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    Pet Fish


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    Sucker fish at work. Some do a pretty good job says Joe who's too ugly to find a real woman. First he tried this with his pet piranias- only once for obvious reasons..

    Uploaded by blofish · Rating: 4.1 (96 votes) · 96777 views


    my cock and arse is waiting marky9308@hotmail.com

    bootedskinhead, posted

    awesome, what kind of fish is it ?

    nightglow, posted

    Blow fish? More like blow job fish.

    Rodents444, posted

    he should be moaning n forcing the fish on his cock

    Fuckchickens, posted

    Everyone message me(:

    Thomas1290, posted

    Pet Fish

    www.petsex.com, posted

    Man i wanna try this soooo bad!!!

    horselover192, posted

    •Aluzky• You should try to make a video where we can see the cum oozing out. :P

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    kaosknife123, posted

    the best fish movie ever

    ziegenmax, posted

    Toller Karpfen.....

    greyfuck, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    Um....wow that's new.

    mrskelly, posted

    Very original!! Keep up the good work!!

    spacealien22, posted

    Rofl... What the fuck hahaha thats fuckin wicked

    kkdeath, posted

    wow thats.... different?

    rally-g, posted

    Fish.....'ya gotta be kidding ;>)

    TZwolf, posted


    naruto11133, posted

    hi i like more movie

    jignesh123, posted


    thickboner4u, posted

    your penis is verrrry smalll o.-. and wow though this is fascinating its like he knows what to do.

    KweenKween, posted

    Now we know why some fish are called suckers!

    hardshaft50, posted

    it is a carp, isn't it?

    meli, posted

    What a strange thing to do. Very hot to watch though. What kind of fish is that?

    will_try, posted

    ..he seems to enjoy the taste and makes me cum quickly

    blofish, posted

    how the hell do u get a fish to do that?

    phily2353, posted

    wow!! looks fun...hmmm...

    hray38, posted

    das war sehr sehr lecker würde es auch gerne mal ausprobieren lg andy20

    andy20, posted

    Good thing they have no teeth

    voyeur18, posted

    Oh my….This is quite a movie. This is such a turn on for me. The video opens with a man in tub holding with a fish. The fish begins to suck on his yummy cock, making gurgling sounds. This is by far the most interesting thing I have ever watched! The fish moved away for a few seconds, but couldn’t resist such a tasty meal! Talking about sexy!! My kitty got wet instantly from watching this movie. This fish must like sucking cock because he comes back and deep throats this man’s love stick. For even more enjoyment, watch this a second time, but close your eyes and enjoy the sound of some good deep throat action. The gurgling will bring you to orgasm very quickly!! Highly recommended!!

    sexylady11, posted

    this is . . . . . . . . . wow, ive never seen anything like this in my life really, but when i saw the fish insert the hot looking cock down his mouth i got hard and just had to squesse off a round. i really got horny when the fih took his entire lenth down its mouth, some reason the gurgleing sounds made it sound like it felt relly good, i never thought fish could suck cock, keep up the good smexing i hope to see more fish giveing oral sex in my future, hell i might try it outbut untill then i hope it was fun for you, it was fun on my side of the video ^^

    corpse-grinder, posted
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