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    Chicken Fuck

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    Man fucks a chicken and cums a load on it. Its a must see for us that like it good and strange. Makes you wonder what else you could stick your cock in don't it?

    Uploaded by Jesseemm · Rating: 4.2 (19 votes) · 4740 views



    animal38, posted

    Oh,god!great great great!make me cum. 当然可以!鸡 鸭 鹅 都是可以日的!很爽!你有试过么

    panllei, posted

    Never thought of a chicken...

    bobbywolfey, posted


    leemoo, posted

    This is no good. This is not sex with animal, this is furr rape. Kill this sadistic people!!! And cut his balls before.

    johny365, posted

    that chicken died after...

    sdfdrgvvvt, posted

    this could very well be why we get bird flu :D (just a joke) but seriously i had no clue that a bird could handle a humans penis!

    jackch3, posted

    one dead bird, sick fuck

    k9-jay, posted

    Yeah, i like it so much, i would like to fuck animal , could you please hepl me, pls contact me at : hunter090909@yahoo.com

    hoangthai782000, posted

    This video is real and it's also pretty old. If you make sure the tract is clear (no pending egg, no fecal), use a water based lubricant and are gentle with her then 99% of the time she will be fine. If you are rough and there is ANY amount of blood then she's a dead bird. The main thing with fucking a chicken is she will most definitely not enjoy it. If you are really nice about it then she might not mind if you fuck her but she will get no pleasure. Birds work differently than mammals and most species of bird do not orgasm.

    trevorlanch, posted

    很好,不知用鸭子怎样?good.how about use duck?

    djb123, posted


    ygy1, posted

    Netter Fick in den Arsch des Huhns und ne besamung gabs auch sexy..

    RenaldoSH, posted

    If that's a real chicken, then it's gonna die. Chicken's can't handl ea human's cock and live, I tried with several of mine... They ended up dyin from internal injuries :( A Chicken's vagina is just too shortand it'snot meant for stuff like that... FYI the only reason I repeated it with another chicken was maybe that it was just that one. I buried em in the back yard, poor things.. Chickens again, CAN NOT live after being fucked, esspecially that hard.

    Yamabiko, posted

    nice dick in that chick's ass, woulda loved to be me the one who's fucking that nice ass

    zoomanian, posted

    i dont think thats a real chicken the video is sketchy.

    winterdreams, posted
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