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    Fly And Penis


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    Fly on the penis wery nice fоr masturbation. Home video. Made in home. Today. I hope that you enjoy the movie - don't forget to vote for the movie! enjoy!

    Uploaded by secondhand. · Rating: 3.3 (57 votes) · 29977 views



    JNSHAHPAPDI, posted

    Dit heb ik heel vaak gedaan, geil en kriebeld heerlijk...aanrader.

    rick1973, posted

    •Aluzky• That is an animal but this is not sex. Your dick is covered in germs too, does that mean you are having sex with germs? I don't understand why they upload this, this can be uploaded in any site where bestiality would not be accepted, because this is not bestiality.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Hawt... I'd like to see more like this. I would love to watch it up close.

    luv2watchxxx, posted

    in reply to wantit2, it can develop into a fly orgy once the precum starts to flow. they seem to like it. blowflies are gross, but bush flies are fine

    johnmall, posted


    mucpt, posted

    The feel of a hard cock being inspected and crawled over by flies is a very horny feeling. With time and in hot sunlight the cock will gradually become covered with more and more flies. If you can control yourself and not wank it the eventual pre-cum will attract even more. Some of them can bite enough to draw blood and this increases the feeling of abandoned lust. It is as though the cock has a mind of its own and you are just an observer. You start to wonder if the flies have been on any other cicks or perhaps a pussy.

    wankit2, posted

    when i was a teen i used to wank with loads of flies on my cock, they used to eat the spunk - was so horny!

    jay258, posted

    ohhh i really love this feeling

    Wurscht, posted

    I think it's HOT. The feeling of having it crawl around would be a huge turn on.

    luv2watchxxx, posted

    i have done this also..feels cool...wish i could find more guys into insect play

    italibottom, posted

    I've done this and it feels incredible!

    doggyplay2003, posted

    Hey guys I likedhis cock!

    sawyer969696, posted

    I like it.I have try with more fly,snail and bugs.It s verry nice.The insects make me strong.

    angelgarson, posted

    I like it.I have try with more fly,snail and bugs.It s verry nice.The insects make me strong.

    angelgarson, posted

    needle dicked bug fucker

    sparky12x, posted


    MasonRaines, posted

    First of all.. great looking cock :) As a rule, I hate flies... but since I've really been fascinated with insects on dicks, I watched your video with interest. I wish there was sound or commentary.. would love to know how that felt.

    febfantasia, posted

    Nice looking dick but how can you get off with a fly?

    joebloggs1940, posted


    omgwtfhotdog, posted

    fly is not an animal - GET THAT CRAP OUTA HERE -

    waffa, posted

    Uhhh yeah, this is pretty disgusting. Your dick's kinda nasty lookin too. ;D

    Laphin, posted

    Delicious looking piece you got there :D

    enaudia, posted

    Kinda gross. Not gonna lie.

    YourBitch, posted

    :) lol

    Candyman876, posted

    This is a unique and interesting aspect of beastiality movies, the use of insects - formicophilia. The guy has a really hot looking cock and the fly manages to move around on it for the entire length of the movie. The subject is most interesting and there are limited videos in this area. For those who have not experienced insect play, it is an exhilirating experience. Regretablly there are not more who are into this While exciting, the movie would have been hotter had the cock reach an orgasim, or, if there had been more flies used on it during the feature. The one fly moving around the cock can get a bit monotone, although interesting how t stayed so long, I do recommend viewing for those interested in this aspect of zoophilia which is fo rspecial tastes.

    italibottom, posted
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