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    Man Gets Fucked By Pig


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    pig fucks a man in the barn sexy watch it now it is really hot pig dicks are like their tails they are curly like corkscrews.

    Uploaded by gamer4fun · Rating: 3.7 (176 votes) · 147489 views


    anybody live up near toronto canada?

    artac1, posted

    dem balls tho

    Sinnedtragedy98, posted

    Got a horny animal and live in the Ohio region? Need someone young for yo to watch, or play with and the animal? Ignore the details on the profile, but message me if you do need. Any gender, any animal <3

    Iruuka, posted

    O porco fica ate uns 10 minutos com o pau dentro jorrando porra la dentro, a porra do porco é grossa e talhada.

    thiagopauzao, posted

    Anyone in Edmonton alberta with animals send me an email 20 m bi bottom here cosmokramer1234@hotmail.com

    stabottomboy, posted

    Das ist einfach ein geiles gefühl von dem Eber benutzt zu werden

    leidenschaft, posted

    interested in taking a cum shot from a pig mrjl846@gmail.com live in aus

    mrjl846, posted

    That's a nice pig. I wish it was longer, cause I've never seen a pig fucking a guy before. This was new. Can't wait till I get my male German Shepard though. We are gonna have some fun. ;)

    Theporgirl, posted

    I have heard a pig can cum up to two cups in one fucking. I would love to try and keep all of that cum in my ass while he drove his cock deep in my ass.

    jamieboxer, posted

    awesome movie i would like try but can you show cock of pic in you ass?

    albertoalcala, posted

    •Aluzky• So freaking short. Though is rare material so... Is OK I guess.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    hope he dont squeal on hem,,lol

    lindzey, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX...I am a cute Latino bareback bottom into getting my ass cum filled by hung man & K9, I want to also try getting screwed by a big boar and/or a small horse. Email me at sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    Wow read stories about pig sex and now ive seen this im crazy not to try it. if anyone is in the uk near brighton and wants to have me over to get it message me asap

    Gdbtm4sex, posted

    I live in columbus ohio and want to try being fucked by any animal, message me if you can help.

    Zeeno, posted

    If you live on or own a farm with animals. Message me if you want a farm whore. I will be willing to get fucked by any animal you have. Dogs included and film it for here if you wish. If interested just message me.

    bitchboy, posted

    just wana shove that points up my asshole mmmmmmmmmmmm

    crazycocklover, posted

    id luv to take that!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

    I would love that!!

    nortnabarb, posted

    Boar easily presses her sex in the boy Ass; it must be particularly feel this very long and thin cock screwing between buttocks and then proceed and sink deeper into his belly! Boar to huge balls, they contain a large quantity of semen, the boy feels his belly inflated by the seed of the boar that did to finally sinking! It is delicious!

    frany1953, posted

    ich würde es gerne mal auch mit einen eber treiben! mail an kinglordleo@hotmail.de

    sweetleo, posted

    i like to hear the pig cum

    yrg600, posted

    This is so kool,lucky slut,wonder what pig cum taste like?

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    just should have been a little longer to really enjoy it all

    leinpv, posted

    Braver than me... ;)

    dingo89, posted

    wish that had been me getting fucked by boar

    twintoes, posted

    has anyone a pig, and let me do that? pls message me

    dakoty, posted

    Pig cock is actually shaped like a corkscrew. not thick but damn! imagine a corkscrew up ur asshole pounding in and out. and... pigs cum for 30 minutes... non stop orgasm. Good vid! biggg boar!

    nudefarmer, posted

    Omg look at the size of those glorious balls

    kirki, posted

    Jeeze would love that big boar fucking me.. I would want to suck him too.. want to have him cum in my mouth..

    ak9subpig, posted

    the vid gave me a hard on

    jaspergriffen, posted

    good but want to see more men mounted by farm animals

    punknpatch, posted


    vaximka, posted

    Where can i do this ?

    newhorse, posted

    I would love to feel that stuffed by the pig

    luckyone1961, posted

    extraordinary a boy screwed by a boar

    frany1953, posted


    ZXCZXC2009, posted

    can u imagine feelin those huge balls banging against your ass.. that be hot

    bipmark, posted

    Supergeil! Der Eberpimmel ist zwar nicht sehr dick aber lang. Muß ein herrliches Gefühl sein, wenn er so eine halbe Stunde drin ist und immer wieder tief im Arsch abspritzt. Möchte auch mal so gefickt werden oder von einem Rüden!

    doglover41, posted

    ich bin nap ein traum der eber

    franzw, posted

    OMG I am dripping wet now! I need to come this is SO exciting to watch albeit short!!! (I only wish I had access to animals to experience it for myself!)!! xxx

    beastigirl, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Short - but nice to see. Want a pig fucks me..., too. Würde so einen Schweineringel auch mal gerne in mir spüren....

    PetOlli, posted

    Short - but nice to see. Want a pig fucks me..., too.

    PetOlli, posted

    damn, that looks good! have heard that a boar cock is quite different...but his size would be intimidating for me

    dogluvr, posted

    Oldie, but goldie! I love to see and want, too! :-)

    sweetleo, posted

    Nice movie but too short to have fun !

    KDL, posted

    Clip waayy to short. Wanna see more.

    shadow, posted

    loved it,lillyfrench can I wank on that pig as he fucks you hard,please,hope you don't mind

    lookerlooking, posted

    this is a real movie

    rahi197980, posted

    mmmmm wanna that pic fucks me hard too,i'm all wet watching that

    lillyfrench, posted

    this shit is so damn hot. perfect ass. young looking guy. no hesitation,it goes in easy, and keeps it in, and steady most of the time, unlike horses that move around, and freeze, and such, and its usually not just a smooth fuck. huge domination. nice seeing something big just climb right up on a guy, and just stick it right up there. shoulda been longer w/the finish, tho. lets see more of it, tho. woulda been one of the better ones ive seen if it wasnt so short. dont really have time to get that much during.

    default1020, posted

    it made me say wtf on a guy getting fucked by a pig i mean pigs are nasty animals, i rather see that fine ass get fucked by a dog then a pig. idk pigs are just the uglyest animals i have ever seen. also tht seems gross i mean he could get sick from a pig ik they do carry a illness. i say redo and get fucked by a dog a nice geerman sheppered and take tht knot in too. yeah tht is all i have to say or and point out for you all ok, tht was lame

    sweet666kool, posted

    This is the first pig sex that I have seen I have always wondered if this was possible!!! I loved this video because the quality was good and it had a good side view! I would definetly recommend this to my friends. the only thing I did not like about it was that it was short but still great none the less!! I am hoping to see more videos from this poster. I would definetly watch them!The thrusting from the pig was great you can tell he was enjoying himself!To make it better I would have had a close up and do a start to finish type of thing but for my first viewing of pig sex this was great!!! I loved every second of it!!!

    mpitbullover, posted

    One of the best pig sex movies I've ever seen! it goes so far into you! You may need to make the video longer though maybe about 2 minutes. You need to get a few more camera angles like between the legs and I would like a close-up and you need to anal the pig or at least give the thing oral and you cum in it or it cums in your mouth, I was kind of looking for some cum action as you can tell, good lighting and good job, you need to have different angles and a longer video or people will be turned off, all though I was very turned on. Over all it was a very good movie, you should really consider making more, maybe try cows or dogs, you will be very successful, I'll give you 4/5 stars, only because it was too short and there was no cum or different angles, but very good job.

    sashaismine, posted
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