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    Licking Hot Mare Pussy Then Fuck


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    I had a great time, I licked her pussy for ages and she was winking at me, then I fucked her and cum inside her. more coming soon

    Uploaded by lord_lucan2004 · Rating: 4.6 (82 votes) · 6244 views


    yes i have a very big clit. please call me. trannnygirl25@yahoo.com

    gayedout, posted

    Fucking hot! I come over and over with this clip. I love they way you really love what you are doing. There is a lot of passion. I would have loved to see you eat her after you came in her.

    knot32, posted

    you can always tell a man who is really enjoying himself....completely lost in the moment... That mare cunt is the most beautiful tihing in the world to him. And he is a sexy fucker too....

    indicktus, posted


    valentin840, posted

    Goood I love the way you that pussy. Its so fat and juicy and you just suck on it and tongue it perfectly. I love this video, so so so hot.

    wetkittycat, posted

    Mmmmmm love mare pussy sooooo warm and wet inside and soooo tasty its soooooo sweet tasteing!!!!

    horselover192, posted

    good job


    this is the hottest fucking thing i've ever seen. where are you from?

    tinker23, posted

    Damn, I'm enjoying watching him eat this mare, "sigh." I'm so hot right now. Wish I were there with him.

    pjd220, posted

    made me cum instantly so f-in hot! Jaz (female)

    Jaz75, posted

    very very very gooooood!!!!!

    serge83500, posted

    very nice very good ahahahahahahshshssdhaha

    sharaa, posted

    very nice very good

    sharaa, posted

    very nice very good

    sharaa, posted

    I just love this cant stop cuming over it, besides the fact it is great sound, great close ups, beautiful sexy suckable pussy lips on a wonderful Mare her pussy is just hot and wet and OMG I want a taste ( is so freakin jelous of him)I mean her cunt wants him mmm, but that he is just so affectionate to her and and gentle to her needs, he never makes her at any point he waits till she is ready, he really makes love to her , He waits for her some much that he loses his Hard on and he is happy for that to happen as he would rather please her then himself.....hmm wonders now if he is Married ^^ lol

    Undertailchaser, posted

    Apparently this wasn't the first time the guy had licked out a mare as he knew what he was doing for sure; and yes, he looked very hung...was surprised he blew his load off inside her towards the end. Would have loved 'helping him get his cock super hard, and watching him do the mare, plus let me do her afterwards.

    ThinkinKinky, posted

    1~10 >10< nice job

    mastermajor, posted

    I was 10years old, my dog was licked my dick. Afeter that, i was 11-12 years old and i was sucking my dog. 13-14 yo i was fuck in my ass by my dog ... love it!!! bl.freeboy.04@hotmail.com

    boylover, posted

    i keep coming back to this clip, it is so hot makes me horny just thinking about it and makes me cum over and over again, would be great to be there with you giving a helping hand/mouth keep them coming, cant wait until your next clip

    charlies, posted

    would love to share that thick cock with any mare really hot movie clip

    charlies, posted

    fuck thats hot ... had me cuming in no time

    initinit, posted

    For the love of all things, please play with her ass if she will let you. I got wet intsantly when you rubbed her ass with your thumb!

    camarogirl, posted

    very nice, got me hard in seconds. always good to see spunk dripping out of a c*nt ;o)

    bigboaby, posted

    Licking hot mare pussy then fuck is an absolute "Must-see" video for all beasties and zoos! In this video, a young 20-something guy is partnered with a beautiful dark brown mare for some amazing oral action with full, clear sound! The video begins with the man burying his entire face in the mare's sweet pussy and eating her out like there is no tomorrow. During a short pause, the mare gives a wink of satisfaction, and the guy goes back to eating her out. Following 4 or 5 minutes of pussy licking and some fingering, the guy attempts to fuck the mare, but it appears as though his enormously thick cock is not hard enough to do the job properly. Undaunted, the guy goes back to doing more oral and more fingering on the mare (which he is much better at, in my opinion) until the video comes to an end at the 8:54 mark. Absolutely a must see video with great quality. I rate this a 5 out of 5 star video !!! Keep up the great work !!!

    snakeman76, posted
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