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    Man Sucks And Fingers Stallion


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    A man sucks and fondles a stallion's cock. Then he fingers the horse. After going back and forth a few times, he finally cums on the horse's ass.

    Uploaded by yousuke03 · Rating: 3.7 (271 votes) · 76039 views


    lust zu chatten? bin 21 m und suche jungs um erfahrungen auszutauschen. bin noch ziemlich unerfahren, hab bis jetzt einmal den schwanz meines nachbarhundes gelutscht. freue mich über eine antwort :)

    lacall, posted

    I remember when me and a horse were having fun. The horse fucked me and cummed so much! I was screaming in sensation. The thick juicy cock made me feel in heaven. Then I stuck my rabbit toy in him and his ass hole began to throb! I was cumming SOO much!

    superdick4554, posted

    awesome and woooow i would like suck that cock and drink the cum shot

    albertoalcala, posted

    geil wer kann helfen

    lusti, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    (424) 653-6412 i wanna get fucked by a horse, i am in texas

    cliper87, posted

    think the guy was great

    wildcatru, posted

    I think the horse was more interested in his meal than giving the guy one.

    hardflare, posted

    oh wie geil, würde gerne den sperma von der pferdevotze lecken...

    gumgay, posted

    Boring! Give the male a mare to tease him and get him hard...fucks sake this is pathetic

    marylasher122, posted


    horseryder, posted

    The video and sound are good even though the horse did not get fully erect. The horse is distracted; afterall, he is trying to eat. I like the cum shot at the end!!!

    rgrijalva, posted

    the horse doesnt even have a full erection. This vid is a waste....

    GMC_RTS, posted

    I think the guy was great. Loved the whole movie. I wouldn't mind being under that horse myself.

    darkhorse69, posted

    I'd love to lick that load of spunk up and tongue fuck that arsehole.

    keristal1, posted

    It is good. I want to see more.

    kitunekun, posted

    [31.01.2011-01:47] Schönes Video ! So intim das Umfeld. Nett anzusehen. Schade, das er vorm und beim Abspritzen nicht im warmen Loch steckte......

    PetOlli, posted

    Loved the way he played with those big balls, It takes me back to my first time. Hmmmm stallion

    mulelover, posted

    J'adore cette vidéo, dommage que le mec n'encule pas le cheval mais il a l'air de bien travailler le petit trou

    mans29000, posted

    no no

    narcyz43, posted

    The horse has great equipment,would have loved to have seen more of it.The man was not used to exciting the stallion. Send more!!!!!

    philip, posted

    great; i loved it

    coco4u, posted

    hi giebt es jemand in ost sachsen (germany) der hunde oder pferde besitzer ist. mfg übrigens tolles video ^^-

    youngdog, posted

    yeah fuck this video make me hard !!

    rimkoscar, posted

    very very nice vid and cock. you and the stallion :)

    horsepornjerk, posted

    wish there was horse cum or i owned that horse

    ilovedogs24, posted

    i wanna see more. beautiful horse balls. nice endof the video. the horse asshole is awesome. no sucking, just stroking - too bad...

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    I agree with nude farmer... I was wanting to see lips sliding on a hard horse cock

    foothillsguy, posted

    Ok I saw the horse stroking.. but did I miss the sucking part? The title says he sucked horse dick. Must have been quick! lol. And I did love th cum shot at the end. For those little twits that think a 50 yo man is a 'troll' or butt ugly.. nobody forced u to watch this vid guys. gimme a break!

    nudefarmer, posted

    intresting the video, muy interesante el video

    willmo, posted

    anyone live in michigan wanna get togther or chat then get together hit me up

    soiran1, posted

    what a sexy asshole that stud has, and i love fat horse balls mmmm

    jamesbummed, posted

    oh wow die beiden sind ja ein glückliches paar, das ist ja ein super schöner hengst, mit seinen grossen eiern und dem coolen pimel. hmm denn würde ich auch mal gerne streicheln und verwöhnen.

    Eisbr, posted

    Any one live in Souther California(Inland Empire) or Surrounding Areas, that's has a Dog that they love doing this with, or just wants some one there to watch or Hold the Camera. I've always wanted to see something like this first hand. I've always wanted to try Sucking Horse Cock. And Watching someone get Fucked By a Huge Horse Dick. Or Fuck a Mare myself. I'm a Zoo Virgin. So any Exobisionist out there that like being watched Hit me Up, or better yet E-Mail me raymondg1980@yahoo.com

    raydog1982, posted

    Nice load, to bad he didn't stick his cock inside before shooting. would love to see him fuck that hot stallionass mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

    johnhourny, posted


    ededdddfffed, posted

    This man is fucking hot..................................

    manut888, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm shot my load and ate it

    playboydarcy, posted

    wanted to see the stallion cum load

    dtguy, posted

    Super hot vid! Too bad the dude is a troll!

    mikeycantor, posted

    Why the hell are almost all the guys involved with this stuff REALLY ugly?!!?

    ragete, posted

    Beautiful cum shot at the end...Looks so hot all over that stallion's asshole...!! Thanks for sharing that...!

    astoriaguy23, posted

    hot hot hot, would love to taste that horse ass on his cock.

    dogwalker, posted

    would love to play with you and your stallion, email me and I'll come and play

    smokingdaddy, posted

    Nice Horse..buttugly guy...

    Goldenwolfen, posted

    the horse was like hell no im not getting hard for some crusty old guy beat it in the beggining but then he was like oh fine you disgusting perv get a girl-friend ever hear of it?

    thebigrigtrucke, posted

    very hot

    hjorge09, posted

    fuck, thats fucking nice! hes got the horse in his fucking flat! super...

    Prasak, posted

    geile sache, wau

    ponystosser, posted

    love the fingering shots...what a beautiful ass!! i would cumm all over it too!!

    max31p, posted

    i love women,but i was panting watching this. totally hot.where r u,ur cocks hot also,i was thinking id suck either lol

    manatee777, posted

    omg i am going to fuck a male horse in the ass after seeing this!!!

    Hickory52, posted

    This man is fucking hot, I would give anything to do a 3 way with them, would also welcome their piss - hale satan!!!!!

    sickpigslut, posted

    that was fucking hot... stallion ass looks amazing

    ctguy, posted

    awsum video

    dartmoul12, posted

    Fantastic stuff! Luv to see more of these boys. Keep the vids cummin. Thanx 4 sharing!

    mikeycantor, posted

    him chewing gum ruined it for me

    festaint, posted

    they live together:)

    stroman53, posted

    The man calmly and patiently waits for the giant cock to emerge from the hole of the great stallion. When it finally springs out, the man waits no time to stick the long, fat, and warm horse cock in his mouth. He sucks on the horse's cock like he will never suck another one again! Both the horse and the man are definitely enjoying every minute of it. The man wips out his dick and begins to masturbate while blowing the stallion. At the end, the man finished off with blowing a load of warm cum on the horse.

    13inchesoffame, posted

    wow everybody should have a stallion in his living room on his carpet for extra joy. loved to see the guy blowing his nut at the end! great! The review should be good and describe the movie as good as possible - a minimum of 100 words! The better and longer the review is the more likely it is that we will approve your submission The review should be good and describe the movie as good as possible - a minimum of 100 words! The better and longer the review is the more likely it is that we will approve your submission

    chris_lol, posted

    wowwww thats so hot, and so perfect. the balls nad the fat cock! i would like to suck the fat cock. i love it so! i would like to see more. i would like to play withe the fat balls and the fat long cock! the big fat knob in my mouth and to drink the horsecum!! woww more,baby. moreeeeeeee the big fat cock in my mouth it is so perfect!the balls nad the fat cock! i would like to suck the fat, fat, fat, fat horsecock. to play and to see the best cum!i would like to play withe the fat balls and the fat long cock! the big fat knob in my mouth and to drink the horsecum!!

    dionysos1962, posted

    The most enjoyable thing for me in this movie was I enjoyed seeing a full face shot of the dude; I really like to see the whole person and not just a headless body performing in the movie. This alone was a brave acted but it did not go unnoted. I was also amazed and delight at the same time, that during the hand job the fact that the Stallion almost dropped fully. The whole film was short but sweet to say the least, but what really got me going was the cum shot on his asshole at the end of the flick. Really great job!

    rammann, posted
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