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    Two Guys With Stallion/Fucking It!


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    two guys one fucking one playing with stallions ass with finger.. full on fuck? with a stallion that has a bit of attitude at the end.. this vid does not end with a cum shot.. but hot to watch none the less

    Uploaded by daddyduke · Rating: 3.0 (422 votes) · 168853 views


    return forgot I have seen it already, again a waste of time

    horseryder, posted

    25 year old here looking for twinks add me on skype downincork

    hornyasscock, posted

    with two men there you would think that a halfway decent camera job would have been possible, this must be a quickie visit and they grabbed their action while they could still its a waste of time

    horseryder, posted

    anyone in australia

    jakenator, posted

    Hey any guys in New Zealand In the Central North Island?? :) That has access or knows of any one that does have please let me know thanks all :) Skype me on Sky25Walker message me any time.....

    Skywave, posted

    23 twink uk wants to try this shit!!! give me a shout

    ScrewYou09, posted

    Three whole seconds of "fucking".... i want my money back.

    plopok, posted

    mmm let me eat out that ripe smelly stallion ass to prep it for the farmer's cock

    hogatthetrough, posted

    18 Yr Old Freaky Puerto Rican Female Im Down for whatever .. Love animal play

    BouncedatFreak, posted

    add me guys, this kind of stuff makes me so hard i'm fron mexico skype: alex.darkraiix

    Rdzemmanuel, posted

    Anyone in the Wakefield area got a male donkey or horse they want to share, message me if interested and want to meet. I'm a 17 year old male. ill give u more info if you message

    shadowking48, posted

    im a 22 female an all the videos ive seen yall have big dicks.. so one of yall happen to be in phoenix az hmu cuz I need some BAD

    ktd4220, posted

    im 14 male living in phoenix,arizona if anybody lives near please pm me i need some thick cock to plow my ass please!!!!!!!

    gayfordonkeyass, posted

    17 year old power bottom in Riverside California near LA looking for older man with a stallion for a hot bareback threesome message me if your horse can cum in my ass

    TaylorReedTV, posted

    jemand nähe berlin mit paar geilen pferden?. 16m schreib mich an;)

    junethebat, posted

    hello is there someone in holland whit a dog or a bigger animal i am 14 and i want to get fucked in my ass by the pet and even the owner if u woulnd't mind

    dane14, posted

    I Have Stallions If Anyone One Wants To Try This :P Message Me

    pasical, posted

    horses have less than a 2% chance of surviving a torn rectum, not something to chance.

    Thebestss, posted


    nycshaun, posted

    15 m Oregon looking for slim man to have some fun with my virgin hole or stallion to play with you can even join in:)

    soardash, posted

    I have a stallion who is trained. He loves it when I fuck him too :) He'll also give me blowjobs whenever I want. I usually find a sexy racehorse pic, but him in a frame, and set it on my stallions back while Im making love, that way I can have something to look at while I fuck.

    ilovestallions, posted

    That Stud wanted it bad though, wish the horse would have cooperated.

    hogpig, posted

    too bad the horse didnt kick you in the nuts and send you to a hospital.

    Ranamaru000, posted

    i want to play with a horse... o///o

    kittyxwolfy, posted

    OMFG this plays for 2 sec and then locks up and says "server not found "

    firefoxx, posted

    alguien de mexico con animales para cogerlos? me mide 19 cm espero me envien mensage

    Cbastian28, posted

    next time fluff yourself before filming. it saves time.

    guy4horses, posted

    superb sexy session ... wanna see more

    bust_me, posted

    Dude Fuck my Ass

    Timothy-Dartan, posted

    omg.. this is beautiful! Two guys doing this to a hot rutting stud? I rimmed a stallion once, it was amazing! anyone in michigan wanna help me out? I turned 18 a few dats ago

    kotahun12, posted

    looking for someone interested in animal sex male or female in the chicago area i want to have some hot suck and fuck fests soon ;)

    seto_vash, posted

    God i love the taste and feel of a stallions hole its just so good and i love sucking on them big cocks both the humans and the stallion in this vide giggle anyone in pennsylvania have a dog or stallion they would let fuck me? Any guys wanna fuck my male ass message me if so:)

    horselover192, posted

    stallion ass's are soooo juicy, i just want to fuck 1 right now!!

    ileikthecock, posted


    kasan75, posted

    Love this Vid! Great cocks! Anyone around vegas?

    lakecofun, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted

    nice color and light next time try building a support protective ramp

    horseryder, posted

    fuck any farmers wanna hook a perv up?

    hogatthetrough, posted

    didnt see the shaft, did i miss it? well piss, thought i'd see one of the dudes get topped and some oral on the beast as well. not that great, not at all :/

    browneyedog, posted

    ngtr mjkiu koiy

    raf-500, posted

    I would love to have these two hunks have their way with me!

    spacealien22, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    MMMmm HOT

    lil-hot-one, posted


    rimkoscar, posted

    shame stallion not doing u two eh!!

    bootedskinhead, posted


    janwillem, posted

    savrseno! fenomenalno! hocu i ja!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    can you get a std from this?

    liketoys4life, posted

    It's funny, don't go now, was so funny

    lingjiale, posted

    very damn kool,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    Waste of time and credit. Dont want to see horse flanks and man wanking, want to see hot cock in stallion.

    Scarletslut, posted

    Wish I was there...

    playwithme2, posted

    wow its firrent than normal

    roboty34, posted

    I think it was hot guys wish I could meet some guys like you

    dadsbabyboy, posted

    boys..message me on msn and yahoo i got cam and dog and im into anything, crazydave1450@yahoo.com

    davidishot, posted

    very lucky horse. having 2 males want to fuck it

    ontariomale, posted

    next time cowboys, let your friend jack you off while you finger fuck the horse.You might get it hard enough to let the horse know your'e in.

    dickweed1, posted

    very poor vid but i do like to see fimgers go in

    onlymeforyou, posted

    I never ass fucked a horse but have eatten on out it was great then I sucked his cock, wasn't a stallion but his cock was fun to play with anyway.

    tmh123, posted

    very hot video

    dartmoul12, posted

    Love the horse. I will enjoy that.

    horny4dog, posted

    sieht nach Erektionsproblemen aus; schade und verwunderlich bei dem herrlichen Hengstarsch

    horsefrank, posted

    i could do better with my eyes closed

    blackinwhite50, posted

    kinda disappointing, the guy got only semi hard and could not keep it in, beautiful and good quality vid, too bad.

    luvembig, posted

    i think thie is hot i want some babe bad boyk9@yahoo.com

    boytoyk9, posted

    look at those morons!these guys don`t know how to fuck

    waffa, posted

    it seems that way.

    blackmo, posted

    yeah, I don't think that stallion liked it very much.

    danceswitwolves, posted

    this video is totally awesome and that stallion is really big, the camera is a little shaky but overall it is a great demonstration. like i said the camera is a little shaky. that is the only bad part about the video. i really love to watch this video over and over and over again. i love this video and the only way it could be better is if the camera was on a tripod to stabilize it, that is the only way that this video could be better. i would love to see more but there is the only one. again i say the video could be a little better if the camera wasn't as shaky.

    coolness12345, posted

    This is a great sexy movie for any guys who have a fetish of fucking a horse or girls who have a fetish of watching a guy fuck a horse. Well first it starts off with a guy inserting his hard shaft into a horses ass. Than he starts jacking off while he fingers the horse's ass. Than he starts inserting his hard dick into the horse's ass again. The movie does kind of glitch a little bit, but its very sexy watching him fuck. The horse keeps movie away from him which sucks. Very good movie otherwise i would rate it 5 out of 5!Hope you enjoy the movie!

    chris_nabbefeld, posted

    very hot video of two men and their stallion outside a barn by the looks of it,both men have great cocks and full balls. first man slips his hard cock up the stallions arse and pumps it in a few times then the second man starts wanking before entering the mighty beast. the other man fingers the stallions arse while his mate continues to wank then trys to enter the stallion again. ends abrutly when the stallions heads off but i can imagine the men both shot big loads at the thought of fucking the horses hole. i presume they both had a good feel of the horses long cock after the camera stopped rolling.

    gary27gateshead, posted
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