• boy gets licked by terrier. i love getting my cock licked by a nice rough dog tongue. feels just sooo good. anyone wants to watch me when she licks me? would love to see women getting fucked by animals new dog i hope you like my huge cock part 2

    Uploaded by iramaj · Rating: 1.7 (52 votes) · 22207 views


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    huge dick ? huge imagination

    horseryder, posted

    s'not that big

    trixter943, posted

    now that is a huge dick!

    itcowboy, posted

    •Aluzky• Hope you can make new videos, with better quality. Thanks for sharing.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    now that is a huge dick!

    bambaata, posted

    Poor quality video

    renaud_xyz, posted

    good film spoilt by poor film quality

    royboy255, posted

    picture quality is a mess

    horseryder, posted

    i'd love to seee a calf suck you off!! mmmmm

    ahmedabolila, posted

    i'll lick you!

    steven98pk, posted

    make many horses jelous??

    hihorse, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm love to have both of you.

    playboydarcy, posted

    wow nice cock man

    dirtydog33, posted

    nice cock!

    luvembig, posted

    Great subject matter but very poor quality in the video..... too much digitalizing/pixulating

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    Oh my, that is a big cock. would love to help you out with it...!

    bigal1979, posted

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    well i did like it, and beautiful cock. it was blurry though and some of the colors seem very off at times. what kind of dog do you have? he seemed somewhat anxious, i wonder if maybe you would film one of cumming and getting your dog to lick it. that would be crazy hot. i think if you made them a little longer that would be nice. again i state that your cock is amazing. does your dog like it alot? have you ever thought about cumming on or inside of your dog? and do you eat your dog, all would be great ideas for you to make videos of. anyway keep up the good work

    Haiyo, posted

    wow, that was a really hot video. You have a really nice cock and it was hot to see the dog lick it. The video was a little blury , i have to admit, but the sound was clear. It was hot to hear you wistle at your dog to come back over and continue licking you. My previous dog use to love lick my cock and it was one of the best feelings i have ever had. Watching your terrier lick your cock brought back good memories of mine. Thanks for posting the video and I look forward to seeing the other ones

    nycrichie, posted
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