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    Ronja Mouth Fuck


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    This is me fucking my old female dog Ronja. It is great to fuck her mouth, very wet and slippery! Don't try this with a dog you don't trust :)

    Uploaded by k9bitchlover · Rating: 4.3 (400 votes) · 89209 views


    you and your girlffriend are fucking hot like join you

    littlebear48, posted

    thats a good idea as long as you don't piss the dog off with your whole cock in jeaporday

    charliemyboy, posted

    Very Horny 15 yr old looking to chat msg me and il msg you back.Cum and get me ;)

    WANT_HORSE_CUM, posted

    •Aluzky• @iinkwell, "Not only does she WHINE the entire time"←Is the other dog who is whining, probably because is locked in crate or in a different room so he/she does not interrupt the video making. ◄► "but he had to FIGHT her to get her jaws open"←Not really, I have open my dog jaws in the same way (not for sexual reasons) he is not "fighting" to do that. ◄► "hold her muzzle the entire time so she couldn't move"←You are so wrong, she can move away any time, holding her like that does not stop her from moving if she wants. ◄► "despite her constant shuffling from foot to foot"←She never moved, the other dog is the one that is kicking and moving. ◄► "She's probably trying to breathe you sick fuck."←Which she does thought the nose and can still do that thought the mouth. ◄► "My god you people are morons if you can't tell this poor girl doesn't like it."←She is neutral, she is not showing signs of dislike, you are the only moron in here, it is not rape at all. You completely misinterpreted the video, try watching it again understanding the things I just mention.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    @RoughRyder, Fucking a bitch way harder than needed (just for the camera action or just because the guy is an asshole) can cause discomfort or harm to the dog, I don't call those videos rape, I only call them rape when the bitch is clear in discomfort from the stupid human fucking her so hard that is harming her. I don't like they do that because of the danger of discomforting the girl. ◄► I don't see nothing wrong with this video, she is OK with this, she is not being harmed. Can you tell me what is wrong with this video?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    My god you people are morons if you can't tell this poor girl doesn't like it. This is rape in the first degree. Not only does she WHINE the entire time (it's just at one point it gets loud enough for most speaker settings) but he had to FIGHT her to get her jaws open and hold her muzzle the entire time so she couldn't move. I wouldn't be surprised if he punished her for moving, despite her constant shuffling from foot to foot. She's probably trying to breathe you sick fuck.

    iinkwell, posted

    great master & great pupil.fine blow job.

    manudash, posted

    that's amazing. so cool to see a fellow young guy into k9. im 30. been into this since i was 19. midtown880@aol.com

    midtown880, posted

    Nice video

    Mannedanne, posted

    Außergewöhnlich und sehr geil! Ronja liebt dich so sehr, das du alles mit ihr machen kannst :>)

    capricornus, posted

    nice video

    banjery, posted

    many dogs love cum from their masters, and vice-versa...I have a lab that loves my cum, and I can't wait to drink his hot dog sperm, so it doesn't matter who cums first!!

    lablover696969, posted

    pas peureux le gars....mais sa doit etre bon..:P

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    ke rico video

    pacopaco, posted

    @Yesilovedogs so you think theres nothing wrong with this video but when the dog is being fucked a little hard you call it rape?!-_-

    RoughRyder, posted

    pls make more 1 ronja mouthfuck video

    suckmepls, posted

    geiles vid, geiler schwanz.. =9

    master_20, posted

    a sure fire way to become Jewish !!

    horseryder, posted

    •Aluzky• @jaromedarkcloaw There is only one whining sound and it doesn't come from Ronja, also, she is relaxed, there are no sings from submission or fear.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    •Aluzky• Hot, I have actually done that with two sister bitches long time ago. And no, they where stray bitches and we where taking care of them, no training at all, some dog justs don't mind if you place your penis in their mount and hump, they loved to drink my cum after it.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    if no one is paying attention the dog is whineing, the entire time, but only at one point is it loud. which means she dun like it, this is rape, you probobly punish if she moves or something dude, that is bad, sex is okay if they want and enjoy it but when they whine, and you pay attention to body language. she doesn't she was afraid....rapeist

    jaromedarkcloaw, posted

    nice video

    crazii, posted

    What a lovely dog! She's so patient. Love how you handle her.

    prettyd1984, posted


    freesecond, posted

    nice blow

    PearlHabor, posted


    bobgreece, posted


    mydogsissy, posted

    Im on msn stevo1953@live.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com hook up soon cam with me

    stevebutt109, posted

    To those that have asked how I got Ronja to do this, and how to avoid to get hurt by her teeth: Ronja have always loved to lick my cock and to eat my cum. So I figured maybe she wouldn't mind to get fucked in the mouth. I traind her by putting my cock into her mouth for a short while, then I removed it and gave her rewards. I did that for some days, increasing the time I had the cock in her mouth. When she was ok with that I started to move my cock, first slow, and when that was ok went on faster. It took about 2 months before I fuck her like I do in this movie. Now I can even put my balls into her mouth and cum deep down her throat :) It is a great feeling and she swallow all of my cum :) Ronja is 10 years old and has pretty worn down and blunt teeth. I have tried this on my younger bitch Lisa too but her teeth are much sharper and it hurts. So if you want to do this I recommend an older dog.

    k9bitchlover, posted

    I keep watching this vid. I have had bitches who will allow this kind of thing, but it is so rare. I've even had a cocker spaniel who actually sucked on me, but I didn't know her well and it was still better with my Aussie who wouldn't suck, but like Ronja obviously is with you, loved me enough to give me this. I hope you treat her REALLY well and love her back as much as she does you.

    TZwolf, posted

    I'm trainable Sir. Take me home to serve next to your sweet girl

    Lilyofthevale, posted

    thats really hot and really hard to do

    ilovedogs24, posted

    great movie! I jizzed a lot. I loved it so much. I like the lighting and the way the dog just takes it so easily. yeah.

    gaygaybearbear, posted

    it is very difficult

    sbvsrsarma, posted

    Too Mitsu; You are an idiot. Good day :)

    Flickexx, posted

    how did you get your dog to do that and how can i got mine to do it?

    ustolemyarm, posted

    yeah thats fucked up. get a girl you fucking faggot ass mother fucker. fuck a dog. your pathetic. thing about it. FUCKING FAGGOT. SHIT.

    mitsu, posted

    wouldn't her teeth hit you dick? It looks promising but in my mind i wouldn't wat it to hit her teeth.

    stupidperson123, posted

    Hey K9BITCHLOVER! I only just got your message - thanks a million, mate! If you can set things up to catch all the action, I'd love to see you doin' these: A good close shot of your hot cock thrusting back and forward against her tongue in her mouth. A load of your sweet jizz shooting in her gob while your cock is still inside her mouth. I'm so horny to see her gulping it down while she's still sucking your hot pole! If you can do all this wearing a g-string or jockstrap with just the front pouch peeled down and cupped below your balls that'd be FUCKING HOT!! Look forward to seeing more of you and your hot bitch, buddy!

    thataboy, posted

    To Godofpoo: I have had Ronja for many years, I trust her and I know she won't bite. To Thataboy: I promise to try and give a better look of my cock on the next movie, and to cum in her mouth! But I don't have anyone to hold the camera so it's a bit hard to catch all action on the film.

    k9bitchlover, posted

    how did you get her not to bite

    godofpoo, posted

    THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO SEE MORE OF: Good, long, hot dog mouth fucking! The guy in this one looks young and hot, and that mutt looks like she looks forward to him sticking his hot meat in her mouth! The only one slight flaw with this one is that we don't get a fully clear look at his hot cock thrusting in her gob. We know what he's giving to her but there is no zoom in, so the shot is not very detailed. And he puts his hands around her jaw to lock her in place, so he hides the action. But it's an otherwise hot and jackable video. TO K9BITCHLOVER: Give us more of this hot stuff man. Give us a hot oral cumshot in the next one. I wanna see your bitch drink your jizz!

    thataboy, posted

    Ein schöner Hund mit einer braven Hunde-Maul-FickFotze! Wie es sich gehört! Fehlt nur noch die pflichtgemässe Besamung! A very nice dog with a beauty dogmouth to fucking. Only the Spermflow i missing.

    sadfuck, posted

    Hto, would have loved a better llok of his cock in poochies mouth, but good non the less

    troy-lee, posted

    @gapwithwings How did you get it to do it??

    Mynewanimal, posted

    My dog will do the same thing. And it will even suck ! I LOVE IT! THANKS FOR THE VIDEO! FUCK ON!

    gapwithwings, posted

    wow i wanna learn how to teach a bitch how to do this, great job

    silq, posted

    thats impressive k9bitchlover ;) and yes guy's mostly of the dog's dont want to and go bite youre cock i have do the same as him but know after a year she bites still softly in my skin but youre dog trust you 1000% cause when i open her mouth she dont keep it open and your dog keep it open and i used 2 hands you on in the start thanx for sharing this vid with us pS : the dog is of a friend of mine ;)

    doggiestijlo, posted

    Its rare to have a dog so trusting to let you do this with them

    TZwolf, posted

    mutig !, Aber die ist ja ganz brav^^ schön

    Predator87, posted

    i'd let the man fuck my mouth with his big cock

    teddybear2, posted

    a Mój pies się dławi i ucieka ;d Ale i tak go uczę robienia laski.

    pl22pd, posted

    Never has screwing the pooch been such a good thing!

    duhmasto, posted

    mi tez sie podoba.

    nonamed7, posted

    swietny film :) bardzo mi sie podoba :)

    KUBAvelANIOL, posted

    Such a great dog you have, she looks absolutely great to mate with.

    ZN_lover, posted


    siersciuch, posted

    Impressive learning, and dogs doesnt really like when you clam your hand around they nose like that but she did.

    jk-des, posted

    good thing that dog was thristy and not hungry

    blackinwhite50, posted

    That is really hot!

    SGreywolf, posted

    That looks cool. You should have taken your pants off to show your beastly tuff of pubes and show your balls more. It was great. Did you cum at the end. Coz you were going slower.

    hairyguykyle, posted

    Amazing..... I do like how as you held her mouth open right before you put it in, her tongue was already to work something over lol.

    desimator900, posted

    man, da wär ich auch gern hund. den schwanz würd ich auch gern mal verwöhnen!

    hoextergay, posted

    very lucky dog

    ontariomale, posted

    I love this game. Unfortunately i have no Dog. Between my 25 and 35 age i have dog at work. This SecurityDog love my sperm. He elbowed me every night at work. The dog requested me each day to take the cock out. He always typed with that muzzle into my step, until it was allowed to suck my cock. He take the cock deep into the throat. He suck every night my sperm out.

    Longus009, posted

    Nice! I can't believe my eyes. That is a good dog I know She enjoys it....

    WolfyCanine, posted

    this is amazing! i love it

    ctmmtf, posted

    you don't need no dog to suck that nice fat cock. I would looove to be the one sucking your cock =]

    drpepper1885, posted

    I love Dogs who suck on Mens Cocks n-n

    cyrusdamodred, posted

    Wow thats a new one

    jk-des, posted

    Beasty92: I hold her mouth - press her jaws together - to make it feal better. She would never bite me. ShadowOfFear: It took some years before I even dared to try this, you got to trust the dog fully before you do it. But when I finally started to do it she learned fast, after a couple of mouth-fuck sessions she know what to do :)

    k9bitchlover, posted

    What an amazing dog! I've never seen anything like that before, I can't believe she stayed still. How much training did that take?

    ShadowOfFear, posted

    A little peanut butter beforehand and she will soon be begging to do this.

    rankam, posted

    why do u have to hold on to the mouth? will she accidently bite you or something? nice vid btw

    beasty92, posted

    Lucky dog... getting a mouthful of that beautiful uncut cock !!!!!!!!

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    Lucky dog... getting a mouthful of that beautiful uncut cock !!!!!!!!!!

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    pretty fucking hot, i gotta say

    Trinitysama, posted

    Unbelievable the dog knew what to do!

    scific49, posted

    Unbelievable the dog knew what to do!

    scific49, posted

    Fantastic simply put

    autumnvixen, posted

    you must have trained it from a pup . must be great 2 have someone 2 do that anytime you get horny .my favorte is seeing cumming in mouth and seeing them injoy it . wish i could find one of my own 2 injoy like that .need more vidz like this 1 soooo freaking sexy .so how long did it take 2 get it 2 sit there without saying a thing ? she is pretty how old is it ? anyone know where u can go and do animals no questions asked ? would love 2 know love 2 try never had the pleasure .keep'm cumming please

    asszer, posted

    Very good performance, didn't force the animal into anything, therefore the dog did not bite, and included a very strapping young man. Three of the most important key elements to a video such as this. This is also one of the few videos i've seen with good lighting, quality, and both participants being completely willing. A few things that could have been worked on were the camera angle so get some more of the tongue action and such, as well as maybe finishing or making the money shot more visible. For a free video this is most definately one of the best i have seen.

    fokebet, posted

    The way this stud semi-forced Ronja to suck his cock is so hot. When the video starts you see the dominance he posses over his bitch. Though he forces she complies and doesn't hesitate to please. His dick is a nice size too. The lighting is perfect. And the video quality is excellent. This guy grabs Ronja by the head and she literally sucks him like a good little bitch should. He's trained her well. All the while maintaining her eagerness to please her master. She doesn't choke on the dick not once either. I'd say this is 5/5 star video for me. Ronja is the most well trained dog I've seen in a a long time.

    sexphil15, posted

    This is one of my favorite vid ever.. I watching this everyday! It makes me fucking horny and thinking to have pet one day. Mouthfuck is my most favourite part and hope i can do it to my pet. If i can do it, i will do it at anytime.. everyday... without having difficulty to get people for sex. Just wondering whether it can be done to cat or rabbit? But sex with calf is so fucking good. As well as sex with male deer, male goat and male donkey. How about sex with chicken? I heard news (true story) which such case happened in my country. The young boy (age 19) fucked those chickens and the owner found them dead.

    babyanimal, posted

    what can i say i loved every second of this video..first off the man slowly undoes his pants.then pulls out his cock and slowly begins to insert it into his girls mouth. You can tell there is a good bond between those two because she's very gentle and caring with his long meat inside her jaws. He thrusts in and out jeez everytime i've watched this video i begin to ooze in my pants. The lighting is great and the sound is great so i'd give it a 5 out of 5. If your looking to get off this video will definetly do it for you yum yum.

    sweaton22, posted

    This is the kind of movie I like; I good quality with good lighting. This guy not only looks well fit with a great cock but he has a very loving and trusted dog. I love the way she just sits and waits for the guy to unbutten his jeans and get his cock into her mouth, she clearly knows exactly what to do and she seems to be loving it! The sound of him fucking her mouth slowly is great, it really turned me on. I'm not sure if he came or not but this is one of the horniest movies I've seen for ages. These two are a great pair and I'd like to see more videos of the two of them in action. There isn't a lot else to say about this video, i'ts short, but horny as hell!

    tiger11x, posted

    This is a great video might just do that with my dog thanks think u should make a lot more if u do i would going 2 view every one u put with that hot sexy dog lol might post of few with my sexy dogg doing this because i want credit and want u to make alot more video i dont think i got alot of words 2 put in but will try my best and if u can try 2 get a little dogg pussy that will make everything way better even if it rocks already yup no more input but this is the best i can do 2 talk about this great video

    drzalexwithcock, posted

    This movie is a very good example of a proper man/beast movie that should be viewed. The movie contains a man getting sucked off by a black dog, and it is very sexy and arousing. The quality is excellent compared to some of the other movies submitted on this site, the lighting and sound is good, and has great performances from the dog and man. The movie goes for an appropriate length so we get more time to enjoy the show. The dog seems enthusiastic about blowing him and just makes you wish you were there. The movie has excellent footage and is worth watching.

    Kevin_Powell, posted

    This is the kind of movie I like; I good quality with good lighting. This guy not only looks well fit with a great cock but he has a very loving and trusted dog. I love the way she just sits and waits for the guy to unbutten his jeans and get his cock into her mouth, she clearly knows exactly what to do and she seems to be loving it! The sound of him fucking her mouth slowly is great, it really turned me on. I'm not sure if he came or not but this is one of the horniest movies I've seen for ages. These two are a great pair and I'd like to see more videos of the two of them in action. There isn't a lot else to say about this video, i'ts short, but horny as hell!

    DogBoyUK, posted
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