load all over the stallions ass..... I wonder how he trained the stallion so well? Sound, would have definitely pushed me over the top!!

    d_l_scorpio, posted

    Now pan the camera down to the swinging balls and hanging cock.

    nothere555, posted


    macdaddy2, posted

    so nen hengstarsch würde ich auch gerne gleich fögeln. einfach geil seine starken arschmuskeln zu spüren.

    ponystosser, posted

    nice i want that to

    klootzakkkkkk, posted


    Aldrich, posted

    Tôi rất thích trang này, muốn chia sẻ. Add nick tôi nhé: songlong_2001

    WhiteTigerHH, posted

    I would fuck that stallion in his ass nice and slow! I'd give him a long, deep rimjob too!

    Inu-Kun, posted

    mmm I would so lick all that cum off his hole after..

    a24menone4u, posted

    great movie, but would have like to see if the stallion was hard as well

    johnmall, posted

    mmm yes yes! fuck his asshole hard !! jerk the big dick while fucking him rough

    suppehans, posted

    this is some serious hot stuff! i wanna try

    leviathan871, posted

    kan det vara skönt att rövknulla en häst det är bättre att knulla en varm märrfitta

    CHOOSE, posted

    would mind getting a bit of horse shit on my cock from this !

    meturvill, posted

    Movie isn't playing and i tried all the alternative settings. Could some one help me?

    EVAIR55, posted

    i would lick that horse's ass after he came on it... so hott

    mistertaco, posted

    so fucking hot, gr8 cumshot

    nitrambln, posted

    Love this vid, jack and cum everytime I see it. Now lets see him fuck you or suck him off or something. love that gorgeous ass but can't help really wanting to see his cock dropping a load too.

    lvmydog, posted

    wud love to have sucked that stallion cock while he got fucked

    perv4pussy, posted

    Great vid. 19yo Bi N.E. Ohio. would love to try this.

    killer12040, posted

    anyone in the massachusetts area or close to gloucester that wants to let a sexy furry fuck their stallion or mare and make video of me ? let me know =P

    sashadraggy23, posted

    any farmers got a stallion i can fuck like this? the raunchier, the better!

    hogatthetrough, posted

    i want too

    TheDe202, posted

    wow soo hot to bad it dont have sound

    DURACELL8, posted


    freesecond, posted

    its so hard to see vid of a stallion getting fucked. i love it, because stallions have a lot of cum ;) i'd love to be under that stallion during this, stroking his warm long cock.

    mike767, posted

    ive had horse cock its so good so is horse pussy

    marelover79, posted

    This is my fav. on the site, I would love to fuck a stallion's hot tight ass.

    Kiyomasa, posted

    good looking cock n balls. now thats a man... love the way he ram his big cock in n out that stallions ass

    beary, posted

    Quiero un caballooooooooooooo!

    fidelrueda, posted

    Heh, it looks like he's fucking a fat-ass black man. lol

    spacealien22, posted

    What a great movie. Anybody in South Africa, Johannesburg that would like to join in some horny sex ? bigpa@webmail.co.za

    bigpa, posted

    yeah hot one to bad it dont have sound

    DURACELL8, posted

    anybody with a horse from jersey they can fuck me too i want stallion cock and ass

    scooby22, posted

    id love to lick that ass clean.

    redcar55555, posted

    wow i love the way u fuck ur stallion in his big cock u have a big cock and nice balls 2 dude more please with sound next times ok thanks buddy?

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    wow wäre geil gewesen wenn der Hengst nachher ihn gefickt hätte ob er das auch so locker weggesteckt hätte.

    qwertz01000, posted


    ketankumar, posted


    madirish, posted


    boobs78, posted

    a cob of corn makes a good dildo up a horses arse

    xbgold, posted

    yeeep nice

    maroc17, posted

    I would love to feel your nuts that close to my ass.

    bredmare, posted

    [07.12.2010-04:36] Geile Po-Fick-Nummer ! Schade, besser wäre, er spritzte innen ab und man sieht wie es aus der Rosette tropft ... Jam - Jam

    PetOlli, posted

    Thank you so much for this vid, this site needs a lot more stallion anal vids like it..great job

    donni, posted

    Quote: """but what I didn’t get was why a stallion, as opposed to a mare (but that’s just me…)""" probably because the guy is gay? Maybe, just maybe - gay people seem to be funny like that, doing males instead of females. The world is ending! omg!

    slouchmcgee, posted

    Waited for camera to slide down to stallion's balls swinging and cock hanging out. Could have been a gelding which would be much more docile. Hence the saying " he has no balls". Any horse can be a great partner and friend if you let them join in the fun too.

    philip, posted

    Duck me

    fatazzbi, posted

    hard fuck, hard load

    dave26, posted

    wow.... lucky mare...

    rackie2000, posted

    das geile loch wuerde ich sehr gerne mal lecken! jemand in germany der mir dabei helfen kann? lasse mich natuerlich auch dafuer ficken!

    xtrasex, posted

    atlas200@live.fr pour reel 67

    rimkoscar, posted

    If anyone has a farm in southern california with farm animals please email me

    studlymscl, posted

    i wanna do a stallion in it's ass so bad

    longhornfanatic, posted

    That sweet velvet asshole needs to get licked.....

    LouieLouie, posted

    nice thanks

    agheel, posted

    Now what would be better is if there was a woman giving the stalling a blow job !

    austin, posted

    Movie isn't playing and i tried all the alternative settings. Is someone else having this same problem?

    Barnielul, posted


    guy4horses, posted

    that is so hot i wish i was that guy

    Joelcis, posted

    Man I wish I had a stallion. Oh well I have a mare, she's a very good fuck.

    crazyc011, posted

    more video plzz you are so hot

    rimkoscar, posted

    any one have full lenth movies of like this or movies send it to my emial maxowaxo781@yahoo.com

    lilwayne781, posted

    woo so sexy, wish i could stick my dick in that horse ass all day. fuck it wit my big dick

    deaddik, posted

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, so hot, and what a hot cum-shot. i love that cum on that hot stallion's ass!!!

    johnhourny, posted

    i wouldn't have pulled out, love the horses with their strong, luscious rumps.

    das_wolfdog, posted

    O wow that is so hot! and its really a stallion! i thought stallion would not let you fuck him... but i see you can with some :D that guy is so lucky i tell you ;) and i would try this to if i could

    polish_curious, posted

    hey das ist ja ein traumhafter hengsthintern, ich würde so gerne mal seine eier sehen, die sind bestimmt super schön, ein richtiger kuschelhengst.

    Eisbr, posted

    très bel etalon très belle bite du mec

    fifidijon, posted


    sssyyym, posted


    oxbowgold, posted

    Was a bit jerky at first, but the ending was great. While mares may be better, I shure wouldn't turn down a nice stud ass like that one! (Yea, Adrinator, I'd cum inside, too!)

    maletom, posted

    hmm.. when i take a horse anal i always cum inside^^

    Adrinator, posted

    That stallion sure knew how to take it, wish I had one =/

    BeastiBoy9190, posted

    sexy pucker on that horse i want it..

    starspank, posted

    lovely vid, great quality and hot at the end, good horse booty ;)

    tha_kill, posted

    Awesomw vid! Guy has amazing cock and body, great close ups!

    StallionLover10, posted

    Nice. :) Stallion has a nice ass.

    kota_cat, posted

    Oh ja das hat es es dem Hengst der den Fick wohl auch mag es ordendlich besorgt sehr geil....

    RenaldoSH, posted

    D: this makes my pussy wet

    Frzdragon, posted

    makes my clit tingle

    SleepyKit, posted

    nice vid, any that will fuck a horse, mare, stallion, colt, who cares, is my kinda guy and this stud sure is....

    luvembig, posted

    like it alot

    Vito, posted

    Mmm, I wanna eat that stallion's ass out

    StAraqiel, posted

    Wow, that was hot, got me hard and dripping. Wish I had a stallion to fuck. Thanks for the amazing video.

    guardian2293, posted

    lucky horse

    moodz, posted

    what a lovely shot..love too go second up that arse..fancy a chat anyone..johnnyboy474@live.com or johnnyc_6@yahoo.co.uk Mmmm let talk dirty

    jc1, posted

    were do i stsrt

    blumpy, posted

    why was he afraid of cumming inside? she can't get pregnant!

    webgeo99, posted

    now this makes me very very wet xx

    Belinda402007, posted

    damn, thats hot!

    samuraiibanez, posted

    wish i was that mare

    dewayne64, posted

    reminds me of my first time with a mare

    Lolwut111, posted

    in the butt stallion... lucky

    foxfreak, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmm I would love to suck them both clean

    Belinda402007, posted

    lucky horse

    Shadowfang_N, posted

    Be-A-U-Ti-FUl!!!!!!! Please share some of that boy hole.....I beg!!!!

    derrick234, posted

    I am looking for an Iowa farmer that will invite me to join him in doing this.

    eiowabear, posted

    I am looking for an Iowa farmer that will invite me to join him in doing this.

    eiowabear, posted

    good video

    dartmoul12, posted

    that stallion loved every minute of that fucking, good job.

    fenris48, posted

    That was actually quite lame. I was able to get Balls deep in my stallions warm sweet pucker and I marked him as mine when I shot my load inside him. Of course this is after I had pleasured him with my whole arm up his ass. He liked it, you could tell from his huge throbbing erection. Sorry but I also wouldn't call you 'hung'. call me a jerk but that's what I thought.

    spazmanmagee, posted

    NIIIICE. ;)

    bakemono, posted

    this video is great, it really emphasises the horses ass, and the guy keeps it at a really good speed.obviously the horse must have enjoyed it. i would love to get my hands on that, so all and all great video. we need more videos as good as this one, i personally think anyone should be able to fuck an animal when they feel like it. i mean whats the big deal. that horse was there, if i was horny and it was my hand or horse ass im gonna pick the ass. cumming in a horses ass must feel great, i'd love to try it. so keep the videos coming bro, nice work

    imagaybeast, posted

    This is a hot short clip of a stallion and his master pooring the cock to his tight ass again and again hard and fast it was enough to get me hard and horny wish i had a horse with a tight ass like this man all around good movie was to sgort in my apinion would pursure it to be longer maybe another with a finish up and cum dripping from the stallions ass? Think that would give this movoe a 8/10 then as it is now stands at a 5/10. But likr a priviously said got my hard loved it like to see lotsore of this ass trusting joy ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    gtl-202, posted

    This movie had excellent quality. The angle choice advertised the most erotic part of sex, the action point of view. It is not a voyeur perspective; it’s more of an on looking view which brings us, the audience, closer to the action. The penetration of the stallion was deep and smooth. The man really knows what "Fuckn a stallion" means. When it transitions to the under view it gets even better. It shows off both the man and the stallion. It allows us to see the horse's penetration point better. The best part of the film is the ejaculation. At the end the man releases a large load all over the stallion. When we get a close up of the result it is erotic max. One the best films of this type.

    Artimis19, posted

    Honestly, when I clicked on this, I thaught I was going to see the same thing over again. A short video, with no cum shot, and no good angle from the camera. Boy was I wrong!! To see that huge dick slam into that stallion's tight ass made me horny to the MAX!! And thestallion didn't seem to mind either. He wanted it. And I don't blame him!! Plus, the camera switching positions helped too! They got a great shot of that large man meat slamming into that horse's obviously tight little hole. And that cumshot at the end... mmh! I'd love to be that horse anyday!

    Lonewolf121319, posted

    Very nice! The horse is nicely trained. The very loved, indeed. Master should have bred that ass, though. But the cumshot was hot! thanks for sharing the video here,i see in this page very nice videos so i want more of this if you can,Without a doubt one of the hottest vids I've seen on this site. This guy gives it to his dobbie's hole and the good obedient doggy just lays there and takes it. Definitely a very well trained animal, and super hot. The video starts off with one angle of him fucking his male squirm from getting his tailhole fucked. But the dobbie stays put like a good pet, and lets his owner have his way with him.

    Matsuga, posted

    This was a great video, I really like how the angle was done and you could see everything in great detail, I really enjoyed it and it was one of the best I've seen so far. Whoever made this did a really great job with the camera angle and it really turned me on. The stallion in this video has a really nice hole and the guy did a really great job of pounding it. I also like how he cums over the horses ass at the end, and I thought it was a great way to end the video.

    PatrickMcCauley, posted

    The video was good, I liked it a lot when I first watched it. It was amazing how deep the man got inside the stallion, but what I didn’t get was why a stallion, as opposed to a mare (but that’s just me…). The way it was recorded was…better than most I have seen, but it could have been improved, for example, the video doesn’t feel as…how should put this…smooth (in angle wise) as it could have been, it was hot, and it got me going, but it could have been approved. Anyways good job and well done with the video… Now if only I could get the guts to have intercourse with my stallion…I would have to train him a lot though…

    preytor30, posted

    This video is a great one for any beastie out there that enjoys watching a big, firm stallion taking it in his glorious butthole. The video begins shakily, but makes up for it easily with the intense action. The man just goes at the horse and, although there is no sound, you can just imagine the squishy sounds of the beautiful ass being fucked and the man's moaning. The camera is being held by another man, so he gets a shot from under the man to look up at the cock pounding into the horse. After he gives his all to the animal, he pulls out and strokes his hard, slick cock until he cums all over his stallion's lubed-up asshole. This is a must see for any anal lovers!

    Inu-Kun, posted

    this movie makes me shiver all over with delight, i just want to jizz in my pants over it. i wish i was in your position, i bet it's really warm in there. oops i just jizzed, an't wait to see more. i wish i had a stallion to screw, you do a very good job with it. i like videos with stallions and dogs, oh and mares, also the ones when the person cums in the animals. and when the animals moan or the people moan. i'll be looking for more mare videos that make me want to cum. boy i feel good right now.

    scott13, posted

    Wow, i like this kind of sex. I never did it till now but i´m horny for it. i dreamed several times to fist a mare and put my swollen dick into her pussy. heared it would be warm, wet and wide. but the mare should be a kind of smaller one because im little but horny. it would be also great if the mare would pee over my hard dick and she should moan a bit. i also dream bout fucking a cow. and the best would be if a man would fuck my asshole at the same time. like a sandwich

    anderl1962, posted

    Watching this man pound this stallion with his what looks like 7 inch cock is amazing. I love how fast the man is going in and out of the stallions ass. When the camera holder goes down and gives a view that shows there isn't a pussy turns me on even more than when it was above. The under view gives a great view of the stallions asshole and the mans balls and cock pounding away at it and it's one of the best video's i've seen on this site. the only thing that i think would make this video better even though it's the best I've seen on this site is if the man holding the camera would of gotten a shot of the stallions balls and cock in the video, especially if the stallion was getting hard from taking the man's cock in it's ass.

    Roxas00Xion, posted

    This video must be the best stallion anal ive seen on gay beast so far. How do they get the stallion to allow them to do that i dont know. But i would sure love to feel that tight tail hole slip around and take me all in like in the video. This clip had great angles and loved the fluid motion of the man taking his stallion friend for a joy ride. Would love to see more stallion anal vids in good quality like this one. All in all this video is one of the few that make watching men and animal sex great. Id wish to see more.

    ace911203, posted

    made me horny a good long video i wonder what the horse feels like must feel like a vagina almost i would LOVE to fuck that and lick it after good view plus the camer looks into its anus after the horse must have feeled like a dildo shoved up its black anus feel like i should be in that video it almost made me jelaous, no it DID make me jealous i wonder what is feels like to cum he should have stayed in and cumed in the anus really would like to have been the guy to fuck that anus just looks so juicy wet and diry turns me on so much!!!

    cowguy5000, posted

    This was a truly stunning performance and is worth a viewing.. It was so sexy I could barely hold back. The view of the action and the various angles was magnificent. The view from under was great and the side view was even better. The look of his delicious cock sliding in and out of the stallions firm anus was perfect. The cum shot was the best I've seen in a while. The way he painted that stallion was the cherry to this sundae. When we got to see up close the afters I about lost it.I really loved seeing this. I was on the edge of glory the whole time if you catch my drift.

    Artimis19, posted

    that is one lucky dude gettin two fuck that stallions asshole!he is fuckin plowin that asshole i bet the stallion loved it cause i loved watching it!the cam angls are great just wish could have seen stallions cock more though!the stallion was just standing there taking the mans cock willingly i thought that was hot! the guy fucked the stallions ass till he shoots his hot sticky load all over his asshole it was great bet it felt great two!this is a great vid two watch just wish i was the guy in the vid i would love two fuck that stallion

    slutdog86, posted

    This was pretty amazing how deep he was able to go. I just don't get why the horse did not turn around and bite his dick off? Why a horse? Why not a mare. This was very quick paced and made me so horny. Thanks to this video. There are so many good ones on this site. Compared to the videos on zootube365.com, these videos blow balls. What kind of horse was it? I want to do that but i think it would be wrong. I just want to give my horse a blowjob or masturbation. Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse

    imacgeek, posted

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    FIRE222009, posted

    This movie was excellent. A beautiful scene and horse. The man did excellent acting,the stallion was beautiful and had an amazing ass. Overall I thought this movie was an instant classic for Gay Beast fans everywhere. The man showed us how to really take a stallions tight asshole and fuck it. The camera angles also helped the movie as it showed the man fucking the horse from many viewpoints. The ending was decent I as with many other people thought the man should have cummed in the horses asshole rather than around it. Some suggestions on making this movie better, would be to of course make it longer, and maybe have a few men taking turns on the sexy stallion. Overall I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5. great video!

    1988sable, posted

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    jkhjkhjkhjk, posted

    The video entitled "Fuckn a stallion" is definitely one for the avid beastiality fan. In the video, a man engages in sexual intercourse with a stallion, vigorously pumping his manhood in and out of the horse's throbbing hole. The title itself is enticing;but, watching the movie is a whole 'nother story: you'll definitely want to pull out your cock and rub one out after you see this video. On top of this, the video quality makes the video quite appealing: no skips, very clear picture, and no static/noise makes the cinematic aspect of this clip top-notch. If you ever going to take a look at a video from GayBeast, this should be the one.

    omega2121, posted

    Very good movie with good camera work and a great subject. The man really gives it to the stallion, who doesn't seem to mind at all. The camera work is a little jerky in places, but that's not an easy environment to get a good shot in. I’ve certainly seen far worse camera work, and they do a great job of getting in close and showing the full penetration, which is often missed or messed up in these videos. All in all one of the better amateur man/stallion videos I've seen, and I wish there were more in this genre to be found.

    Bstone, posted

    The video was good, I liked it a lot when I first watched it. It was amazing how deep the man got inside the stallion, but what I didn’t get was why a stallion, as opposed to a mare (but that’s just me…). The way it was recorded was…better than most I have seen, but it could have been improved, for example, the video doesn’t feel as…how should put this…smooth (in angle wise) as it could have been, it was hot, and it got me going, but it could have been approved. Anyways good job and well done with the video… Now if only I could get the guts to have intercourse with my stallion…I would have to train him a lot though…

    helixIce, posted
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