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    Licking, Fingering And Fucking A Mare


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    I had great fun with this mare the other night devouring her pussy before sticking my dick in her and fucking her. Cumming felt great as well!

    Uploaded by lord_lucan2004 · Rating: 4.5 (27 votes) · 3466 views


    would like to be a part of this party. Fred

    noblestreet, posted

    watching your tongue licking, you kissing the pussy, she liking it and ready to take your fucking. I love the feel of mare pussy, the taste and the wet ready for cock. Then she gets the pleasure of your fingers.

    nhgrizzly, posted

    es wäre geil gewesen wenn sie ihm ins Gesicht gepisst hätte

    qwertz01000, posted

    you are wonderful......................I want to join you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mdimita, posted


    bigjimbo, posted


    psymartin, posted

    nice fuck and cock!

    Prasak, posted

    Nice video man looks like you could use a camera man. And maybe a second guy to fill her up too!! Let me know if I can be of any help.

    thumper80, posted

    This video was made in the night time and starts off with a close up view of the mare's pussy. The man slowly moves his fingers around it, opening it and sticks his tongue in it. The view changes and the man is slowly opening the pussy again, exposing the pink skin inside. The camera moves down and you see him licking again. He starts sucking the pussy, making erotic slurpy sounds. View changes again and he is exposing it yet again, giving it a lick. View changes to him about to enter his cock into the mare but the mare moves and he fails to seduce her further at that point. Fingers her again. He gets onto a stool and slides his penis up and down the mare's pussy, the mare moves again and he starts fingering again. This happens a bit. He then finally starts fucking her. The rest of the video is of him having his way with the mare, and the mare seemed to enjoy it.

    odardlan, posted
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