• Just a simple video of a mare being taken by some lucky guy.                                                                                               

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    hatte gleich meinen schwanz steif zum abspritzten

    lusti, posted

    Awesome! Good picture quality and showing intense enjoyment by the mare - wanting him more and more inside her and pulling back his cock all the time. More like this, pse!

    spykerkop, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    what hot fucking cunt, and cock, fuck yeah

    1cockluvr, posted

    I hope that one day there will be a real féccondation of the mare. Normally it is impossible but perhaps someday this will happen.

    mare.love88, posted

    as soon as i saw this pony pussy i started jacking off. my first pony pussy was a virgin.when i stuck my dick in her pussy we both came at the same time,her pussy would wink with a contraction and i would shoot cum time after time her pussy would squeeze on my dick and i would squirt more cum in her hot wet pussy .i just held her tail and kept my dick as far up in her pussy as i could,i think it lasted about 5 mins, i didnt want it to be over

    getdownonit, posted


    graid, posted

    lucky mare

    Cartli, posted

    Lucky mare wish I was her!!

    sckiwi, posted

    horse got back!!

    horse1887, posted


    carcor, posted

    very cool it's so big and deep

    zigmas, posted

    It is reali sexy i like it

    wannakiss, posted

    if anyone has a mare thatd be willing to fuck let me kno, wilson.erik2@gmail.com

    horseload_64, posted

    Sweet, I would love to eat that winking pussy and fuck her. Mastermajor, would love to fuck your 2 big mares and pony. Drop me a line; astud4mares14@yahoo.com

    astud2mares, posted

    I from poland, hawe a 2 big mare and 1 pony mare hi like fuck ewery day

    mastermajor, posted

    Man I luv her and his cock looks so horny and nice I would luv to make luv to her, I have very close to 6" uncut cock nice big head, will reach all of 6 when I cumm inside her she's so sweet and horny, luv her.luv to rub my knob the full length or her pussy then shove it all the way in and cumm my full load hold it in til i cumm again then let it slide out while she sqeeze my cumm from her pussy then clean her nice with a clean cloth and warm water and lick her cunt and fuck her again luv to suck a man's cock same time mmm I'm soo horny gonna J/o now and cumm same time as she's throbbing her sweet pussy. It would deffinitely improve ur sex life with women after u make a horse cumm with a small cock compared to the big stud cock, please email me someone who does this, alright454@msn.com and refresh my memory when u do.

    alright454, posted

    Think the mare needed a bigger dick

    Iamwondering, posted

    mmmm makes me cumm every time have to j/o she love him soo much i sure luv to make her cumm then shoot my full load on her last two winks and let my cock slip out with my cumm oozing out while still throbbing

    alright454, posted

    this is a very good movie, the stud knows how to handle his mount and she enjoys his luv making.

    luvembig, posted

    ohhh she likes his cock, she has a sext set of lips too!!

    Equine69, posted

    Fantastic, and the mare LOVES IT..... Any horseowners in Sweden??

    katman69, posted

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    very good video, the mare really enjoys it the way he thrust right in her big inflated pussy, and that ass is just amazing a horses butt is so nice and round like a balloon. you can imagine being behind that big sexy butt and as you approach her that tail lifts up and you see that wonderful anus and vulva from that horse, just go up there and stick your cock in her and fell that wet pussy yeah.. i really enjoyed this video good quality the lighting was perfect very nice this guy should defently make more of his sexy mare.

    pillowhorse, posted

    Excellent video. It has good picture quality. Great lighting which is rarely the case. I highly recommend this video. Great point of view, which makes it easier to imagine being there. It is a very good video and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to watch one. The video is incredibly life like and you can imagine what it feels like to be inside a wet horse pussy. This is great work! I insist that anyone that is looking for good bestiality videos watches this video! A+++ Very very good! I hope that who ever made this video is able to put up more. I love it!!

    Silafus, posted

    A beautiful chestnut brown mare with a hot winking pussy is the centerpiece of this fine video clip. It begins with a young dude with his pants half way down his legs pumping away into the hot, pink, winking pussy of this lovely mare. Her lips are lovely and full and hungry for man cock. Your dick will be sure to become turgid and hard and leaking pre cum as you watch this young man fill her pussy with his engorged cock. She winks away as he thrusts into her full lips, saying with her winks "I love your manhood in me".

    stableman62, posted

    a great man and horse sex scene. mare loves gitting her tight pussy rubed in and out by mans big penis. you can see how much she loves it every time he forces he dick farther inside of her her pussy reacts with pleasure movement. simple version of this is a man with a 6 or 7" cock fucking a brown mare. the mare and the man both enjoy themselves, honestly it's hot and anyone to watch this ;) give it a nice rateing. its an extreemly good video and most of these are rare and hard to find. pet_sex.com is the #1 place on the net for videos like this to be found :3 come here more often for great videos like this.

    calebsomthing, posted
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