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    Dog Pees While Being Fucked.


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    A female dog pees while a man fucks it, unfortunately he pulls out right away and the video ends. There just isn't enough of this kind of thing.

    Uploaded by cowgasm · Rating: 4.2 (255 votes) · 93655 views


    why the fuck did you stop???

    orleansk9, posted

    thats sick

    Ranamaru000, posted

    Damn,really hot!

    oroblanco, posted

    Yes, actually human women can squirt. >.> There's a special gland that's been compared to the male's prostate inside a female that collects and 'squirts' the fluid. Is not pee. This, however, is pee. Dogs don't squirt. I'm fairly sure they don't have the same gland that human females do.

    celestaluv, posted

    •Aluzky• @geddion @Londontower96 @pring1234, is yellow is liquid and streaming, it is PEE. Bitches don't squirt, is not even proven that human bitches can squirt either. All you see in movies is woman peeing passing it out as female "ejaculation"

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Damn, thats hot!

    SlimJim01, posted

    i would really like to fuck a dog

    cantr, posted

    i would like see the other vids too... but as ulocke said i'm in the beginning too and have not much to share...(pemmao89@gmail .com)

    raikka, posted

    Is anyone in midlands, england with a dog: 18 male

    lancer1993, posted

    that's an very interesting movie. you said you got others like this i'm interested is it possible to send something ( ulocke59@yahoo.com ) but i got nothing to trade i'm on the beginning. i hope that is not a problem.

    ulocke59, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    If anybody is interested in the other video like this, send me a message and let me know. It's much longer, high quality, and a lot wetter. Would like to hear from somebody who would go on cam. :)

    cowgasm, posted

    it looks like to me that he pee'd inside her

    DarkDawg, posted

    wooof great clip! i like them....

    bitchesboy, posted

    turleyzachary@yahoo.com...wanna trade pics? email me!! :))

    Hornyman96, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    I want some

    wet1intriad, posted

    mmmm i bet thats warm =)

    diid27, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    i'll lick up all that pee,,,,, mmmm

    doghunter69, posted

    add me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    fucking the piss out of her.

    jay8891, posted

    attractive young male looking for a dog bitch owner in london UK for fun times. naughty_discreet @ yahoo.co.uk

    bingdog5, posted

    Awwwh i wish it had sound :(

    hotdoganal, posted

    no pee - squirt. the bitch came

    spring1234, posted

    and the catholic religion wonders why they aren't so popular anymore.

    mrcake, posted

    thanks for the info Dankka

    dicktron, posted

    Leviticus 18: v 23 "Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it, that is a perversion. " dog Leviticus 20: v 15 "If a man has sexual relations with an animal, he must be put to death, and you must kill the animal." Deuteronomy 27: v 21 Bestiality "Cursed is the man who has sexual relations with any animal,....."

    Dankka, posted


    BOITOY2, posted

    I am wondering if she came or pissed.

    Londontower96, posted

    bet that hot piss felt good spraying onto his cock and balls

    new_dist, posted

    Well when ya gotta go, ya gotta go, even when yer gettin' screwed! No problem, it cleans up...

    maletom, posted

    Are you sure she didnt cum!

    ydal, posted

    mhm... i like it

    sandra23perv, posted

    The camera angle was good and the action was nice but for the description I would have expected a bit more in the watersports department...

    Hellcat201988, posted

    Q Is there not a danger of dieseas by not using a condom when fucking a dog? A If it's not your dog or if you never take the dog to the vet yes.. But now think of this.. (because I have a hard time understanding why anyone would be afraid of getting anything from a dog) first off you can get far worse diseases from other human people who are just standing around you not even touching you!!.. There are human diseases that can travel through the air not requiring any contact. Also their are diseases you can only get from other people that you can not get from other animals such as Aids (hiv which is, HUMAN immunodeficiency virus) is strictly a human to human disease (with the exception of other animal primates) there is no cure for this more deadly disease and it is fatal.. dogs can not get hiv carry it or transmit it.. (in my opinion) I would rather take a chance with a dog where you can not get aids.. you also can not get a cold or flu from a dog because their high body temp prevents them from getting the "common" flus and colds us humans get.. isn't that nice to know you could have a doggie sex partner live with you and never get a cold from him / her!!! Unlike a human partner??!!??! The diseases you can get from dogs can be totally prevented and a good portion of them are treatable and is not ever really heard of happening to people because of the extreme vet care most animals receive. Umm how many of us people constantly go to a doctor btw?? It seems pretty much illogical to worry about getting diseases from a dog yet not worry about the greater threat of just being around other people who have diseases and do nothing to prevent the spread of it or fail to take care of themselves yet have no worry about that!!!.. ??????? Be more afraid of people my friend..

    intokniners, posted

    mmmm look at that big fat juicy cock.

    jasminevanilla, posted

    That is her cumming, i've seen bitches squirt, this is just less so

    geddion, posted


    cuntbitchpussy, posted

    really hot

    power1, posted

    Almost looks like you caught rare proof of how wet a bitch climax actually is!

    nghiaTTP, posted


    animaljack, posted

    Try again dude.... it worth watching

    dogmate, posted

    Almost looks like you caught rare proof of how wet a bitch climax actually is!

    udpets, posted

    fatty: yeah, you might give the dog something.

    deepsix, posted

    Sorry guys, tried to upload it again and it didn't let me. Almost every time I've tried to upload something it fails, but only after making me wait while it uploads the whole video to tell me something stupid, like the video is 15kb too big. Getting tired of it...

    cowgasm, posted

    Is there not a danger of dieseas by not using condom when fucking a dog?

    fattyboy, posted

    We want to see the bitch piss! Please upload the movie again so we can see the end of it :)

    k9bitchlover, posted

    Dowen lwoud

    Ahmedxx, posted


    lovely15959, posted

    nice is somebody want to share their dog with me...curius about....germanpuac@yahoo.com

    robertito09, posted

    wow i think that is hott.

    lovinhorse, posted

    I think it's at the very end. It's a little misleading though.

    BladeofHate, posted

    Where is the pee???

    cronus85, posted

    Where is the pee? o.o ? Gewd Movie! I like it!

    doggyass, posted

    amazing, need to try, i recomend on next video to use some sound, and more close up on the moment that the dog peed, people like that... Will be forward in watching more, untill then good luck with te zoophily >:D the video was in good quality taking in consideration that it was a free movie, next time i recomend making a premium with higher quality, and sound and more lenght couse these end to short, (no comments on why its to short and what people may be doing <.<). id love to see more animals too, maybe add a sheep or something like that, know what im saying? over all i give this video a... 8 / 10 :D

    Poxs, posted

    ilike a fuck with animeal what ican do this is who i am and i cnt change i like to fuck ship i just love the thouch of this i like to fist a horse when she on heat the felling is so great when you feel the horse get happy but stull i think the pussy of a woman is the gratest pussy evar you cant tell nothing else but still icant ijust cant say thet i dont like pussy of anima. still there is not the felling with acow when you fingring the pussy then you put your pennis in her veagina or to fuck with a donky female when the pussy is the right place to fuck but still think like what wrote eraly tehat is not and not going to be like a woman pussy.

    yohai03, posted

    Good combination of doggy cunt and water sports. There should be more like this. He pulls out as soon as her stream starts, and he ends the clip there. It would have been good to let her finish then to go at her again. Even better would have been to cum on her belly before the end of the clip, even if there was a delay or it required an edit. It was hugely exciting... until I actually watched it and was so let down. The clip was abysmally short, and watching her pee on him would have been almost as good as seeing her orgasm. Id love to see another attempt at something like this!

    hiimmikke, posted
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