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    Sg Man And Cow2


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    very old grainy vid of a men fucking a cow, vhs tape copy with low quallity but still nice from the "sg man and cow series"

    Uploaded by juri-zlove · Rating: 4.1 (253 votes) · 104837 views


    Lovely cow pussy, I love it! Hope I get to fuck a cow one day. Is there anyone in Denmark that will let me fuck his cow, pig or horse. I've tried it with pigs and cows too long ago, but miss it much today. (Goats, cows, horses are also a big wish!) ... Cow pussy is fantastic.

    BFJ, posted

    super :)

    Zoonasss, posted

    This guy has a pretty hot body, nice cock and obviously enjoys fucking this cow. Great lighting and quality of video on top of it.

    Jake07, posted

    dam let me fuc that pussy deep n hard

    badboi778, posted

    nise job I have fucked a few cows & he knows how to do it

    shorttom, posted

    This guy (you?) has a really hot ass & AMAZING ass cheeks & a MONSTER cock I want fucking my ass!

    wannagetinme, posted

    HE FUCKS GOOD!!!!!

    anthony1228, posted

    Very good fuck in a lovely pussy

    rolfisak, posted

    nice dick in that pussy would like some cow pussy i live in ky.

    harry4u45, posted

    Like to fuck a cow . Here in Chattanooga Tn.

    standddd, posted

    it,s wonderful to fuck sows cows and heifers

    mancozz1, posted

    Shame its such bad quality

    Mare117, posted

    lovely dog

    dfgv, posted

    Love that pussy hair.

    SolidSnakeBoss, posted

    what a cock and lovely cock strokes..........

    luvembig, posted

    Nice cock!

    blufireSC, posted

    Ride 'em cowboy! Too funny to see the cow moving and him trying to stay "engaged". Film is pretty grainy but good shots of him working his dick in the cow's pussy alternating angles. Seems to have got the cow's attention...at least she stopped walking away.

    4fingers, posted


    beastgirlsex, posted

    Nice video,the guy has a very nice budy,and super beautiful dick.

    tauruslov, posted

    That's how to fuck a cow

    analperv, posted

    very hot, nice cock!

    Hengst44, posted

    this guy gets right to it,cow doesn't get away from him.great job !!!

    mrmikemoe, posted

    geiler fick !! macht mich ganz heiss.

    nightglow, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    omg love itttt

    candys, posted

    yessssssssssssssss its so hot

    toshm, posted

    a very lucky man with a beautiful choice of heifers

    barnboy1966, posted

    geiler kuhficker mit nem grossem fickriemen!!

    Benny66, posted

    de4r feilt die Kuh so richtig. bruno-scvhau mal meine Favoliste an

    klettke, posted

    wish i could join him in the barn as he is servicing that heifer

    spunky1010, posted

    hi i to love your cow fuck she reacted to him like a cow with a bull humped up

    bry2339, posted

    i like how you fuck your cow i love to do it to if you like to have a talk i'm Glen 0430032446 and my msn is adelaidestud20@msn.com

    adelaidestud, posted

    New technique to tenderize meat

    feedit2u, posted


    totort, posted

    That guy's got the equipment for giving them cows a good fuck.GO !!!

    overhill40, posted

    Yeah, shitty quality but that cock is huge, lucky cow!

    wginscuba, posted

    poor production quality but good vid!

    4fingers, posted

    that guy is a true cocksman his dick was nearly as thick as her tail.

    luvembig, posted

    would love to have that big cock pumping spunk in me.

    bredmare, posted

    wish I could feel that cock sliding in and out of me.

    bredmare, posted

    Good heifer in standing heat,when hi is abel to lai on top of her so the pussy is hot vet and slimy

    mancozz1, posted

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM nice cock on that guy would love some fun with it

    doggiedoer2, posted

    Excellent, this guy is no amatuer.

    oldster2, posted

    GR8 cock nice moving

    robin48, posted

    great meat and motion

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    Thanks for sharing. Still a great vid despite the graininess. Would love to find a farm near Sydney where I could do that.

    Chameleon, posted

    Nice big thick cock on this guy. Heifers are such exquisite fucking, used to like doing them best of all farm animals. Could use a bit more of that these days. If there's any more western Canadian guys who would like some company in the barn, would love to be connected again in this fashion.

    kaaty, posted

    heifers are best,tight and hot.delille

    delille, posted

    I am looking for an Iowa farmer that will invite me to join him in fucking his cows.

    eiowabear, posted

    wish he was fckin me with that cock

    21370, posted


    draeger, posted


    negrotarado, posted

    An older, less-than-HD video of a man, as the title suggests, sexing up a bovine babe. It's one of the better quality older videos, and is short, sweet, and to the point, though I still prefer longer videos... Very nice! Hope to find more around here. hehehe... the only downside is that the video's short, but it's nothing exceptionally special so it's hard to write a long review about it. Now i'm just adding things to fill the requirement like he filled the cow... screw it. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    murphy540, posted
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