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    Cat Feline Sex


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    Interesting concept. I personally thought the camera angles were all wrong, from one angle it appears that there MAY be penetration but that remains to be seen since the camera failed to get any close up shots. Next time maybe he should have a fairly large mirror positioned under himself and the lense of the camera poised on the mirror itself so possibly you may see some penetration of his cock into the felines pussy. I would like to see another video or more videos in this genre of seeing our little furry feline friends finally get some attention they deserve. Makes me want to go out and get a pussy, I mean kitty.

    Uploaded by doggie_style · Rating: 3.3 (255 votes) · 71821 views


    Nicely done! but next time, hold her down, or tie her legs together so she can't run away when u cum on her. And this way you can be rougher with her as well :)

    fonefanatic, posted


    cuddlepuss9, posted

    There was no penetration you would have killed that cat because their vaginas are too small, and a 5 inch penis would go right into her stomach and would be too thick to fit in her thighs

    frogman118, posted

    lighting was too dark couldn't see anything.

    doggielove2010, posted

    lighting was too dark couldn't see anything.

    doggielove2010, posted

    i love it . this is very hot. even though im a woman i sure wish we could take turns havin sex with ur feline. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    sexmaniac45, posted

    I want to Fuck your pet can any one help me on this I in Suffolk email on davidhw@hotmail.co.UK

    lookinside, posted

    why u don't try to rape the cat...._)))

    rapefuck01, posted

    I don't think it is possible. A male cat's penis is so very small compared to that of a man. I think that he was just rubbing his penis under the cat. If that is what he enjoys so be it, but the cat didn't agree. rockharbd

    rockharbd, posted

    I dont believe there was any penetration.

    Ericay, posted

    So bekommt Sie angst vor dir :>(

    capricornus, posted

    •Aluzky• Though the ending was hilarious, cats afraid of water or cum LOL. The guy is just dry humping the cat, but clearly the cat is more annoyed than anything.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    My god, what a GORGEOUS uncut cock! It makes me wet just to look at it. ;-)

    DKLA, posted

    that mat me hard:D

    greech40, posted

    wish i had that happening to me right now

    inuyasha86, posted

    I would love to make you my pet,I see you dress the part

    lovehandlers, posted

    I wish it was my pussy you were cumming on!

    elhana69, posted

    That is one of the hugest cocks I have seen! Well done, babe<3

    WetVirgin, posted

    I would love to fuck a cat, but thats definatly impossible. Cats are way to small

    Adrinator, posted

    wat heeft hij aan OMG

    knol334, posted

    What a dick!mmm...

    megana21, posted

    Big cock for a tight little pussy ..if it did go in then that cat had an awesome fuckk!!

    curious4beast, posted

    that guy was faking it i didnt see the penetration

    joseph3336, posted

    very fuckin interesting, wuld be hot to try!, specially if cat doin me

    bootedskinhead, posted

    as much as this would have been hot, it's obvious that there's no real penetration; it would have taken longer to get his dick in the cat's pussy and he would have needed his hand to position it correctly. I would love to see the real thing, though. Next time, try to actually put your dick in the cat.

    serenegrace, posted

    i would ove to se emore peopele fuck their cats but would love to see the mans cock as it enters the cat every time. loved hearing this guy getting off . it mademe totally hot

    sexmaniac45, posted

    all i can say is your fucking brave... cats are so temperMENTAL theyll shred your cock if you upset them....

    gentlesquire, posted

    wtf is that? one thing i hate is closts on in sex u cant see or do anything with shit like that bad bad bad bad and bad

    BlackFoxs, posted

    yes its only rubbing on the cat*who seem to not like it so much* because if you dont know,, the cat are the species who have the smaller sex for theire size,,my rat was having a bigger cock the a cat! i just thinks he could have rub himself on anithings fluffy would have been same as sensation,, hey man i am sure you have try to fuck an apple pie

    jello1, posted

    its is imposile

    coliman, posted

    •Aluzky says• Clearly the cat didn't like that, hell, even he try to put it inside the cat ear. This video is borderland offensive.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Yep, just rubbing some cock on a pussy's pussy. I think the cat likes it a bit too ;)

    wpriceh, posted

    he is usin the pussy 2 jack his cock i think it is hot

    tweetypie, posted

    NOOOOO! Why would you try to fuck a cat in the first place?????????????

    whyamihere01, posted

    no penitration you can tell the way he put his pennis between the cat legs and start ramming right way and no way he coulkd of get that big cock in that cat small pussy so easy......nnnnnnnnnooooooooo ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkiiiiinnnnggggggggggg wwwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyFAKE

    sexysweet, posted

    No good. Poor video.

    oroblanco, posted

    no way..fake.. maybe between fur legs but not penitration

    bbbottom66, posted

    Not as exciting as I would have liked

    nerdynerd, posted

    not a good video

    rebeccalee, posted

    This is horrible. That poor cat obviously didn't like it. This is fake anyways. You can't fuck a cat, especially with a penis that size. Fucking a cat would kill it.

    dillylala, posted

    im a male i love big asses n big titis but ill fuck a women even if they dont got that message me u gotta look guud tho.

    XXmrshlongxx, posted

    @inthatass This is fucked up i think i need a shrink after seeing this.

    blackmuffin, posted

    Ive sucked my cat off before and his cum was soo hot in my mouth that I spit it out on my hand and rubbed my pussy with it and even shoved some up inside my cunt.

    K9GangBang, posted

    im male and gay message me? i love cocks. wanna fuck

    wowmynameissexy, posted

    ya that was fucked,I think your cat might need to see a shrink after all that and may be you should to lol.

    inthatass, posted

    Im 16 Male looking for fun in Canton, OH area... will fuck u or any animal... u can fuck me as well... Msg me for more info or just to chat

    bigcaboom1, posted

    its almost impossible to anal a female cat any tips...?

    catscats166, posted


    wanamore, posted

    Sweet cat. =)

    Aislinn, posted


    tlcfun, posted

    I know I didn't bang him. (I only do male animals) I like to rub him on me, cause it feels good. I made the vid just for more cat stuff to be on here.

    doggie_style, posted

    why would u even make a vid of this... u didnt even bang her and she obviously diddnt like that.

    goombar7, posted

    Der hat die Katze doch nicht wirklich gefickt? Ginge dass eigendlich?? Wer in Germany / NRW fickt real mit Tieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder mitmachen...??

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    wow really a cat? This guy needs to buy a dog.

    outbreak, posted

    Pretty funny....the cat runs when the guy starts to squirt LOL

    TZwolf, posted

    I liked the movie, beautiful cock, but why the stockings?

    NoOne2485, posted

    I like this guy's cock.

    liudf369, posted

    Trying to have any sex with a cat is really tricky....Just ask "Claud Balls"...LOL

    buggerboy, posted

    i hope this guy gets AIDS

    mouseinhouse, posted

    i love this guy

    animalshot, posted

    poor kitty....she didnt like!

    fettezitzen, posted

    am i next

    lacey1234567, posted

    this vid seems fake

    thetony8219, posted

    ha, that cats just like "what the fuck" -_-

    silvers1188, posted

    es uno de los videos mas pendejos que he visto el gato ni siquiera sabe que pedo

    pepetoni34, posted

    Que risa, jajajaja!! el pobre gato al final dijo, "ewwwww..yo mejor largo!" jajajaja. Deja de martirizar al pobre gatito y mejor consiguete una perra :D

    DOGLOVER03, posted

    This is stupid all you did was jerked of to your cat. If you were able to get into the cat women must laugh at you.

    limpnoodle, posted

    Interesting.....you have a great cat there....one of my cats would have turned around and shred you to pieces....good work!

    ladibitch, posted

    Haha. At the end the cat purty much said "Fuck that, i don't want that on me". Darted out of the room ;)

    vipr, posted

    love your cock!!!

    toasia, posted

    you trolling morons. he did not put it IN the cat he just rubbed it against it

    Kissemisse, posted

    Manbearpigss i have to agree with you but you cant rip out the insides of a cat if you dont put it in!!!!! All you see is him leg fucking his cat it looks like hes just rubbing/fucking her fur

    anel101, posted

    you fucking idiot! with your nylons! Sorry ass motherfucker....leave that cat alone. your mum didnt love you?

    womba667, posted

    lol sorry but was funny esp when cat ran away when u spunked , lol but nice cock though

    terrry, posted

    please stop doing that u can seriously damage your cat, its insides can collapse around your cock and you'd either have to rip ur penis out of a dying cat with blood all over you, or go to the hospital, get a dog!! a cats insides are too small for this.

    manbearpigss, posted

    you need a dog buddy

    BIGSUPAH, posted

    no simple

    wjilonger, posted


    aiantas, posted

    this is why dogs are more common, they're an appropriate size at least

    tyrantDog, posted

    lol i just laughed my ass off!and that`s not a fake vid like someone wrote,just rubbing a cock,and you can insert in a cat if you both try!HAHAHA

    waffa, posted

    nice cock. also cute nylons

    albery, posted

    You can't actually insert a cat, (Well, maybe you can.) but this is second best.

    doggie_style, posted

    Not bad for a fake video. Idiot

    feral_sparky, posted

    beautiful cock please cum do me. yes i would have loved to see actual insertion though

    watchingitall, posted

    Leave that cat alone...

    Goldenwolfen, posted

    Eh... no good views of actual insertion :<

    Faralis, posted

    lol - this is just stupid XD

    k9-jay, posted

    nice to see cat vid for a change... love your thick cock and nice cum-shot

    david37, posted

    Of course when the cat feels any sort of water type material (cum)....it runs away! BAHAHAHAHA. The cat looked like "I'm not pleased." the whole time. Nice cock by the way <3

    Rappy, posted

    I don't think there was any penetration. I agree that his dick would've been too big for that "pussy". There's just no way a cat would sit that still for a dick that big...look at how fast she ran when his cum hit her....there's no way he penetrated her!!!! STOP TEASING!!! I thought I finally found a kitty getting fucked but I was sorely disappointed. Next time no shirt and better lighting if you expect anyone to believe you're really fucking your pussy. I got all wet for nothing! Now I'm gonna have to keep searching...hoping I finally come across a REAL KITTY GETTING THE SHIT FUCKED OUT OF HER PUSSY! IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO ACTUALLY FUCK YOUR KITTY STOP YANKING EVERYONE'S CHAIN!!!

    cumfuckme278, posted

    Its not a very bad video but its not very good either. I love the thought of laying pipe to the cat but i actually wanna know ur cock is in the pussy. It looks like ur just tucking ur penis betweens its legs or on the other side of him so it looks good. But show some penetration cuz fucking a cat is hot. So show more angles. Please show ur cock going inside this pussies tight pussy or anal whichever u supposedly did and this video will be amazing. Maybe be really sexy and add in a facial or a creapie cuz those are always fun to see and sometimes hear

    dort76, posted

    To start this movie has awesome sound and really good picture quality. The sounds of the man panting and the sounds of his penis working the pussy can be heard without problem! The movie starts with the man fucking the kitties BEAUTIFUL pink pussy. It is very wet and the man takes full advantage of this pleasure. He then struggles to enter kitty cats ass hole. It takes him several seconds as the pussy seems the be reluctant of him probing its ass. This was a great view of the man fucking and cumming on the back of this scary pussy

    happy2bgay, posted

    a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

    ben2099, posted

    I think it was a decent video. I would have liked to see more to it. The cat looked like it was enjoying it for the most part. Very well trained animal. I think you could have been a slightly bit more rough though. And I would have loved to hear the cat meow. I can see you were enjoying yourself as well.And a very good cum shot. But all in all, very good, nice sex with your beauty of a lover. It really got me going a bit, and I could possibly see myself watching it again. Keep up the amazing videos.

    horsefucker2die, posted

    This was a pretty good movie, all in all, but it needs to be longer. The camera angle needed to change periodically, like you may want another person there to help you, and show what your actually doing to the cat not just show from the side. Better lighting to fully show what your doing. Panty hoes, I don't have a problem with them but they were kid of annoying to look at, also your shirt got in the way a few times, might want to fix that. And, if you decide to cum on the cat make share it stays there. But still very nice(:

    hinnonhottie2, posted

    I love how the cats just trying to get away. The look that cats can give, that say fuck you and I think a dog is more your kind of pet. Not to bad over all. The angle was not the best and better light would be good for the futer. Perhaps a diffrent angle. A close up would do a lot of good. Maybe get the cat to lick on you to get you nice and hard. How ever whats with the stockings? Im a little confused by that. Keep up the good work that makes it so enjoy able for the rest of us to watch.

    John4656, posted

    Something never seen before! A man is alone at night near the dolphin aquarium. While there alone, he gets horny and the only visitors are...some horny male dolphins! The man signals for one to roll over, and he willingly does, his genital slit swollen. In no time his cock peeks through and the man cradle's the dolphins quivering cock. After numerous tries the man gets the dolphin to erect full way and takes the dolphin's tip into his mouth. You can watch the dolphin shift to be closer to the man, as well as his head bobbing and flippers shake. At one point while giving head, the dolphin shudders and shakes the camera. There are multiple more erections, handjobs, and head given to seperate dolphins. No cumshot and no sex, but rare material indeed! There's no sound either, but you can imagine the dolphins were voicing their approval! The video ends with the man rewarding the dolphins with a few fish

    swathi.iit, posted

    I liked this video, Even though in alot of the comments below it says its fake. I like it because regardless of of wether or not he penetrated the cat, the feel of rubbing it against the cat was enough to turn him on. I like how he decided to come on the cats back, cats are a pain to get to stay still,but he was able to get his pussy to stay while he fucked it then he came on her back. The quality is good to, not the best camera positions if you know what I mean =P but I would like to see more videos with cats! Thumbs up it made my pussy wet ;-) add more.

    elitebandaid, posted

    Interesting concept. I personally thought the camera angles were all wrong, from one angle it appears that there MAY be penetration but that remains to be seen since the camera failed to get any close up shots. Next time maybe he should have a fairly large mirror positioned under himself and the lense of the camera poised on the mirror itself so possibly you may see some penetration of his cock into the felines pussy. I would like to see another video or more videos in this genre of seeing our little furry feline friends finally get some attention they deserve. Makes me want to go out and get a pussy, I mean kitty.

    funcoupleinwv, posted
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